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Is Scuba Diving Safe For Children?

Last updated March 14, 2022| Diving

Is your loving child interested in scuba diving, and are you at a loss as to whether they are ready? Scuba diving is an increasingly popular adventure sport. Often, the whole family gets involved. Sooner or later, parents meditate on the current age limit for scuba certification and think about the safety issues associated with diving at a young age. Often, one parent is excited about the prospect, and the other child is not and needs reassurance.

Sometimes, schools will also ask about their willingness to support introductory scuba training on their premises. If they agree, parents need to understand the risks involved and make their children aware of the implications of participation.

Kids And Scuba Diving

8-9 Years Old

It is the youngest person your child can begin to learn to dive with an instructor, and it needs to do with a qualified professional. And there is more to teaching than just knowing how to operate the equipment. Age is primarily a function of lung development, and that there is a lack of research on the possible effects of diving on a child’s body. Compared to adults, children do not know exactly how scuba diving affects them. There are few experiments in the area, so it is best to make mistakes on the side of caution.

10-11 Years Old

Children can enter for their first formal qualification at the age of ten, a series of courses similar to adults. But with shallow depth and even after qualification, they must dive with an adult. Once qualified, their qualifications stay with them forever, and from time to time, they are recognized worldwide for wanting to hone their skills.

12-14 Years Old

Kids at this age have more depth but should dive with an adult certified diver even when qualified. But an adult diver does not have to be a professional diver.

child diving

What Do The Diver Training Agencies Have To Say?

The Diving Instructors Association offers a full diving certificate from the age of 15. The PADI Bubblemaker program is limited to 2 meters but is open to children ages eight and over. The PADI Seal Group program is also open to children ages eight and over and adds photography and other underwater activities to the mix. From the age of 10 to 14, PADI offers the Kanish Open Openwater Divers training course, a full age range of open water-divers scuba certification courses.

A PADI professional or certified parent or guardian when diving to a depth of not less than 12 m. Between the ages of 12-14, they must dive with a certified adult with special training, and they are allowed to dive up to 21 meters. From the age of 13, they have a series of open water diving courses available online. With the restriction of diving with an adult friend, they can practice Kanish Res rescue and master divers.

The National Association of Underwater Instructors (NAUI) has stated that it has reviewed the reasons for establishing a minimum age of 12. At the same time, there is no trustworthy data or information to consider reducing it. The United States Recreational Scuba Training Council has set a minimum age of 15 for certified divers. The South Pacific Underwater Medical Association Committee recommends a minimum age of 16 for certification. However, the Australian Standards Authority reduced the age limit to 14 for compliance with diving training institutes.

Depending on their needs, the child should be “at least 14 years old, but those younger than that may sometimes be eligible for conditional certification training, allowing the youth to dive with a certified diver with the consent of their parents or guardians. The fact is that the training of divers is now available to children from the age of eight.

The Advantages Of Scuba Diving For Kids

Young people start scuba diving and will be more comfortable with them in the future. Little divers will gradually gain experience, which will give them countless beautiful opportunities and knowledge. Kids generally have a curiosity about the sea and its life. With certification, they can explore its most hidden locations. They are allowed to study the laws that apply to real-time buoyancy and gravity and solve mathematical problems.

Especially, children will begin to get the main concepts of space and time and will be kept in good physical and mental condition. Parents who love to dive can take their children on a diving vacation, sharing their love for the underwater world—a family adventure aimed at discovering while you create unique memories. Besides, children gain a great deal of environmental knowledge that encourages them to care about the natural environment. Managing diving risks helps them to deal calmly and carefully with situations. Children become dynamic and confident while learning the importance of personal responsibility.

If Your Child Wishes To Do Scuba Diving

It will show interest.

A child interested in learning scuba diving will not need the pressure to dive. Usually, they will work alone, learn and read about diving equipment, new skills, and not force anyone. Today children are very eager to learn important facts to understand the dangers of scuba diving.

Completion of courses

Suppose the idea of ​​diving makes the child happy. In that case, you should find plenty of time to attend classes at a pediatric center with children’s departments and experience the ultimate Bubblemaker foot course for children. Get ready to go on a family diving vacation and go with the baby to the first meeting with the beach. For best results, children should finish the program without any hassle and give enough time to formulate a theory in their minds. A class with a swimming pool is best for them.

diving child

Discipline and trust

If there is any difficulty or problem with diving, tell your child that he/she should trust the instructors. And report it immediately, also, about how important it is to listen carefully to all the advice in his life because safety and discipline always go in hand.

Final Consideration

  • Parents or friends should not force the child to dive.
  • If the child has a medical condition (e.g., ear infection or asthma), diving can significantly damage their health and recreation.
  • If the child does not have adequate water capacity, scuba diving can be very stressful, and the loss or failure of equipment can lead to an almost drowning situation.
  • The child should understand and accept the inherent risks associated with diving and master the knowledge and skills needed to minimize them.


Scuba diving is fascinating, but how safe is it for kids? Every child develops at different rates mentally and physically, it is difficult to define the exact age, and children can safely dive into the water. Many diving clubs offer a series of foot courses for children, offering new experiences and a fun set of foot courses. Trainers focus on the child’s maturity, obedience, skills, and swimming comfort, and through the training, they will learn to love the sea and the water and swim without fear.

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