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Can You Dive In The Red Sea?

Last updated March 14, 2022| Diving

The Red Sea in the Middle East is the northernmost part of the Indian Ocean. These bodies of water share many of the same habitats and marine life, and the Red Sea has evolved to provide unique habitats for several endemic species. Due to its low precipitation, high evaporation, and relatively isolated location, the Red Sea is one of the highest salinity in the world. These factors also provide excellent diving conditions, and there are 360 ​​diving days per year in the Red Sea.

The Red Sea feeds several tributaries, which means that limited microbial algae allow for great visibility. The Red Sea is easily accessible from Europe. Major tourist destinations are centering around the north, and the crowds get thinner as you explore further south. There are small resorts in Israel, Jordan, and the United Arab Emirates, most of which are scuba diving in the Red Sea, facilitating a handful of live boards across Egypt and Sudan.

Can You Dive In The Red Sea?

How To Dive The Red Sea?

Option 1

Go on a Red Sea diving safari live-board. It is where you live on a boat anywhere from a few days to a few weeks. During this time, suppose you are staying at a beach resort, you will visit the famous diving sites you like. More remote and ancient diving sites can only access via the live board.

Red Sea Diving Liveaboard Pros

  • Visit exclusive diving sites that you can only access via the live board.
  • If there are other divers on your diving sites, there are few.
  • If you’ve been to a diving resort, you’re still going to see the best diving sites you’ve ever been to it.
  • If you travel from one diving site to another, you will be in a boat with more space and better facilities than anything you travel from a resort to a small boat.

Option 2

Stay at a beach resort near the famous Red Sea diving sites, and you will make a day trip through a diving center / your diving resort.

Red Sea Resort Town Pros

  • Do things like watching shows and water sports.
  • It is ideal for beginners and those who have not yet learned to dive
  • You can proceed at any time

When Is The Diving Season?

As we know, the Red Sea is an ideal place for scuba diving at any time, but the water temperature varies greatly depending on the time of year. The water temperature in Egypt can reach a hot bath of 30 °C in August but drops to 22 °C in February. Sudan is generally a few degrees Celsius warmer than Egypt. So you need to make sure that your exposure suit is suitable for the conditions. In August, the air temperature in Egypt reaches 40 °C, and in winter, it drops to 20 °C. Again, the air temperature in Sudan is two degrees or higher than in Egypt throughout the year.

red sea

Where Is The Best Scuba Diving?

The South Red Sea offers stunning reefs of Brothers Islands, Elphinstone, Rocky Island, and St. John’s. Live board travel details can be north or south, but you can find them at some diving locations in both areas. Sudan offers adventurous divers world-class wreckage, glorious coral reefs, shark encounters, and large fishing schools. Many from the Sinai Peninsula come to Egypt for their first diving vacation, to the southern Red Sea in Egypt, and then to Sudan for more distant diving.

How Many Dives Per Day Are There On Red Sea Liveaboards?

The standard for Red Sea diving safaris is four dives per day, including night diving. However, on the ship’s first and last diving days, you will make 2 or 3 dives per season. More days in the summer and three dives are the norm, while the short daytime hours in the winter start later, and only two dives can do. Note that night diving in marine parks is prohibited under Egyptian law. It means that a maximum of 3 dives per day should expect when visiting the South Seas Park on the Brothers, Daedalus, Sabergard, and Rocky Island.

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