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Health Benefits of Playing Badminton for 60 Minutes Daily

Last updated May 16, 2022| Fitness

Badminton is considered one of those sports that is relatively easy than many other outdoor games, and it does not demand any kind of luxurious gear or an extravagant court to be played in. You can easily play this sport without learning any hard and fast details or rules and regulations of this game.

When we talk about the benefits of playing badminton or think about the fact that ‘is badminton really good for health’, you will quickly come to know that the health benefits of badminton are not limited to the body, but it does also include your mind in it.

We are listing down the number of benefits that you may get achieve by playing badminton for good 60 minutes straight.

Physical Health

One out of many important health benefits of badminton includes the fact that it will tone up all your muscles efficiently. For the matter of fact, who does not love a slim and petite figure, with all those curves and leanness that is well balanced in the right proportions, regardless of one’s size or weight. The lean frame for your body can only be achieved by muscle toning, whereas the main focus simply lies on shaping up your muscles and cutting down all that additional fat instead of bulking up on more muscle.

You may find many fancy equipment in the gym, which may help you in toning up your muscles, which you can use punctually, and it can help you achieve the best results that you could ever think of, but would you believe, that you can tone your muscles without even realizing it? Sounds strange, right? Well. it is way simpler than you may think. You just have to play badminton and nothing else. Yes, all that running, all those hand movements and different postures during the play will help you tone your muscles, especially the butt, hamstrings, quads and glutes.

Health Benefits of Playing Badminton for 60 Minutes Daily


As we all know that stretching will help you to improve flexibility and flexibility always helps reducing muscle discomfort and the risk of injuries that may happen. The significance of badminton also cannot be denied when it comes to enhancing flexibility for your muscles, for a game like badminton it purely requires the swinging movement and reach of the player, which in turn can develop great flexibility and responsiveness within the player.

Muscle endurance and strength

Muscle endurance means that you may perform all those physical tasks for an extended interval without even getting tired and without even feeling lethargic. One of the most crucial advantages of playing badminton for 60 minutes a day and not as a one-time fun thing is that it enhances muscle strength and stamina.

You will see that playing badminton for about 20 minutes or so will leave you breathless at the end, but if you keep playing frequently that threshold of 20 minutes may progressively increase to 1-2 hours with time, and you will literally enjoy it.

Improves metabolism rate.

One of the main advantages of playing badminton also includes an increased metabolic rate. Playing badminton, same as playing any other sport will sweat you out and burns a lot of calories within your body. This may lead to an increased demand for oxygen to recompense for the energy shortfall that will be created within the body. This will lead to an increased blood circulation and therefor results in a tremendous improvement in the metabolic rate.

Weight loss

Not just badminton but any physical activity or exercise that you may do will require energy in the form of calories which is produced within the body by burning of fats and carbs. This will lead to the removal of the extra fat within the body and helps in weight loss.

Health Benefits of Playing Badminton for 60 Minutes Daily

Healthy Heart.

Another benefit of playing badminton as a game is that it can improve blood circulation to a larger extent, which in turn means that it can strengthen the heart muscles and heart will pump blood more abundantly. As we know that a stronger heart becomes a healthy heart as it causes unclogging of the arterial walls and reduction of bad cholesterol.

Improves lung function.

Biologically the blood circulation in our body is systematically managed by the lungs and the heart. Consequently, when our heart muscles strengthens so the circulation improves as well as it will improve lung functions, particularly for those who suffer from breathing difficulties.

Improves bone density and bone strength.

Playing badminton will promote the growth of bone-forming cells, thus reducing the incidence of bone fractures or osteopenia.

Reduces the risk of diabetes.

Here we are not saying that playing badminton will decrease the risk of diabetes as there is no direct link between diabetes and badminton. However, we can link diabetes with any sort of exercise, physical activity, and weight loss activities. Badminton is a physically sport and playing badminton consumes energy, which causes the body to burn up glucose and increase insulin sensitivity.

Enhances reflexes and motor coordination.

The whole game of badminton will entirely depend on how quickly you detect the incoming shuttle and hit it back before it bounces off your racket. Therefore, the advantage of playing badminton is that it will efficiently enhance your reflexes and improve your speed and consequent motor coordination.

Improves sleep.

As we have discussed that badminton can improve the overall blood circulation of your body, it will eventually make you tired and it will make sure to provide you with a good sleep at night, which will surely help you in staying active for the whole day.

Health Benefits of Playing Badminton for 60 Minutes Daily

Build focus and improve concentration.

Many times, we do neglect the mental health advantages of badminton, which are actually not a lot but still they exist. One of the most important benefits of badminton games is that they will keep the player aware and always on the go, which will eventually help to develop strong reflexes, stimulates brain activity, and enhances concentration.

One with Nature

When it comes to playing badminton, obviously it will require a good amount of space and it can not be played inside the. So, we will have to come out to play badminton, we will get connected with nature, the blowing fresh air, the rustling of tree leaves, the quietness of the surroundings and what not. Being out in the open and welcoming nature in its purest form, in itself feels healing and soothing.

Cures Hypertension‍

Another significance of playing a badminton game is that it will act as a good stressbuster, in the sense that it has the solution for your hypertension. Like with any other outdoor sport, badminton being a significantly more physically demanding sport will release a higher amount of endorphins in your body, that will automatically radiate positivity and relieve tension.

Mind sharpness and strategy building

The win or loss in a game of badminton totally based on how well you are can understand the actions of your challenger. To win the game you should be able to precisely decide where to shoot the shuttle, how to protect your side and how to score the maximum number in the shortest time possible. Having this knowledge instantly and being able to act according to it is what eventually makes this strategical play a win for you.

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