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5 Best Single Walled Tents That Are Both Sturdy and Easy to Set up in 2022

Last updated January 18, 2022| Gear

The idea of crafting this best single walled tents buying guide was born in the supermarket I am loyal to. Whew, this might have raised a few eyebrows.

To put you in the picture, I was looking for an excellent single walled tent for my next camping trip. Much to my disappointment, I was on the horns of a dilemma due to the plethora of options with a myriad of different specifications.

That pushed me to test those I found with interesting features to come out with a list of the 5 best single-walled tents in the market. I believe this will help trippers who are after a luxurious camping tent to save their valuable time.

5 Best Single Walled Tents That Are Both Sturdy and Easy to Set up in 2021

What is the difference between single and double wall tents?

Actually there are two major types of wall tents that are popular among trippers and camping lovers; double-walled tents and single-walled tents.

The main difference between the two lies in the construction designs of each one. As you can understand from its name, single wall tents are constructed of only one layer of fabric. Its only wall works as the inner wall and the rainfly as well. For double-walled tents, they are designed with two layers of fabric; one layer is the rainfly and the other works as the inner tent.

That leads us to immediately understand that double-walled tents provide an increased level of waterproofness as they are heavier than single-walled tents that are all lightweight and are easy and quick to set up.

So, each type is distinguished by its own features and characteristics and it is up to the tripper to choose the type that is more suitable for his/her camping needs.

A Quick Guide to the Best Single walled tents

Easy to set up

This is a feature that you should pay much attention to; especially if you are a winter camping fan.

Single-walled tents are always the best option for those who love pitching their tent in the mountains. You will highly appreciate the “easy to set up†feature of your single-walled tent when you are camping in a mountain terrain and the wind starts howling at night.

No take me wrong guys I have no attention to scare you! This feature in single-walled tents is vital for both expert and inexperience trippers. In nature, you there are potential and unpredictable risks, that is why you will always need a convenient tent that you can set up without a sweat no matter where you are camping.


I am not exaggerating but your tents’ light weight is undeniably the most important thing in camping. You don’t thinks so?

Okay then imagine backpacking ONLY your camping gear must-haves and a heavy tent; without all those over-the-top and additional travel accessories that we all love to take but don’t necessary need; you see that’s overwhelming!

So if you are eager to move farther and faster in your trip opt for lightweight tents for more comfort and interior space. It is worth mentioning that lightweight single-walled tents are known for their free standing nature which allows you to move


Waterproofness is one of the main attributes to look for in a camping tent. All single-walled tents are waterproof.

However, they don’t come with the same level of waterproofness. There is one trick that can be helpful when buying a single wall tent which is making sure that the tent is built of a blend of materials.

Generally Nylon fabric is the major material from which single wall tents are created. Manufacturers combine nylon with other materials to achieve good levels of waterproofness and water-resistance in their products.

I don’t think you will overlook the waterproofness feature when buying a camping tent unless you are ready to wake up in a soaking wet tent.


It is believed that single-walled tents are not durable because they are lightweight. Wait! Durability has nothing to do with weight. So don’t be illusioned that heavier tents are the ones that tend to be more durable.

You should know that some manufacturers use fabrics that are light in weight but boost a high degree of durability. That says, it is really way smarter to pay a few dollars more to buy a tent that is both lightweight and durable.

This sort of tents are designed with high-quality materials to last more, for example, they use aluminium poles instead of fiberglass poles and come with sturdy and solid zippers.

Best Single walled tents Reviews

As I mentioned above, the aim behind this buyer guide is to help you backpack the best single-walled tent that will help you reach the goal behind your camping which is fun.

I chose to pick up 5 best single-walled tents that are really worth being your companion to the bush. These 5 reviews are to share with you the pros and cons of each product. I don’t want you to burn daylight, like I did, looking for that great single-walled tent that is suited for you.

Weanas Singke layer 2 Person Ultralight tent

q? encoding=UTF8&ASIN=B07Y38G5WC&Format= SL250 &ID=AsinImage&MarketPlace=US&ServiceVersion=20070822&WS=1&tag=heartforoutdoor 20&language=en US - Heart for Outdoorir?t=heartforoutdoor 20&language=en US&l=li3&o=1&a=B07Y38G5WC - Heart for Outdoor

Weanas 2020 is a brand that is quiet cognizant of all your needs as a lover of camping and hiking. They offer a range of camping equipment and accessories that can but leave you in awe.

Weanas 2020 Upgrade 2 Person Ultralight Tent is one of their products that could hit it big in a few months after it was launched. This Weanas tent stands out from the other single-walled tents due to the amazing range of features that make it a distinguished tent at a very reasonable price.

