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The Best Time To Dive In The Red Sea

Last updated March 14, 2022| Diving

The best time to dive into the Red Sea is from March to May or September to November. However, diving into the Red Sea live board all year round, the Best Time to dive into this Middle Eastern region is a personal preference. Winter is around the Red Sea from December to February. During these months, the water is slightly colder and drops to 72˚F (22˚C) in Egypt.

Keep in mind that the temperature in Sudan is usually one or two degrees above and below the water. So, during the winter months, you have the best chance of finding an ocean whitewash shark in Egypt or a shark with a hammer in Sudan.

The Red Sea also has the best visibility from December to February. Finally, the winter months represent a windy season, which means that earth conditions can be quite rough, especially in northern Egypt.

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March to May is the spring months in the Red Sea. At this point, both the air and water temperature are slightly warmer, which provides a beautiful balance. Primarily, it is the Best Time to see a whale shark, especially in the northern part of the Red Sea. However, March to May is a high time for diving in the Red Sea, so expect some diving sites to the crowd.

June to August is the Shortest Time in the Red Sea. The air temperature reaches a problematic level for outdoor activities. But the warmer temperatures force sharks further north into the Egyptian Sea. The best months to dive with these predators in the northern part of the Red Sea are June to September. The summer season is your best bet for big live board deals.

Finally, September – November is the autumn season in the Red Sea. Also, air and sea temperatures balance for comfort above and below the surface. So, September, October, and November months are the best time to find threshing sharks off the coasts of Sudan and Egypt.

Autumn is also a fantastic time for manta rays in Sudan. Live boards in the Red Sea can crowd at this time, often like the spring months.

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