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How can Panic, Vertigo, and Acrophobia during Rappel be controlled? Fear of Rappelling

Last updated January 17, 2022| Guides

Acrophobia and vertigo are some severe or absurd dread of heights, particularly when one is not predominantly high up. These fears usually have their place in a category of definite phobias, those are called space and motion anxiety that share both comparable etiology and options for treatment. A lot of people face a degree of spontaneous fear when exposed to heights, which is known as the fear of falling.

Acrophobia victims can be subjected to a panic attack at the place of height and become too anxious to get themselves to reach the ground back safely. Around 2 and 5 percent of the general population suffer from acrophobia, with twice as many women affected as men.

There have been several capable studies that suggest using virtual reality as a therapy for acrophobia. Many different types of treatments are used in the treatment of phobias like fear of heights, which includes old-style anti-anxiety drugs such as benzodiazepines, and current options like antidepressants and beta-blockers.

Here are some of the tips and tricks that can control the fear of any panic, vertigo, or acrophobia.

How can Panic, Vertigo, and Acrophobia during Rappel be controlled? Fear of Rappelling

Do Bouldering More Often

If you have a fear of heights, it is normal behavior that in your mind you will always want to stay away from that climbing wall as much as you can and as long as you can, even 3 meters height from the ground would feel like a dangerous height to the people with this particular phobia. But that’s not what you should do.

According to renowned psychologists, you must introduce yourself to the phobia that you fear to overcome in real-time, although they also say this should not be done all at a time but in baby steps. It can be a push on your phobia if you go too hard on yourself and that too soon.

So, the way many people got through this fear was by using a method that introduced them into the environment in little steps. You can overcome the fear of falling when bouldering by following these steps:

  • You must learn how to fall off a climbing wall. One should try to practice the method of falling down the wall a lot of times before you attempt to overcome your fear of falling with this particular method.
  • One must climb up the wall up to the extent that one can feel that they are slightly afraid. But it should be below 3 meters.
  • You should practice this by falling from that height using the falling method.
  • After practicing this method, you will feel a bit better about falling from a height.
  • You should repeat this process again and again and if you still feel afraid in the same spot that you were afraid of before, you must keep falling from there until you feel more confident about it.
  • Keep repeating this step until you reach a maximum of around 3 meters.
  • You do not want to fall from a certain height above that over and over again.

Seek a Professional Trainer

Professional trainers work in the following way to help you get rid of height phobia, they suggest

  • Gradual exposure to the fear (it is a great way of using this to conquer your fear of heights, you should gradually reveal yourself to heights that you battle with)
  • Rationalize your fear (Once fear has developed inside your mind, it is easy to become concerned and forget about the safety of certain situations. It can be really easy to think irrationally and overcome your fear)
  • Prepare yourself (This process is mainly advantageous if you know you are going to be in an arousing situation, as knowing what to expect reduces the likelihood of becoming frightened and nervous when the situation occurs)
  • Practice relaxation techniques (Relaxation techniques can help to minimize these symptoms and get them under control. Deep breathing exercises are one of the simplest techniques to practice and can help to make you feel more comfortable)
  • Choose the right activity (If you are an outdoorsy person, you might find your acrophobia limiting you from particular places or activities. Perplexing yourself to new activities is a brilliant way of facing fears head-on, but you can start small and aim high rather than starting with anything too extreme and discomforting)

Rock climbing practice

That fear of heights, while it might seem to be a problem, actually helps keep you safe when you are climbing. In most cases, a fear of heights originates from a sense of being unsafe while doing it.  But in reality, there is a proper climbing safety system that protects you from the possibility of a fall. Every possible safety precaution is taken by the climbers, which includes tying into the rope, clipping the rope to anchors in the rock, and using belay devices to hold the rope and safeguard a climber, which helps to protect you from the possibilities of falling. You must know your safety system, and it will be much easier to start to let go of that fear of heights.

To increase your feeling of security, it can be very helpful to test out your safety system without climbing more than a few feet in the beginning. You must tie in at just a few feet above the ground and let yourself go. Practice the security of your harness, rope, and belayer can provide.

You can build patience for heights by climbing only as high as you feel comfortable. For some beginners, that may be only 20 feet above the ground and that is okay. If you are afraid of heights, try to climb higher than the previous time each time that you go climbing. In this way, you will know that you are safe whether you are 50 feet or 500 feet above the ground. You just need to remember, however, that you are in charge of your own experience. If you begin to feel afraid because you are too high up, then ask your belayer to bring you back to the ground.

Moreover, if you are afraid of heights, follow the fabulous advice always given to beginners who say they are afraid of high places and that is “Don’t Look Down” this amazing trick is that it actually works. If you climb high enough, you will probably get over your fear of heights and you will begin to enjoy the eagle’s eye views that you find high on cliffs and mountains.

rock climbing on vertical flat wall stock image 2021 08 26 15 27 37 utc - Heart for Outdoor

Adult female rock climber on vertical flat wall with poor relief – side view, close-up.


Overcoming your fears is very satisfying. If you suffer from panic, acrophobia, vertigo you will be astonished at how comforted and achieved you will feel once your feet hit back the ground. Completing an activity such as rap jumping, rock climbing or bouldering can help to defeat your fear of heights in day-to-day life.

Surmounting your fear of heights can be very energizing. At Rap Jumping or bouldering, it is often seen that those who are the most scared, to start with, are the ones that want to do it all again.

Acrophobia is one of the most common phobias. If you have a fear of heights and find yourself preventing particular situations or wasting a lot of time worrying about how to avoid them, it may be worth reaching out to a therapist. A therapist can help you develop tools that will allow you to overcome your fear and prevent them from influencing your daily life.

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