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8 best tents for stargazing: Tents with best views in 2022

Last updated January 14, 2022| Camping

Particular memories and experiences can only be produced all through camping. One of those is the capability to fall asleep watching the stars glisten and the night sky change color. The greatest tents for stargazing are ones with a large, unobstructed mesh roof. And while many tents come with a mesh roof, some take stargazing to the next level.

So, are you looking for the best tent for stargazing? Well, this guide is exactly what you are looking for. We will go over the best star tents available on the market today, with complete and proper reviews.

Our 3-top picks for the Best Tents for Stargazing

Sierra Designs MeteorThis is considered as the best stargazing tent for backpacking and couples. This ten offers better space and headroom when compared to any other backpacking tent for starwatching. This one is available in a variety of sizes; the Meteor uses premium components to ensure endless nights of falling asleep under the stars.
Kelty SequoiaThis one is considered as the best stargazing tent for families. The Kelty Sequioa is the ideal stargazing tent for families as well as couples. It gives loads of space to move around and chill out, high enough to easily stand up in and provides a full mesh ceiling and walls for stunning views.
Teton Sports VistaTeton sports vista is the best stargazing tent for single campers. The Teton Sports is the most epic 1-person tent for starwatching. It includes a fully see-through mesh roof and side walls, that allows you to stargaze from a spot that is comfiest for you.

8 best tents for stargazing in 2021. What are the best tents for Stargazing?

Here’s a list of best tents for Stargazing in 2021 that provide the best views and keep your camping experience on the rocks.

  1. Sierra Designs Meteor
  2. Kelty Night Owl Tent
  3. CORE equipment 9-person instant cabin tent
  4. Kelty Dirt Motel tent
  5. Kelty Sequoia tent
  6. Teton Sports Vista
  7. Alps Mountaineering Lynx 1-person tent
  8. REI Co-op Kingdom tent

Sierra Designs Meteor

Sierra Designs meteor - Heart for Outdoor
  • Available in 2, 3 or 4-person capacity
  • Packaged weight of 4-person: 6lbs 1oz
  • Starwatcher rainfly system
  • Dac pressfit poles

Sierra Designs are one of the only other producers other than Kelty that offers appropriate stargazing rainfly structures. The Sierra Designs Meteor is intended exclusively for stargazing with its see-through roof and quick roll open or close rainfly options.

With a large mesh ceiling and sides, the stargazing prospects are limitless. You can sit and watch the galaxy through the mesh side panels, or you can just lay down and fall asleep while watching the stars through the mesh ceiling. 

The 4-person edition has a length of 91.5†and width of 86â€, with a peak height of 46â€. This tent is made for extravagance backpacking stargazing. It is the best tent to sit on the top of a mountain and view the sky and your environs from all of the angle.

On top of its stargazing characteristics, all of the Meteor tents feature two doors and two entrances, providing maximum comfort and convenience when getting in and out of your tent and storing your stuff.


  • Very reliable.
  • Nicely packed size.
  • Two doors.
  • Freestanding.
  • Vent in the fly.
  • All-mesh inner tent.


  • On the heavy side.
  • A bit expensive

Kelty Night Owl tent

Kelty Night owl tent - Heart for Outdoor
  • A more budget friendly choice to the Kelty Dirt Motel
  • Offered in 2, 3 or 4-person capacity.
  • Stargazing rainfly system
  • Lots of space and headroom
  • Packed weight of 2-person: 5lbs 15oz

The Kelty Night Owl is an exceptionally well thought out stargazer tent. Not only is the tent’s fabric that is made mainly of No-see-um mesh for obvious views, but the rainfly integrates a stargazing system as well. 

What makes the stargazing rainfly system so wonderful is that you can apply the rainfly to make sure weather protection, while easily being able to roll the rainfly back over the tent and clip it out of the way. which means you that can sit under the comfort of the rainfly for wind shield while still having incredible views of the stars and the clear night sky.

