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How a Game of Squash can Help you Lose Weight

Last updated May 6, 2022| Fitness

When it comes to exercises for weight loss, the possibilities are endless. There are so many types of exercises at this point, that a simple google search can lead you to a plethora of websites with different unique ways to lose weight. Some ways are healthy, some are not so great. Some may seem boring and tedious, while some are challenging and fun. Many of the weight loss methods available include strict diet plans and strenuous exercises with promises to help lose weight as soon as possible.

This brings us to losing weight playing squash. Squash is a competitive and enjoyable way you can burn huge amounts of calories, and not only that, but the game also helps to improve your stamina. By playing squash, you can lose weight, maintain it, and tone your body in the process as well. 

Squash is a game that can be considered a mix between chess and tennis as it involves you, the player, having to outsmart your opponent as well as guess the opponent’s next move. The game is over within forty minutes, making it an ideal lunch break activity. You can take your mind off work and only focus on the game during that forty-minute interval. 

Squash is enjoyed by many for not only the enjoyment it provides but also all of the benefits it comes with. It is ultimately an exceptional weight loss exercise. 

To find out what else you can achieve playing squash weight loss-wise, read on.

Safety Tips for Beginners

Before going to court, it is best to start with a ten-to-fifteen-minute warm-up because you do not want to be working with stiff muscles. Working with stiff muscles can lead to injuries like a foot or leg sprains. This is similar to most other exercises that require you to warm up your muscles before starting them. Besides, it is all the more effective (in terms of weight loss and other benefits) to play with your muscle warmed up, i.e., prepped, and ready. 

Eyewear for protection is also a must if you are just starting out with the game because a ball hitting your eye is not the most enjoyable feeling in the world. It is also advisable to speak with your doctor to ensure that you do not have any health conditions that might interfere with you enjoying the game and the many benefits it provides. 

How a Game of Squash can Help you Lose Weight

It Burns Lots of Calories

Squash is the type of game that requires you to run a lot. Anyone who has either tried playing squash or seen it being played knows that. The game does not include a lot of breaks throughout either, which means that you are going to be playing continuously. All this continuous playing leads to weight loss galore. Playing the game, you will burn huge amounts of calories (without even noticing because you will only notice the fun and the competitiveness while playing). This makes squash one of the best games there are to lose weight and maintain it.

It Tones Your Body

Playing squash is ideal for toning the arms and legs. It causes you to use a lot of energy using your leg muscles when you attempt to move your body around, at times even swiftly. You are also required to use your forearms and hands to hit the squash ball, that too with great intensity. This is bound to result in the muscles in your arms and legs developing (albeit not as much as if the muscles were actually being focused on via resistance training). This is beneficial because increased muscle mass leads to a noticeable increase in fat burn rate.

It Enhances Cardiovascular Health

Besides the obvious benefit of you getting to burn noticeable amounts of calories when playing squash, you will also see an improvement in your anaerobic as well as your aerobic systems. What this does is; it makes you more athletic and further helps you lose weight with ease. Aerobic as well as anaerobic fitness both help constitute cardiovascular fitness. The only difference there is is that all sorts of anaerobic activity are normally performed at a noticeably higher intensity. These two kinds of exercises come with similar gains in terms of health and fitness. You, as a player, will be going through both elements whilst you enjoy a game of squash.

How a Game of Squash can Help you Lose Weight

It Helps Strengthen Hand to Eye Coordination

Hand to eye coordination that is effortless and focused aids in the reduction of your reaction times. This ultimately makes you more adept not only as an athlete, but as a whole. Although this might seem bizarre, enhanced hand to eye coordination also considerably improves your dexterity as well as your flexibility. Playing squash helps you achieve all of these goals.

It Helps Strengthen Flexibility and Responsiveness

These important yet obscure components of fitness are often left ignored as most players dedicate most of their time trying to improve as well as develop the more surface-level components, namely muscle strength and cardiovascular stamina. What most of these players ought to know is that playing lots of squash can help in flexibility as well as responsiveness development (improved reflexes). 

It Makes you a More Competitive Player

Squash, much like most other types of sports, is very competitive in nature and players will most definitely find themselves giving their best to win games, and as a result, burning copious amounts of fat and improving their stamina in the process. The game’s highly competitive nature also means that anyone enjoying themselves in the game will find themselves becoming so involved that they will not be feeling any sort of tiredness or pain. That is what makes this individual sports game one of the best. You have to not only use your body but your mind as well. As mentioned earlier, it is a combination of tennis and chess, i.e., strategic yet physical. 

How a Game of Squash can Help you Lose Weight

Wrapping Up 

At the end of the day, all exercise is good exercise as long as you move your body around as much as you can. But the great thing about playing squash is that it is so effortless that once you know how to play the game, you do not need any further instructions like in most exercises you are often required to exercise in different positions. With squash, all you need to do is completely involve yourself in the game and then reap the benefits. 

After all, what is better than a game that requires you to have your body and your mind focused. Squash, as we now know, is a highly intense sport. The game helps build a lot of muscle in the arms because the higher a player’s divisions go, the higher they have to hit to score points for themselves. 

The game also has a lot of sprinting and running involved. The player must be able to quickly get from one side of the court to the other side to reach and hit the ball. This sprinting, of course, leads to the leg muscles becoming toned as well. Squash also includes a lot of stop and start, so for that, the player’s body must be in good condition. There is always room for improvement so the player can improve this over time. 

The most surprising yet exciting parts of this game are that it requires a lot of mental power to be played since you are not only strategically trying to win, but you are also trying to figure out what your opponent’s next move is going to be. Your hand-to-eye coordination also gets a lot of attention in these highly physical yet mental sports. You will find yourself becoming more dexterous (apart from physically fit) as you keep playing this game. With all this information given, anyone can participate in playing squash and become more agile. 

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