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How Do I Use A Diving Compass To Find A Boat When Underwater?

Last updated March 14, 2022| Diving

Scuba diving is not fun at all. Even with clear visibility, anyone can take intentions and lose their sense of direction. You can go a long way by boat and rescue team. Having the right underwater naval skills will help you find your way back. The ultimate thing you want is for the dry ground to go to the surface invisible to anyone in any direction you look.

What Is A Compass, And What Is It?

To understand the importance of compasses in diving, it is essential to know what they are. Compass machines were invented in Asia in the 9th century. They are tools with a magnetic needlepoint that points us continuously to the Earth’s magnetic North. As we know where the North is, we can also know the rest of the cardinals around us.

In this way, we can lean towards land, sea, or air. Regarding the scuba diving compass, they help us discover our current situation and follow a pre-established path.

diving with compass

Parts Of A Diving Compass

Main Window:

This is the section showing Cardinal 4 points and 360 degrees. Here we can observe and find the information of the degree series we want to follow.

Slide window:

This is the inner part of the compass facing your body. This way, you can see the information in degrees as you would with the main window. It is important to note that the information we see in the front window is the opposite of what we see in the main window. Therefore, it is important to coordinate with your diver considering this description.


This is a 360 degree carved high rotation wheel. It is using to set starting directions and change underwater navigation.

Lubber Line:

This is the line marked in different colors according to the compass shape. It serves to set the course we need to go through.

Use The Compass

When you dive into tropical waters, you can have a lot to see around you and lose a sense of all orientation. Do not let the clear water fool you, and carry a compass for your diving navigation. Take the long line or long line of your compass and place it along the length of your body and the direction you intend to swim. It is essential to make sure you have the correct positioning.

diving signals

Make sure the diving compass is flat. Also, it allows the wheel to rotate inside. It is a good idea to lift the compass while you are swimming. Of course, you should not mount it, but this will help maintain the compass level. All you have to do is look at the compass and make sure you stay still.

You will need to get a heading. To do this, rotate the bezel and give the hatch points according to the northern markings of the compass. It should not be hard to swim straight as soon as the compass arrives at this point. Suppose you want to swim in the opposite direction; all you have to do is turn the north arrow until it meets the mark on the opposite side of the beard, then proceed using your scuba fins.

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