The Kelty Night Owl 2-person tent offers great space. Measuring 90†x 54†with a peak height of 43†it is one of the spacious tents available. In reality, in terms of headspace, it is only beaten by the Sierra Designs Meteor.


  • Great price.
  • Very reliable.
  • Quality craftsmanship.
  • Aluminum poles.


  • Heavy for backpacking.

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CORE equipment 9-person instant cabin tent

  • The LARGEST family camping tent to highlight stargazing capabilities.
  • Suitable for up to nine people
  • Tall enough to stand up in.
  • Instant set up.

The CORE 9-person instant cabin tent is one of the biggest tents that offers stargazing services. While the rainfly is not the speediest to take on and off, it is perfect if you are camping in dry weather where you know you can keep the fly off. With the rainfly off, most of the tent besides the floor is made up of no-see-um mesh, letting a full 360 degree view of the night sky and an incredible stargazing experience that you will remember forever.

In Addition to its huge mesh interior, another handy highlight of the CORE instant tent is just how much it opens out. There are two large D-shaped doors on either side of the tent, one large T-shaped door on the front of the tent and plenty of windows that all completely open out.

It measures 14ft x 9ft with a peak height of 6.5ft, so there is plenty of space to stand up easily. With its immediate setup, it can take anywhere from 60 seconds to 5 minutes max to pitch.


  • Great price.
  • Huge space.
  • Pleasant.
  • Divider & two rooms setup.
  • Incredibly easy to use.


  • No vestibule.
  • Not many organizations feature inside.

Kelty Dirt Motel tent

  • A high-quality backpacking tent with stargazing rainfly system
  • Accessible in 2, 3 or 4-person capacity
  • Stargazing rainfly system
  • DAC press fit poles.
  • Packed weight of 2-person: 4lbz 13oz

The Kelty Dirt Motel is one of the greatest backpacking tents for gazing stars. It introduces the same rainfly stargazing system as the Kelty Night Owl does.  The stargazing scheme allows you to be able to have a large section of your mesh tent out in the open to be able to stargaze, whilst still having the rainfly affixed.

It lets for you to rapidly roll and unroll the rainfly through a proper clip system. Perfect if your stargazing experience suddenly turns to a thunderstorm and you need to immediately shut down the tent. 

The Kelty Dirt Motel 2-person is slightly smaller than the Night Owl measuring 84†x 50†with a peak height of 42.5â€. While a couple of inches may not seem like a big deal, if you are taller than average, it is certainly something to consider before purchase. So, if it is smaller than the Night Owl why should you even consider the Dirt Motel? Because the Dirt Motel has some excellent elements. 

If you are looking for a tent for stargazing that can also withstand severe weather, a couple drunken falls and maybe some shoving, the Dirt Motel is your best choice. It introduces the legendary DAC press fit poles. If you are not sure what DAC poles are, they are fundamentally lightweight aluminum poles manufactured by DAC. DAC poles are considered the best on the market for quality, weight, and stability. If you look at any high-end tent you will see that they consist of DAC poles. 


  • Lightweight.
  • Great packed size.
  • Easy setup.
  • Top-quality materials.
  • Quality waterproofing.


  • A bit small for the declared capacity.

Kelty Sequoia tent

  • The King of family sized stargazing tents
  • Available in 4 or 6-person capacity
  • Large mesh sides and full mesh roof for awesome views all-round
  • Tall enough to stand up in

Yet, another Kelty tent on the favorite list. This time though, it is a stargazing tent that is appropriate for small families or couples who want more room. Kelty has hit the ball out of the park with this one. The Kelty Sequoia is one of the only tents appropriate for 6 people that is specifically designed for stargazing.

While the rainfly does not feature Kelty’s newer stargazing system, the views it does present when the rainfly is off are second to none. Not only does it offer spectacular views for night time star gazing, but the views it can offer during the day are also incredible.

