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The Best Square Trampolines for the Summer (2022)

Last updated May 19, 2022| Backyard Activities & Games

Trampolines are a must-have summer accessory for homes because they provide hours of non-stop energetic entertainment for your children.

They come in all different sizes and shapes, such as rectangle trampolines, round trampolines or square trampolines. The latter is what we will be focusing on in this article, with our list of the best square trampolines for the summer of 2022!

Our selection is based on most parents’ concerns, namely, safety, price, and durability. If your kids love to jump and leap all over the place, why not let them exercise in a safe and supervised manner on high-quality square trampolines with loads of impressive safety features and outstanding consumer reviews.

Buy your kids a square trampoline from our list, and let them make wonderful summer memories that you can share around your family dinner tables for years to come!  

So, the question is, how do I find the best square trampoline? What safety features are essential, and what are the most reliable products? This article has precise answers. Read on to learn more! 

What to Look out for When Buying a Square Trampoline

Below are a few things to consider to help you select the best square trampoline for your kids. 

Take measurements for size to ensure that the square trampoline you select isn’t too small for your kids or too large for your yard. Your kids grow bigger each year, but the trampoline won’t. So, you need to pick a square trampoline that your kids won’t outgrow by next summer. Bouncing space is vital because several excited kids slamming into each other on a tiny trampoline is sure to cause injuries that can ruin summer for everyone. It would be nice to avoid this by choosing a square trampoline with room for your kids and their friends to bounce. A square trampoline that is too large for your yard will most likely spend most of the summer in storage. Ensure that your preferred square trampoline is the right fit for your yard, so your kids can enjoy endless days of bouncy summer fun. 

Shopping for the best square trampolines on a tight budget doesn’t mean stripping on quality. Our list features affordable, high-quality square trampolines for every home and budget.   

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Your preferred square trampoline must be safe enough for your precious kids to play on without fear of injuries. Basic safety features on the best square trampolines include enclosures or nets to prevent kids from falling out, thick padded jump mats, and bottom safety nets. Check the trampoline for metal extensions for attaching safety nets. Soft foam jump mats help cushion the impact of a full-body fall and protect your child’s joints and head from the trauma of a hard landing. Bottom nets are a safety feature seen on most low trampolines to prevent little kids from crawling underneath and getting stuck or injured. This is an essential safety feature if you plan on getting a low-slung square trampoline or if you have toddlers.   

Trampolines come with weight limits that tell the weight your square trampoline can take at a particular time. Weight limits allow you to determine the size and number of kids who can go on the trampoline at once. Weight limits for square trampolines vary depending on the materials used in their construction. Check out the springs, shorter trampoline springs have a lower weight limit and vice versa. 

Weatherproofing is an essential feature of the best square trampolines for outdoor or yard use. Look out for anti-corrosion treatments or materials in the frame. Rust-proof stainless steel framed square trampolines is ideal for outdoor use. However, they can also be quite expensive.  

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Advantages of Square Trampolines

How much bounce does a square trampoline have? Quite a lot, it seems. The best square trampolines have thick frames and springs to support their shape and provide a higher bounce than conventional round trampolines.  

Square trampolines also hold a lot more weight and have a larger surface than round trampolines. 

Square trampolines fitted with rebounding handles provide extra health benefits for young children. They improve bone density, stronger muscles, and increased blood flow.  

You can read more about some of the health advantages of trampolines for kids here.

The Best Square Trampolines for Children in 2022

Here is our list of the best square trampolines for children and young adults. 

1. Springfree 11-foot Square Trampoline

- Heart for Outdoor

This 11-feet springless trampoline features a radical design that its manufacturers claim safer than conventionally sprung trampolines. Don’t let the high price tag scare you away. Its high-quality materials, exceptional craftsmanship, and high customer reviews make this product worth checking out.  


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2. Skywalker 15-foot Square Trampoline

- Heart for Outdoor

Manufactured to withstand the rigors of outdoor use. This 15-foot square trampoline boasts a sturdy frame made from rust-resistant galvanized steel. A prominent safety feature is a net enclosure that uses a button-hole feature to attach directly to the jumping mat, keeping your kids away from the springs and metal frame. 

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If you click this link and make a purchase, we may earn a commission at no additional cost to you.
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Although not as common as other trampoline types. Square trampolines offer a symmetric design that is better suited to tight spaces and corners. Even the most affordable square trampolines have a long list of safety features to keep your kids safe and provide enough fun and excitement to rival the most expensive versions.

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