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Arcteryx Beta AR vs Theta AR Jackets: 2022 Comparison

Last updated January 18, 2022| Clothing

When we go hiking or camping, and the place where we are going in cold weather, it is pretty essential that we take the right clothes and coat if we do not want to freeze. And this is where the Arc’teryx brand comes in.

It’s a Canadian company, founded in 1989 in North Vancouver, and since then, it has set the standard in the market for high-end sportswear and outdoor gear.

Today we’re going to take a look at one of Arc’teryx’s strengths jackets. Their jackets are trendy among extreme sports fans. This time we’re going to review two top-rated models: Arc’teryx Theta AR Jacket and Arc’teryx Beta AR Jackets,  for men and women.

Arcteryx Beta AR vs Theta AR Jackets: 2021 Comparison & Reviews

The Difference Between Arcteryx Beta AR and Theta AR?

both jackets have many similarities, such as being light and being windproof and waterproof, they also differ in several ways.

For example, the pockets have different characteristics. While the pockets of the Theta AR are handwarmer, which is a good plus for freezing climates, on the other hand, the pocket closures on the Beta AR are highly water-resistant, but not waterproof.

Arcteryx Beta AR Review and Features

The Beta AR has been a mainstay in the Arc’teryx line since 2000. This waterproof/breathable jacket is one of the most versatile jackets you can find on the market today.

It is ideal for activities in mountain environments. Whether you are camping, climbing, or skiing, the Beta AR will keep you warm and nurturing at all times.

Pockets, regular fit, pit zippers, perfect length to accommodate layers, plus a hood with an internal collar will give you complete comfort in storms, or just enjoying any outdoors activities.

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Features you should know about ARCTERYX BETA AR :

Technical: As far as the technical part goes, I’m really impressed. The Beta AR is waterproof, windproof, and breathable. And don’t think that because of all this it’s a heavy jacket, quite the contrary! It’s Not. But its not the  lightest jackets.

Patterns: This jacket comes with e3D, which are three-dimensional ergonomic patterns. These patterns are made to enhance comfort and mobility. Another thing we can highlight in terms of mobility is that it comes with articulated elbows, and the armpits do not lift. As you can see, mobility is one of the pillars of this jacket.

Pockets: The jacket comes with an internal chest pocket, the zipper of which is laminated. Besides, it also has two large hand pockets that come with WaterTight zippers. As for the WaterTight zippers, I should warn you that although they are highly water-resistant, they are not waterproof. This is why I recommend that you do not keep items in your pockets that could be damaged by moisture.

Body fit: If there is one thing the Beta Ar pays special attention to, it ‘s to fit the body without being too loose but not too tight either. Among the many adjustments it makes to the body, we highlight the following:

  • Micro-brushed chin protector for comfort.
  • Lifts up the neck.
  • Sleeve and cuff configuration.
  • Hood adjustments for easy use with gloves or mittens.
  • Velcro cuff adjusters cut into pieces reduce volume, and will not snag or tear.

Zippers and flight configuration: The zippers of the Beta AR are undoubtedly one of its strengths. Here are some of the most important features of the zippers:

  • WaterTight external zippers.
  • Laminated pit zippers allow for faster ventilation.
  • Corded zipper-pulls can reduce noise and also are easy to grip.
  • WaterTight Vislon front zipper.
  • RS (Rain Shield) zippered sliding pocket.

If you’re a high-performance performer who needs a jacket that protects you from the elements but is also very versatile, the Beta Ar may perfect for you.

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Arcteryx Theta AR Review and Features

This jacket does not fall behind and stands out quite a bit from the Arcteryx brand. I have friends who have worn the Theta AR for years, and the reviews are fascinating. I have been wearing it for several months on my mountain excursions, and it has not failed me for a moment.

I must add that I have used this jacket as my first choice for my outings for a while, as well as for more extensive work, as I wanted to put it to the test. All i can say that you can tell that it was made especially for this kind of activity.

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details you should know about Arcteryx Theta AR :

  • The Theta AR is the most extended jacket from Arc’teryx, giving you maximum coverage. Besides, the one-handed adjustable Drop Hoodâ„¢ with high collar gives you quick access to head protection.
  • The flexible, breathable Gore-Tex 3L Pro Shell fabric is waterproof and windproof.
  • The polyester knit lining slips quickly over the mid-layer.
  • This jacket, having fewer seams, has much lighter weight. Also, the thinner seams (flat seams) reduce the risk of chafing and abrasion.
  • The waterproof front zipper with a laminated inner flap ensures total waterproofness. In addition, the quick-drying laminated chin protects the skin.
  • In terms of storage options, the Theta AR includes pockets for warming hands and another pocket on the sleeve with laminated zippers.
  • The articulated elbows and folded underarms ensure a comfortable fit.
  • Droopy rear hem provides full seat coverage. And the best part is, it includes adjustable waist and hem laces, die-cut and laminated wrist closures with hook and loop.
  • The athletic fit with the slim construction was designed specifically for performance. This point is significant in the Theta AR.