In Addition to its stargazing features the tent also contains two oversized doors and two entrances when the rainfly is attached. There are also multiple storage pockets and a gear loft to hang a lantern or light.

With a floor space of 112†x 112†and a peak height of 82â€, moving around and standing up won’t be an issue in this tent. You can comfortably and spaciously sit, stand, or lay down whilst stargazing. 


  • Complete protection.
  • Great vestibule.
  • Very reliable tent.
  • Great packed size.


  • Very small pockets.
  • Small area per person.

Teton Sports Vista

  • A small tent with a large viewing area
  • Appropriate for 1-person
  • Large mesh ceiling and sides
  • Packed weight: 4lb 8oz

A great little option for single campers and backpackers looking for something light and airy with extraordinary views of the sky. While many other 1-person tents such as the Alps Mountaineering, Lynx have a small mesh section for starwatching, the Teton Sports 1-person tent offers a full mesh roof for the clearest stargazing experience. 

The Teton Sports tent is an instant pop-up tent, the perfect option for going stress free and single. You will not have to exert yourself to put your tent up, only to understand the stars have gone and the suns come up by the time you have finished fighting to put it up.  At 80†x 37â€, for a 1-person tent, the space is fairly comfortable for an average person. Though, at only 32†heigh at the peak, it’s not a tent you will be able to sit up in easily unless you are very short.


  • Easy pop-up tent
  • Rainfly installs quickly and easily
  • “Attic†storage
  • Fun for kids to use
  • Reasonably priced


  • Tent length is a bit short. Anyone over 6ish feet may have trouble fitting.
  • Bad weather may give this tent a challenge

Alps Mountaineering Lynx 1-person tent

  • A budget stargazing tent option with high-quality features
  • Suitable for 1-person
  • A roomy 1-person tent
  • Packed weight: 4lbs 1oz

A superstar in its own right, the Alps Mountaineering Lynx 1-person tent offers a fine deal between space and viewing. Although it does not offer a large mesh ceiling area like with the Teton Sports tent, it does offer much more living space. 

So, if you are looking for something with more space or upper ceilings and happy to skip the full mesh roof, the Alps Mountaineering Lynx 1-person tent offers the most space and height for a 1-person stargazing tent. 

At 90†x 32†it offers much more legroom than the Teton Sports but not as much width. However, the big difference in space comes from the height, and at 36†at the peak, the Alps Mountaineering Lynx 1-person is visibly comfier for a taller person.


  • Durable, yet lightweight
  • Vestibule storage
  • Easy set-up
  • Great ventilation
  • Mesh storage pockets.
  • Weatherproof


  • There are better options for lightweight backpacking
  • No footprint included
  • Not for winter camping

REI Co-op Kingdom tent

  • Available in 4, 6 or 8-person capacity
  • Stargazing rainfly system
  • Tall enough to stand up in

Rei is the only other manufacturer that deals with the tents other then Kelty that can offer best experience of stargazing rainfly setups. With this Co-op Kingdom tent, you will feel like a king of your own kingdom. Obviously, who doesn’t want to see the milky way from their own tent. This one is somewhat similar to the Kelty stargazing system, the Rei Co-op Kingdom will allow you to roll the rainfly back and forward easily for the best stargazing experience. 

It is made up of a large mesh front and ceiling, the stargazing chances will never end for you. You can comfortably sit and watch the galaxy through the mesh front panels but you can also lay down and fall asleep whilst watching the stars through the mesh ceiling. Who wouldn’t want that after all day long hiking and adventure? 

At 100†x 100†of floor space and a peak height of 75â€, this tent is made for luxury stargazing. It’s the ideal tent to sit atop a mountain and view the sky and your surroundings from every angle.


  • Great overall build quality
  • Spacious and tall
  • Relatively easy to set up


  • Roof vents might allow wind-driven rain to enter (fixable if you’re worried)

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