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Things to Consider before Buying a Compound Bow

Last updated April 15, 2021| Archery

Other than the obvious lack of gunpowder and noise, the basic difference between firearms and archery equipment like compound bows is that the bowhunter is an essential part of the weapon. As a result, it is very important that you be properly fitted to your bow. 

Are you interested in buying a compound bow, but are unsure where to start from? Do not worry at all. In this article there will be a great help for you to find a bow that fits your body and budget perfectly. This is going to be fun. You just need to start the process with an open mind and a positive attitude.

What follows are some guidelines to help you narrow down your search for the right bow. 

Learn Bow Terminologies

Basically, you have to make sure that you are well aware of the terms for all the parts of the compound bows. To have a better understanding of bow specifications and parts before you go to an archery shop, you must have your hands on these Bowhunting 360 articles:

  • Understanding the Specs on Compound Bows
  • Bowhunting Encyclopedia: Know Your Terms

With all the basic understanding of let-off, bow length, draw weight, speed ratings, and compound-bow parts, you will definitely feel much more relaxed while talking with an expert.

Setting your budget is a must.

Many compound bows cost over $1,000, but experts also say that you can find first-class bows for under $500 as well. It is not the right thought that a more costly bow will not serve the purpose or will make you lose somehow. But in fact, some of the fastest and more costly bows give beginners a really tough time.

While buying a bow, you have to add things like sights, a stabilizer, wrist strap and an arrow rest. You can also buy fittings separately or even as a whole “ready-to-shoot” package. It is said that buying individual fittings takes more time and study, but as your skills and knowledge grow, you can also update one piece at a time. After that, you will just need arrows and broadheads.

Where to buy?

You can always check out the neighborhood archery shops in your surroundings and see which one has the items that suits you best.  The most important step in buying your first bow is to decide where to shop your required fittings. You can always buy from a trust worthy friend, from eBay or from a box store or an archery pro shop as well. But just because this is your first archery bow, your best bet is an archery store that has all the experienced staff. You can always find some experts at a pro shop, but some of the box stores have qualified and educated sales people as well.

If you are still skeptical about what kind of bow to buy between compound, longbow, Olympic recurve, or traditional recurve you can call at some shops to ask what they have in their store.

You can visit a shop with some of the good selection of bows, so you can check them all in a single shop without having to go to many different shops. You can also take some lessons before buying an archery bow, so you may try some bow types while learning the complexities of shooting them all.

Archery Tips for Beginners

6 Compound Bow Shooting Tips for Beginners

Everything you need to know about Compound Bows

Be prepared for your purchase.

This is the most ignored but yet very important step to follow when going out to get your hands on your bow, you need to dress properly. All of your baggy clothes and open-toed shoes are really very poor choices for a professional shopping like this. If you have kept your hair long, tie them back to keep it off your face properly.

Before going to archery bow shopping you must take out enough of time for it. You might need two or three hours to test the chosen bows, pick one, set it up, choose arrows, and then shoot the finished rig. You cannot just do all of it in 30 minute you need more time for it.

As soon as you enter the store and describe your intentions about what actually you want for yourself you must consider the expert’s advice to buy and select the required product. You need to keep an open mind as the archery pro offers suggestions. In case you do not find anything according to your choices you have to be prepared to go home without anything to save more cash if you find out that you have neglected something important. In case you ask for a basic and dependable compound bow for hunting and target shooting the next few years, but you don’t want to spend over $200 you’ll be disappointed.

Read More: Longbow vs Recurve Bow vs Compound Bow

Men’s, Women’s, and Youth Bows

For your information you must know that companies also make bows in particular that are designed for smaller hands and smaller body frames. Many of the bow companies design bows exclusively for men, women, and children. For instance, Women’s bows weigh little less and have smaller grips to make them easier and more comfortable to hold and shoot. Experts advise beginners to buy a bow built for them.

New or Used?

Even Though you might find a good, economical, and used bow online or from any of your friends, you have to make sure it fits you. experts advise first-time buyers to refrain from using already used bows. You must only contemplate them when you are highly experienced and buying a second or third bow.

Buy It and Use It

Once you are done with buying a bow, you must contact an archery technician set it up and tune it. Experts also suggests taking lessons to make sure that you learn proper form and avoid bad habits. Then shoot your bow often and have fun.

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