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Best Camp Fire & Open Fire Cookware For Camping in 2022

Last updated January 18, 2022| Gear

Camping is an amazing experience and one of the best things about it is the fact that you get to cook over an open fire.

Something about the act of cooking over a wood fire in the wilderness awakens some primal part of our brain and you would be hard pressed to find someone who doesn’t enjoy it.

Not only does it allow you to feel as if you are travelling back in time, but it also lets you practice an extremely useful skill.

However, cooking on an open fire isn’t as simple as packing your regular pots and pans up and hanging them over a flame, you need special open fire cookware that will both last longer and cook better when using fire rather than an ordinary stove.

Below are some of the best campfire cooking sets available on the market today.

The Best Camping Cookware for an Open Fire

CO-Z 9-Quart Pre Seasoned Cast Iron Dutch Oven review

This gorgeous cast iron Dutch oven is not only a great piece of cookware as it is, but the lid also doubles up as a skillet or griddle with legs on top that allow it to be placed directly over the heat.

This small design quirk makes way for much more variety when cooking and makes this pot almost essential for anyone who wants to make a quality meal when out in the wild. It comes pre-seasoned, so it is ready for use as soon as you get it without the need to do extra work beforehand to prepare it.

The added lifter tool is also a nice addition as it maintains the quality CO-Z have produced with the rest of their product, allowing you to stay safe at all times when using their Dutch oven.

The only real downside of this open fire cooking pot is the weight. As you would expect, the fact that it is cast iron makes it rather heavy at just over 25 lbs. This means that while it is a great piece of cookware, it may not be ideal for anyone who plans to hike a lot as the extra weight will quickly take a toll.

Core Element Titanium Three-Piece Utensil Set review

With a stylish design this set of 3 utensils, a knife, fork and spoon, display exceptional build quality.

Made of extremely tough titanium the set is held together with a useful carabiner so you can easily keep them all in one place without feat of losing a piece. While very strong and durable the Core Element Titanium Three-Piece Utensil Set is also incredibly lightweight and while flexible, has no issues holding its shape when in use.

This set is also built to last, ensuring that it will remain among your camping essentials with no reason to replace these dishwasher safe and hypoallergenic utensils.

Our only issue with this set is that the taste of the titanium metal can occasionally come through and affect the overall taste of the dish you are eating. While this is not a huge problem it can be a little off putting.

However, in our opinion the overall durability of this set more than makes up for the occasional odd taste, making them our go to for camping utensils.

Texsport Heavy Duty Over Fire Camp Grill review

Available in three different sizes the Texsport Heavy Duty Over Fire Camp Grill provides a great grilling surface no matter how large your fire or how many people you are cooking for.

The grill is made of heavy-duty welding steel, guaranteeing a sturdy cooking surface that will last no matter where it is taken and how it is stored.

The legs on the grill also fold away, turning it into a flat piece of metal that is very easy to both transport and to store. The varying sizes provide a great cooking surface so even if you are cooking for just yourself, you can use it to heat water, grill steak and have a pan on the go all at once.

The one issue we have with this grill is that the painted finish can begin to flake off over time, this causes problems when cooking directly on the grill and means that it’s a better idea to simply use pans instead.

Overall Texsport have created a quality and durable product that, despite a minor issue of flaky paint, is a great addition to any camper’s equipment. (tent with stove jack  , gps , Boots…)

Lodge 3-Quart Cast Iron Combo Cooker review

This cast iron combo cooker comes with a deep skillet, a fryer, and a Dutch oven, all of which come together for easy storage and transportation.

Every piece of this set also comes pre-seasoned with 100% vegetable oil meaning you can buy it and immediately start cooking without the need to season it yourself and still have the peace of mind that does not contain any chemicals that could be harmful to you.

As with any cast iron product the weight may get in the way if you mean to hike with it in your backpack, but in general this set is great for open fire cooking.

The biggest issue we have is that the handles are slightly weaker that we would expect and can, in rare cases, break off due to rough handling or hard impacts. While this shouldn’t be a problem for most, it can be bothersome if it happens.

However, contacting Lodge themselves should clear the issue right up and they will be more than happy to help with the issue.

Stanley Adventure Camp Cook Set review

The Stanley Adventure Camp Cook Set is an idea piece of open fire cookware for anyone looking to make soup or boil water for tea and coffee.

The pot comes with a vented top to allow steam to escape but this vent can also be used to strain liquid if needed, for example if you are cooking pasta or boiling potatoes.

The pot has a versatile handle that is designed to be comfortable when in use but is easily folded away over the pot for easy storage and transportation. It is extremely lightweight, very durable, and best of all it comes with a lifetime warranty provided by Stanley.

The only issue we have with this cooking pot is the fact that it is quite narrow. This means the pot can sometimes have trouble standing up on uneven surfaces and can quite easily get blown over in strong winds.

However, this is quite a small drawback for what is overall a great and versatile product.

Core Element Dual Purpose Camping Mug review

With out list coming to a close we couldn’t leave out the Core Element Dual Purpose Camping Mug/Pot with lid. Made completely out of titanium this mug is incredible strong and durable while also being small and compact.

Due to its size and material, the mug heats very quickly and cools down fast once empty. Core Element have also taken steps to ensure that the material doesn’t affect your food or drink with a metallic taste that other products may leave in your mouth.

This mug also comes with a money back guarantee so if you’re not completely satisfied with what you receive, simply contact Core Element and they let you return the item at no cost to yourself.

The only issue with this product is very minor, due to how quickly this mug heats up, the handle and lip can also become very hot and may have the potential to cause minor burns if you are not careful before grabbing it from the fire to take a sip. Simply wait a minute or two for the mug to cool down and you shouldn’t have any problems.

Wrap Up

This has been our list of the 6 best camping cookware for open fires available on the market today. to make sure to enjoy the meals with your family or freinds in a happy camping tent !

We hope that our list has helped you find a new piece of camping cookware to expand your inventory and allow you to make more tasty dishes while enjoying the freedom of an open fire.

Thank you for reading and we wish you safe camping and happy cooking!

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