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Performance Comparison Between Arcteryx Beta AR and Theta AR

Weather Protection

Both jackets have a powerful point in the stock, which would be their reason for existence, and that is undoubtedly climate protection. Users look for jackets like these because they need something to protect them from extreme weather.

If you pay attention to the reviews that some users leave on Amazon, you will realize that there are people who have come to Antarctica with both the Beta AR and the Theta AR.

If we compare Beta AR with Theta AR in terms of climate protection, the truth is that both are quite even. Each offers the most extreme weather protection without fail. You feel totally protected. If you would like to go to the North Pole, be confident that neither of these jackets will leave you feeling inadequate, haha.

Mobility and Fit

Now let’s talk about something else that is also very important in a jacket of this type: mobility and fit.

On the Frist hand, we have the Beta AR, which offers an incredible fit. I have friends, and fellow hikers who are 6 feet tall and weigh 160 pounds, and the jacket fits them perfectly.

Best of all, there’s plenty of room for a hooded sweatshirt or a mid-layer underneath. On top of that, the inside of the jacket is beautiful and does not choke the skin, unlike other jackets of this type. So if you want to wear it with short sleeve shirts, I assure you that there will be no problem. As for mobility, the jacket is quite light and fits the body in a way that allows you to have total mobility.

On the other hand, we have the AR Theta that also doesn’t fall behind. The jacket adapts very well to the body, no matter what size you are.

Remember that thanks to the articulated elbows and the unlifted armpits, you have a perfect fit assured. And when it comes to freedom of movement, the truth is fantastic. The jacket adapts to the body in a way that allows total freedom of movement while protecting you from the cold for a moment.


This is another essential aspect of jackets like this one, and of course, we should review it. Some jackets have breathability that leaves a lot to be desired. You feel suffocated when you put them on. But that doesn’t happen with the Beta Ar or the Theta AR.

Beta AR’s breathability is pretty excellent, actually. It’s super-breathable, and I have almost no trouble sweating every time I use it.

I almost didn’t believe it while I was using it, because it was something I was anxious about. I’ve worn other jackets in the past and haven’t had an outstanding experience with it, but that’s not the case with Beta AR.

As for the Theta AR, I also have an excellent impression. I’ve worn the jacket even in summer, and the sweat is excellent. It’s a jacket that’s definitely off-road.


Now let’s evaluate another critical aspect of a jacket, durability! , your primary purpose is for the jacket to be with us for several years, right?

Well, the people at Arcteryx put particular emphasis on this aspect throughout their clothing line. And Beta AR and Theta Ar are no exception.

Beta has outstanding durability. No doubt, the jacket can withstand all kinds of shocks. No matter how strong the weather conditions or how demanding the activity you’re going to do, I assure you that Beta won’t let you down.

As for the Theta, durability is excellent, but I feel it can be improved. The jacket is pretty tight; I can’t deny that. But I think that it wears out faster than Beta.

Potential Drawbacks

As we all know, not everything can be useful. Although both jackets are fantastic, there are some details that we should consider before buying. Here’s a list of them:

  • The main problem with Beta is the hood. Not only is it considerably huge, but also the hood adjustments can be a bit difficult. Sometimes, when you want to loosen the neck strap, it doesn’t retract, and one side always comes out more.
  • As for the Theta, the primary defect I find with it is the zippers. They’re not very strong, so be careful not to pull them too hard.


it is crucial that we talk about another aspect that we should consider before buying: the price. Although both jackets have a considerable cost, the truth is that the difference is not very big. Since they have similar features and specifications, the price does not vary too much.

In any case, the only thing that could influence the price is the age of the jacket, that is, when Arcteryx put it on the market. Keep in mind that when new models are released, the prices of older models drop considerably.

Conclusion: Which Jacket Should you Buy?

To conclude this article, I can only say that no matter what decision you make, you will be an incredible jacket home. I think it has been evident that Arcteryx products are of high quality and that it is not for nothing one of the favorite brands in the market.

Well, if you like your jacket to have reliable and resistant zippers, then Beta AR is the best choice for you. On the other hand, if you prefer a jacket that fits in such a way that you have the best performance, then the Theta is your ideal jacket.

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