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5 Best Blackout Tents in 2022: What are the best Dark Room Tents for Better Sleep?

Last updated January 14, 2022| Camping

If you like a bit of more sleep in the morning, or if you have teens who need extra sleep in the morning, a toddler who needs naps in the afternoon or are going to an event with lots of late nights and heavy drinking then you need a blackout tent in your journey. 

Blackout tents every so often also offer heat reducing qualities that means you will not just get woken up by the sunlight but the scorching heat too.

So, no matter what kind of trip you are planning to go on, there will be a tent suited to you below. Whether you are going on your own, with a companion or going car camping with your whole family and need tents with blackout bedrooms for some secrecy we have got you all covered.

Here are some of the frequently asked question that you must know before selecting any of the tents mentioned below.

Are blackout tents worth it?

The words “sleeping in†are practically disrespectful to many campers. But not everyone who goes camping wants to be up and out by the crack of dawn. Blackout tents are totally worth it if you choose to sleep in past sun rise, have teenage kids who need to sleep in past sun rise or if you enjoy a few too many beers at the end of your day. 

Another simple aspect of blackout tent is that the features that make tents darker inside often also make the tent chillier. While they will not be “cool†in the burning heat, they can be significantly cooler than a tent without blackout technology.

Are Black Out tents cooler?

While some blackout tents will not present much in terms of cooling, many blackout tents are cooler than basic tents due to the equipment used. For example, Quechua’s Fresh and Black and Crua’s cocoon tent not only keeps out sunlight but significantly lessens the inside temperature as well.

What is a Black Out tent?

A blackout tent is a tent that uses a variety of technologies, often named different things by different companies, to reduce or block the sunlight from penetrating your tent. It basically allows you to sleep for longer after sunrise, while providing privacy at nighttime by blocking people from being able to see into your tent if you have lights on.

Our Pick for the Best Blackout Tent

Ozark Trail-10 Person Dark Tent

The Ozark Trail dark rest tent provides a fantastic blackout for families who are looking for a relaxing car camping holiday. It features 2 separate rooms that are fully private from one another via a room divider.


5 best blackout tents in 2021: The best Dark Tents for Better Sleep

Below is the list of 5 best blackout tents that you must buy.

Quechua Fresh and Black

Easy Accomodation of 2 Persons
We tested it under a shower at 200 mm water/hour/m² (tropical rain) and field tests and had no leakage/water precipitation whatsoever.
Flysheet with 2 side panels that can be extended and fixed with side guy ropes (opening from the inside) provides a great source of heat reduction.
6.8 Pounds
25 x 24 x 3.5 inches
99% darkness even in the broad daylight

The Quechua blackout tent is a super slick looking pop up tent that blocks out about 99% of daylight and stays cooler in high heat than traditional tents.

With its 99% light blocking, it gets very dark inside during the day. In fact, it is so dark you will not even observe sunrise or that it is sunny out there. It is super easy to sleep in until 10am with this tent and not even understand. So, if you are hunting for a tent that allows you to accurately sleep in after having a lot of fun, this is the best choice for you.

On top of its capability to block out light inside, it also blocks light from inside your tent to outside of the tent. This allows for extreme privacy if you are camping near to other people. Even with a light on inside the tent, no one will be able to see to it, you, or your shadow from outside at all.

Regardless Of the fact that it is comparatively cheap in price, the Quechua Fresh and Black feels and looks exceptionally high quality. It also includes some super helpful features such as the chimneys being open and closable from inside of the tent, letting you to open if you feel hot in the night or close if a storm begins, all without stepping foot outside.

While it is quite light in weight, its fold down disc design indicates it will not fit into a backpack. If you can find a way to attach it to your backpack it would probably be okay weight wise to backpack with but may be too cumbersome. Having said that, it is ideal if you have any sort of motor vehicle such as a car, motorcycle or even bicycle.

A super slick, high-quality blackout tent comes with a lot of characteristics.


  • Self-supporting structure, 2 Second set up.
  • Patented FRESH & BLACK outer fabric: 99% dark even in full day light.
  • Waterproof
  • Shower tested under tropical rain
  • available in 2 or 3-person capacity
  • remains cooler in high heat
  • Easy assembly/dismantling
  • Free-standing structure. 2-second assembly. Guided folding system: Easy
  • Sleeping area 70.9″ X 82.7″ Max useful height: 40.9″
  • Dimensions of the bag: Ø 30.3″ x 3.9″ / 46.6 L. Weight: 9.3 lbs
  • Heat resistant.
  • Flysheet, mechanical ventilation, Fresh & Black fabric for a good night’s sleep.
  • Blackout
  • FRESH & BLACK patented exterior fabric: 99% darkness even in broad daylight.
  • Resists wind up to 30 mph (Force 6): validated in wind tunnels on rotating plate
  • Waterproof
  • Tested under a shower at 200 mm water/hour/sqm (tropical rain) and field tests.

