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Eno Double deluxe vs Doublenest Hammocks: 2022 Comparison

Last updated January 18, 2022| Gear

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The Eagles Nest Outfitters, aka ENO, was founded in the summer of 1999. Its cornerstone from the beginning was a passion for adventure and travel.

ENO began its journey with a small operation in Florida and the idea of traveling the East Coast in a ramshackle minivan and selling hammocks at music festivals and community gatherings along the way.

This time around, we’ll be evaluating two top-rated models of the brand: The DoubleNest and the Double Deluxe. Both have exciting things worth checking out…

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What is the difference between eno double deluxe and eno double nest?

Although the DoubleNest and the Double Deluxe have many similarities, there are also several things in which they differ. Among those is that the Double Deluxe is much larger and heavier than the DoubleNest.

Another difference I find is that the Double Deluxe is a little more expensive. And even though the price difference is not that big, it is essential to keep it in mind. 

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Eno double deluxe vs doublenest : Quick look

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Eno double deluxe Eno doublenest
Product Image (AMAZON) bleu eno hammcok yellow eno hammock
Sleeping Capacity 2-person 2-person
Material 70-denier nylon taffeta 70-denier nylon taffeta
Weight Capacity (lbs) 400 400
Weight 1 lb. 12 oz 1 lb. 3 oz
Price Check Check

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Eno double deluxe review and FEATURES

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The Double Deluxe is one of the most spacious hammocks I’ve ever seen. It is the perfect choice for the adventurer who wants extra space to relax appropriately.

This hammock is made of breathable woven nylon, which makes it very comfortable and durable.

It offers ample space for sleeping, and the best part is that it weighs only 1 pound.  And the truth is that it is relatively cheap, considering that it is a double hammock. 

The hammock can also be conveniently folded to a size that can easily be put in a bag and then put into a backpack.

The Double Deluxe was undoubtedly designed to carry two people in it, as it is one of the most giant and most comfortable double hammocks I have seen. It also comes in a variety of colors that you can easily combine with the rest of your camping equipment.

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Some of the features you should know about Eno Double deluxe :

  • The hammock, made of 70-denier nylon, is also breathable and highly resistant. The triple interlocking seams resist frequent use and any damage for many years.
  • It is a very versatile option for backpackers, travelers, and beach visitors who want a hammock to relax during the trip.
  • The lightweight aluminum carabiners of the Double Deluxe can be attached to any solid anchor point. Best of all, it is compatible with most hammock suspension systems (note that the suspension system is sold separately)
  • It supports a maximum capacity of 400 pounds, which is not surprising considering it was designed to be double.
  • The ENO Double Deluxe hammock also includes a built-in material bag.

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Eno doublenest review and FEATURES

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The ENO DoubleNest hammock is undoubtedly one of the market favorites. It is spacious enough for two people, and for one person it is like a palace.

The DoubleNest can be easily packed into its attached compression bag, making it the ideal travel companion. Just take it anywhere, put it on in seconds, lie back, and relax.

The DoubleNest is a basic hammock without any of the frills that other models on the market have. It is a simple hammock that limits itself to providing quality and comfort, rather than attractive exterior design.

As for the design, we can deduce that it is not a priority for the DoubleNest. The design is quite simple, to be honest.

But it’s not ugly at all. The thing is, you can tell that DoubleNest decided to pay more attention to the comfort and quality of the hammock than to the exterior design. Still, you can find models in a variety of colors to suit your taste.

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Some other details you should know about Eno Doublenest :

  • The 70 denier nylon taffeta is breathable and highly resistant. Besides, the triple interlocked stitching is resistant to prolonged use and abuse.
  • The lightweight aluminum carabiners can be attached to any solid anchorage point.
  • The DoubleNest is compatible with most hammock suspension systems (please note that the suspension system is sold separately)
  • It can be packed up to the size of a grapefruit, that’s how practical it is.
  • The hammock includes a sack of built-in material.

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Performance and Features comparison between Eno Double deluxe and  Doublenest

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A fundamental thing about a hammock is that it offers you comfort. Without that, there would be no point in having one, as the hammock explicitly designed to relax and rest. Well, in these aspects, I must say that both the Double Deluxe and the DoubleNest are quite even.

As for the DoubleNest, the broader and longer hammocks are usually more comfortable. And the DoubleNest is no exception.

The nylon fabric of the parachute feels perfect, even against bare skin. Although I never recommend that you sleep with a partner in any hammock, I realized that in the DoubleNest, it is possible to do so. Many of us enjoy going camping with our partners.

Nothing like watching nature with someone special. And that’s something I love about the DoubleNest, which can support two people in it and still be extremely comfortable.