Let’s start by this amazing feature, Weanas single-walled tent is useful for fishing, hiking, camping and mountaineering and other outdoor recreational activities. It was designed to save both your time and energy.

It weights no more than 1.98 kg and rolls back up really small the thing which makes it more convenient and comfortable to carry. Weans tent has 86.4 x 51.1 x 41.2 inches in its dimensions which means it is large enough to fit two adults or two kids and an adult comfortably.

Although it was designed with a one-layer fabric that works as both the inner tent and the rainfly, it proved its ability to be a sturdy windproof and waterproof tent. Thanks to its 2 large D-style doors, you can smoothly enjoy the scenic views around your tent.

Personally, I felt in love with everything about this Weanas single-walled tent; especially that it cost no more than $$. That’s an amazing tent for its competitive price.

Lovers of colours I am sorry to announce that this tent is available in green only. As mentioned above, it is fit for two adults or one adult and two kids so if you are a family of two adults and a family you will be forced to squeeze in.

Well, the tent sets up easily and quickly and comes at a very reasonable price so the pre-mentioned two cons are no big deal. You can proudly take it to your future outdoor adventure; it is a reliable and elegant single-walled tent.

Check Price and Read more Reviews of the weanas tent on Amazon.

Vgeby1 Single Camouflage Tent  One Person :

q? encoding=UTF8&ASIN=B07WD4SGWJ&Format= SL250 &ID=AsinImage&MarketPlace=US&ServiceVersion=20070822&WS=1&tag=heartforoutdoor 20&language=en US - Heart for Outdoorir?t=heartforoutdoor 20&language=en US&l=li3&o=1&a=B07WD4SGWJ - Heart for Outdoor

Hi lovers of military and army style tents! This single camouflage camping tent is something you will cherish. The multiple usages and the great features of this outdoor Polyester one person tent make it a wonderfully durable, waterproof and lightweight tent.

If I tell you that you can use this single camouflage camping tent for, climbing, hiking, dogs sleeping, and many more activities would you believe it?

If you want to overcome your fear and try solo camping for the first time I highly recommend you this single-walled tent. It built of 170T polyester with silver coating, ultraviolet protection up to 40+, and the bottom is made of 210D oxford polyester.

You must have murmured to yourself: “it should be a durable tent!†That’s totally right. This tent was designed to be suitable for different outdoor and indoor activities so it was necessary for the manufacturer to make it a sturdy and durable tent. It has a triangular air vent with a cover that helps you enjoy stargazing at night.

Being a one person camping tent, this product was made extra lightweight and comes with a carrying bag to help you carry it conveniently.

The amazing design and the sturdy material of this tent stole my attention to the extent that I am seriously considering a future solo camping experience.

Oops! Tall trippers this is for you. Unfortunately this tent is small for tall people who are more than I am 5’8. Personally, I can’t understand why it came with such a small design; anyway we hope they will make a larger one for our taller ones.

Apart from its single drawback, trippers would consider this single camouflage camping tent a revolutionary tent. It boasts all the features that make a camping tent great!

Check Price and Read more Reviews of the VGEBY1 tent on Amazon.

Black Diamond Eldorado review

q? encoding=UTF8&ASIN=B00DB1FV4K&Format= SL250 &ID=AsinImage&MarketPlace=US&ServiceVersion=20070822&WS=1&tag=heartforoutdoor 20&language=en US - Heart for Outdoorir?t=heartforoutdoor 20&language=en US&l=li3&o=1&a=B00DB1FV4K - Heart for Outdoor

It is a Black Diamond Eldorado tent that comes in the colour that attracts bees; it is beautifully yellow. They say the greatest things in life are simple, in fact, that’s how I can describe the Eldorado tent. It is a simple, easy to set up and ultralight tent that you can backpack comfortably in your long-awaited trip.

As I have just said this is a classic and simple compact mountaineering tent which you can use in the four seasons. You will be extremely fascinated by its design that smartly combines strength and light construction.

This Black Diamond two-person tent boasts a unique freestanding single-walled design which makes ideally it suitable for different outdoor activities like climbing and mountaineering. To reduce condensation in the Eldorado tent, it comes with two zippered vents at the peak, a hooded vent over the door and one at the bottom.

It is made of ToddTex single-wall fabric which dries quickly and is known for its high level of breathability and waterproofness. The tent has one door and an optional vestibule that you can use to store your gear.

This is one of my favourite single-walled tents because of its sturdy and durable construction. I am sure you will all love its lightweight design; especially when you backpack it.