Ohnana Rayve 2

3 Person Accommodation
The Rayve is over 25°F / 14°C cooler than a conventional tent on a 77°F / 25°C day.
7.3 Pounds
82.68 x 51.18 x 82.68 inches (L X W X H)
Features at a Glance of Ohnana Rayve 2

The Ohnana Rayve II is a tent that is specifically intended for festivals (if you could not tell), such as Burning Man. But presents terrific blackout qualities and cooling technology. The fact that it is meant for festival goers means you can rest assured that it is black inside during the day. Obviously, you do not want to wake up at the crack of dawn to bright sunlight and scorching heat after a night of a lot of fun.

With its reflective rainfly, the tent handles to stay up to 25°F / 14°C cooler than a traditional tent on a 77°F / 25°C day. A visible difference that will buy you a couple of hours extra sleep without sweating.

The sum of light it blocks is not fairly as significant as the Quechua Black and Fresh but is absolutely still dark enough to allow you to sleep effortlessly at any time of the day.

In Spite Of its small esthetics the Ohnana tent can fit in a queen size mattress and some properties for 2 people easily. It is also super easy to set up and take down, taking about 5 minutes each way when you have rehearsed it once.

This one is designed for celebrations such as Burning Man, the Ohnana was created to let you sleep off a hangover.


  • 2-person capacity
  • can fit a queen-sized air mattress inside.
  • Stays dark during the day and up to 25°F / 14°C cooler than a standard tent.
  • Heat blocking – The Ohnana’s reflective rainfly blocks the sun’s heat. The Rayve is over 25°F / 14°C cooler than a conventional tent on a 77°F / 25°C day.
  • Light blocking – The Ohnana’s reflectivity keeps light out make sures you can sleep in darkness even during the day.
  • High quality – the best materials are used to make sure you enjoy your camping experience to the fullest. We want you to enjoy your Ohnana for years to come.
  • Setup in under 5 minutes – You do not want to spend ages putting up your tent, with a set-up time of only 5 minutes you can start relaxing as soon as possible. Our bigger tent bag makes the tent easy to store and carry.
  • 100% happiness guarantee – If anything is out of order or not to your liking, hit us up and we’ll do whatever we can to make sure you can enjoy your Ohnana to the fullest.

Ozark Trail Dark Tent (Best for Big Families/Groups)

10 Person Accommodation
Innovative Dark Rest technology Skylights with ceiling panels Fits 2 queen airbeds
2-room tent with included removable room divider Includes a rainfly with factory-sealed seams Deluxe gear pockets and hanging gear organizer included
20 Person
165 x 120 x 78 inches (L X W X H)

The Ozark Trail dark rest tent comes in a variety of sizes, but the 10-person edition is one of the only blackout tents on the market large enough to fit a whole family and is also one of the only tents that includes individual blackout bedrooms.

It is dark rest technology that blocks about 70% of sunlight, which is pretty enough to allow you to sleep in way past 5am without being totally unaware to what time of day it is and at what time you are waking up. It is extremely appropriate if you have teenagers or small children camping with you as the amount of darkness is perfect for day time sleeps, sleeping in or killing the stare from phones and tablets etc. There are also skylights that can be totally closed for darkness or opened slightly or fully if you want more light.

Along with its capability to block sunlight it is also great for privacy. Even with lights or lamps turned on inside the tent at nighttime, people outside of the tent cannot see in at all. Great for added safety and feeling relaxed when you are chilling inside at night.

Being in a family car camping tent, it offers a lot of room. It can effortlessly fit two queen airbeds with a lot of room to save and with a peak height of 78â€, can easily be stood up in, even if you’re 6 foot and over. The tent comes with a complete room divider, letting you to have two totally separate and private rooms if you wish.

Other neat elements of the dark rest tent are that it exactly takes 10-15 minutes to set up and take down, has pre-attached steel poles for easy set up, an electrical cord port inlet at the front of the tent, plenty of gear pockets and a hanging organizer in the ceiling.


It is considered as a large tent with blackout bedrooms for families and car camping.