And if we go to the Double Deluxe, this model fits in too. This hammock is also very spacious, and you can lie down in it by yourself or with another person, and I assure you that they will be quite comfortable.

The 70-dernier nylon taffeta with which it is made is very soft to the touch, and at no time will you feel friction with your skin.

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Ease of Set-Up:

Installing a hammock shouldn’t be complicated. However, there are some models that you get in the market today, and incredibly you become a disaster by setting up the hammock. Well, that’s not the case with the Double Deluxe or the DoubleNest.

As for the Double Deluxe, this hammock comes with most of the accessories you need to set it up. These include its top-of-the-line carabiners, as well as sturdy carabiners that make your hammock robust, not to mention easy to install.

One thing to remember is that this hammock does not come with straps in the package. However, you can buy them separately.

As for the DoubleNest, it does not include a suspension system with any of its hammocks. Those looking to integrate their current configuration might not notice the difference or care.

There are many options and methods to try out, and you will have to decide on this first before going out into the woods. Once that problem is solved, however, the set-up is as simple as attaching the included carabiners to your anchor.

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Durability and Quality:

All right, now let’s go over durability and quality. When it comes to the efficiency of any hammock, one thing that remains certain is that it is the material it is made of, as well as the strength of its construction.

And the materials not only have to be reliable, but they also have to be able to last despite constant exposure to the outdoors. This is very important because what we all want is for the hammock to accompany us on our expeditions for many years.

When it comes to durability and quality materials, both the Double Deluxe and DoubleNest do an incredible job.

Let’s start with the Double Deluxe: The hammock is built with the need for high performance and durability in mind.

Therefore, it is made with an outstanding high-tenacity 70D nylon that goes the distance to offer the best of these aspects. If you want to get a robust and durable hammock, then this one is for you.

As for the DoubleNest, this is a well-made hammock with three triple-stitched body panels and triple-stitched anchor loops.

With the proper care, we see no reason why the DoubleNest won’t last you for years, making it a great casual start hammock that can get upgraded if you decide to venture into more dangerous terrain and weather.

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Capacity and weight:

If there’s one thing I look for in a hammock, it’s that it can withstand a lot of weight, but that doesn’t mean it’s hard to carry. And here, the Double Deluxe and the DoubleNest are quite different.

with the DoubleNest: This hammock weighs 3 ounces and is capable of supporting up to 400 pounds of weight, which means it can support the weight of two people without any problems. However, the importance of hammocks like the DoubleNest is only useful when compared to other summer open model hammocks.

As for the Double Deluxe, this hammock is still considerably light, despite its heavy-duty construction.  It is able to hold up to 400 pounds, just like the DoubleNest, with the difference that it weighs 12 oz.

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Potential DrawBacks:

You know nothing is perfect in this life, and neither are these hammocks. While each of them has more pros than cons, it’s essential to know the disadvantages of each one. That’s going to influence the final decision a lot.

Let’s start with some cons of the Double Deluxe:

  • Despite its heavy-duty construction, this hammock is considerably lightweight at only 24 ounces. The hammock can become a tube around you.
  • The suspension straps are sold separately.
  • It doesn’t come with a screen or rain.

Regarding  the cons of the DoubleNest:

  • The DoubleNest hammock shouldn’t be used for a two-person shelter for backpacking. This hammock is perfect for two people to sit side by side, but when it comes to laying or sleeping comfortably, the DoubleNest does not stand up to this task.
  • This hammock is perfect for summer camping, but for fall or winter trips, you must purchase an under or top quilt for warmth (or even a great sleeping bag) because the nylon material is not heat-retaining whatsoever.
  • You must purchase the ropes separately.

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The price is another aspect that we cannot neglect because no matter how much we like a specific model, we must first consult our wallet.

The price difference between both hammocks is considerable. The Double Deluxe, being bigger and heavier, is about 10-20 dollars more expensive than the DoubleNest.

However, despite this price difference, both hammocks have a lot in common.

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Wrapping Up: which hammock you should choose?

Finally, both hammocks are incredible. However, some details make the balance lean towards some of these two.

As conclusions about each one, it just means the following:

Although the Double Deluxe, like any other outdoor equipment, has a couple of disadvantages, its benefits far outweigh its shortcomings. From the construction to the size of this hammock, it is exceptional and the durability, it has it all. I consider it the right product. Many critics very well value it.

As for the ENO DoubleNest, the truth is that it is a deservedly popular hammock that is comfortable for both a single camper to sleep and a couple to get healthy and look at the stars. The low weight and compact size are appropriate for those looking for a warm climate, and can easily get upgraded for colder and more dangerous climates.

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Eno double deluxe Eno doublenest
Product Image (AMAZON) bleu eno hammcok yellow eno hammock
Price Check on Amazon Check on Amazon


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