My only complaint is the poor level of ventilation. So you will be obliged to avoid low depressions and damp ground which tend to increase moisture and humidity in the tent.

In general, I hope Black Diamond would improve the level of ventilation in this tent because it is really outstanding and comes with super fantastic features that makes it better or like other famous tents from leading manufacturers like North Face.

Check Price and Read more Reviews of the black diamond eldorado tent on Amazon.

Black Diamond Fitzroy Tent review : 3-Person 4-Season

q? encoding=UTF8&ASIN=B000RT1QFM&Format= SL250 &ID=AsinImage&MarketPlace=US&ServiceVersion=20070822&WS=1&tag=heartforoutdoor 20&language=en US - Heart for Outdoor

Do you need a single-walled tent with great features as Black Diamond Eldorado tent but for 3 people and with a good level of ventilation? I got a very nice option for you. It’s another Black Diamond tent that was named Fitzroy Tent: 3-Person 4-Season. Well, apart from its sturdy fabric, this tent is what you will need for your trips in the most extreme of conditions.

This bomber two-person tent is strong enough to be your friend for years. Its ToddTex ePTFE is the secret behind its high level of breathability and condensation as it is able to quickly wick away moisture.

Its fabric is slightly heavier than that of the Black Diamond tent but it is still lighter than many single-walled and double-walled tents. It is designed with two doors in D style and with internal mesh panels. Besides that, it has nicely designed pole-supported door awnings over zippered vents and four interior mesh pockets.

I like this single-walled tent for the beautiful design and the amazing features that it comes with. Among which there is the high level of ventilation and its size that conveniently enough for three people.

However, I don’t and you won’t love its weight. It is heavier than you would like your single-walled tent to be; especially that it is a four-season tent. There is another unacceptable thing about it, unfortunately the tent is not easy to set up, it is harder than you would expect.

If you are planning to throw your gear at the back of your car and head towards the bush and you are an expert who won’t sweat when pitching this tent, then you can buy it.  Apart from the two pre-mentioned disadvantages it has a range of excellent advantages.

Check Price and Read more Reviews of the Black Diamond Fitzroy Tent on Amazon.

Black Diamond Firstlight 2-Pack Tent

q? encoding=UTF8&ASIN=B07KY1JY4J&Format= SL250 &ID=AsinImage&MarketPlace=US&ServiceVersion=20070822&WS=1&tag=heartforoutdoor 20&language=en US - Heart for Outdoorir?t=heartforoutdoor 20&language=en US&l=li3&o=1&a=B07KY1JY4J - Heart for Outdoor

The Black Diamond First-light 2-Pack is a four season and 2-person tent. It is a single-walled tent that is designed especially for mountaineering and alpine climbing. It is lightweight, easy to set up and made of a breathable and water-resistant fabric.

Although it is described by its manufacturer as a four-season tent, when it was tested it proved to be a winter tent instead. Its small and light construction makes the favourite tent of several climbers’ around the world and the worst for backpackers.

So, if you belong to the last category you better turn a blind eye to this and choose among the other four tents in this review. Concerning its features, it is designed with single door entry and optional vestibule that offers extra room to keep your gear. With its two internal DAC featherlite poles it is an easy to pitch tent par excellence.

It’s made of the Proprietary NanoShield single-wall fabric and 70D polyester floor; this fabric choice resulted in a breathable and water-resistant tent but not a waterproof one. Hence, when it is raining; especially cats and dogs expect to be dripped on.

If you ask me why I picked up this tent and deemed it one of the best 5 single-walled tents, I would say that it is amazing how lightweight, small and easy to set up it is. These specs are the most important features for many trippers who prefer light trips.

Oops! The tent comes with three disadvantages. The first has to do with waterproofness as we discussed above, it will disappoint you it rains heavily. The second point is the interior space which is not big enough to fit two people comfortably. Unfortunately, this tent is not as strong and sturdy as all the other tents in this buyer guide.

Overall, lovers of light trips and climbing adventures can rely on this ultralight and single-walled tent from Black diamond. For the other specifications of this tent I can generally say that it is a decent one.

Check Price and Read more Reviews of the : Black Diamond First-light on Amazon.

Wrap up

To wrap up, I hope that I succeeded in setting you straight on the difference between single-walled tent and double-walled tents so that you can buy the type that is convenient for you and your camping plans.

For the 5 best single-walled tents that I have pick for you, I put my heart, mind, sweat and soul to choose these bunch of useful, reliable single-walled tents.

I am quite sure that you can find the tent of your dreams among these 5 best single-walled tents as they feature different specifications and each one of them is suitable for certain outdoor activities.

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