  • It is available in 6, 10 or 12-person capacity.
  • blocks out up to 70% of sunlight.
  • uses universal OneSource rechargeable battery.
  • Sets up in less than 2 minutes
  • No assembly required; poles are pre-attached to the tent
  • Sleeps 10
  • Innovative Dark Rest technology
  • Skylights with ceiling panels
  • Fits 2 queen airbeds.
  • 2-room tent with included removable room divider.
  • Includes a rainfly with factory-sealed seams.
  • Deluxe gear pockets and hanging gear organizer included.
  • Electrical cord access
  • Carrying bag included
  • 14 tent stakes included, made of steel.
  • Measures 14′ x 10′
  • Made of polyester and steel.
  • Center height: 78″
  • 6-month limited warranty

Coleman Dome Blackout Tent

4/6/8 Person Accommodation
Dark Room technology blocks 90% of sunlight so you can sleep in after sunrise.
10 x 8 ft. 6 in. 
8 Pound weight
Strong frame has been tested to withstand up to 35 mph winds

The Coleman black out tent is the best budget option that is available in 4 or 6-person capacity and the option of a screened porch. It includes Coleman’s dark room technology which not only lowers sunlight but heat as well. 

While Coleman says that their dark room technology blocks about 90% of sunlight, due to some unique design choices, it is much less than that in realism. While most of the material of the tent is made with blackout fabric, parts of the tent are not. This allows a lot of light to enter through. 

The tent is definitely still much darker than your average tent, but 90% is a little misleading. If you just want to block out the bright morning sunlight to get a few additional hours past sunrise then it will be totally fine, but if you are looking for a proper blackout tent, this is not the choice. 

Its blackout material does do a good job of providing more privacy inside the tent to outsiders. When a light is on inside you can barely see it, nor anyone inside of it. 

While its heat reducing capabilities are not as good as some others on this list, it definitely does reduce the heat enough to prevent sauna syndrome on a particularly hot and humid day.

The tent comes with one e-port for simple electrical cord entry and if you choose the tent with a porch room, is a wonderful place to keep your dogs out of scorching heat when they want a break, or at night when you are around the campfire.

A blackout tent is suitable for couples or small families and available with or without a screened porch.


  • available in 4, 6 or 8 person capacity
  • features Coleman’s darkroom technology.
  • blocks out the harshness of glaring morning sunlight but is not blackout.
  • Dark Room technology blocks 90% of sunlight so you can sleep in after sunrise.
  • Weather Tec system keeps water out with patented welded floors and protected seams.
  • Snag-free, continuous pole sleeves for easy setup in minutes
  • Measures 9 ft x 7 ft with 4 ft 11 in center height; fits 1 queen-size airbed.
  • E-Port makes it easy to bring electrical power inside your tent.
  • 1-year limited warranty
  • Illumine reflective guy lines for greater visibility at night.

Crua Cocoon Blackout Tent

2 Person
15 Pounds
6.8ft long x 4.4ft wide x 4ft tall
Temperature, noise, & light insulated. – Air frame beams – 60 second set up.
BREATHABLE POLYESTER: with 450g/ M2 Insulation: (not waterproof)

Trail weight refers to the weight of the tent body, rain fly, and poles ONLY. This is also sometimes referred to as minimum weight.

Crua presents an interesting replacement when it comes to tents. They recommend modular tents that can be added on to each other to create individual rooms. They also provide outer and inner tents. 

The Crua Cocoon is an expandable blackout tent that is nothing like an inner tent you will have ever seen before. Using patented materials, the tent is exceptionally insulated to regulate temperature and keep you warmer in winter and cooler in summer, block out light and dampen outside noise. 

Its capability to block out light is second to none due to just how thick the protected material of the inner tent is. The Duo Combo includes both the inside inflatable cocoon and outer Crua Duo tent for easy configuration.

The Crua Cocoon involves an air pump to inflate it which can be bought online if you do not already have a suitable one.

A first-class blackout tent that is perfect for serious campers, fishermen or hunters

  • features the crua cocoon inner tent and crua duo outer tent.
  • inflatable
  • blocks out all light, noise and helps regulate temperature in both summer and winter.
  • Sleeps 2 persons.
  • Made from breathable polyester.
  • 450g/m2 insulation
  • Airframe structure
  • Jumbo zips
  • B3 bug mesh
  • Fire retardant


  • 3d screenshot
  • WIDTH: 4.4ft / 132cm
  • LENGTH: 6.8ft / 203cm
  • HEIGHT: 4ft / 122cm
  • TOTAL FLOOR SPACE: 29.9 sq. ft / 2.8 sq. m
  • TRAIL WEIGHT: 6.8 kg / 15 lbs


So, this was my list of the best Dark Rest tents for camping. It will be expanded in the future as new great models appear on the market, so keep an eye on this text and have it bookmarked.

The differences in the prices of the tent on the list are drastic. The most expensive is the Crua Loj 6 tent, but this is for all good reasons. In any case, it makes sense of checking all these models thoroughly before you decide.

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