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The 8 Best Knee Brace For Large Thighs & Overweight Hikers in 2022

Last updated May 6, 2022| Clothing

The aim behind getting outdoors is to relieve and take the edge off the stress we live in. That means no one would like their outdoor activity to be spoiled and ruined.

Well, I am not to talk about that mosquito invasion that gets on trippers’ nerves; instead, today’s buyer guide is about the best knee brace for overweight hikers.

You are here and that means you are looking for an effective solution to the knee discomfort that all hikers are likely to experience; especially large thighs and overweight hikers.

I can put myself in your shoes as I once was the victim of that unbearable and embarrassing pain. Thus, below I am going to share with you a list of the best 10 knee brace for large n thighs and overweight hikers in the market.

The 8 Best Knee Braces for Overweight Hikers

There are heaps of knee braces in the market and it is great to have a wide range of products to choose from.

However, when we don’t know which product is really suitable for our needs, the matter becomes quite complicated. Wait please! You are actually reading a buying guide that will make your choice process as easy as one two three.

You will discover with me the features of 10 best knee braces for large and overweight hikers. In this honest and reliable guide you are to read about the products’ pros and cons to have a clear picture about each one of them.

1. Extra Large Ezyfit knee Brace

41aKP5YaQEL. SL500 - Heart for Outdoor

The EzyFit Knee Brace made it at the top of my 10 best knee braces list deservedly. Hikers with arthritic joint can rely on this knee brace to get the comfort they are looking for to enjoy their hiking adventure as it is meant to be enjoyed. It boasts all the specs that make of it a supportive and comfortable brace.

Need more convincing? Alright, this brace is convenient not only for overweight hikers but also for anyone having knee pain. You can put it on when you are hiking, exercising or just resting. It has 3 reinforced double stitching and sturdy velcro closures to make sure it provide the degree of compression and support your knee needs.

Unlike the majority of the available braces, the EzyFit offers you three sizes so that you can choose the size that will work better for you.

The available sizes are: Medium for knee measuring 10″-15″, Large for knee measuring 14″-17″, and XL for 16â€-24″. It was designed with anti-slip bi-directional straps system which guarantees an alternating wrapping from all angles to stabilize the patella and keep the knee joint in place when moving.

In addition to quadruple side stabilizers, two on either side of the knee for a maximized lateral support. To give your knee the flexibility of movement, the EzyFit brace has an open patella. The brace is made of mostly Neoprene with polyester and nylon blend.

This combo of materials is highly recommended in products like braces as it makes them more comfortable to wear and easy to wash.

I favourite the EzyFit brace for its multi-functionality. Anyone with knee pain can wear it. It helps the wearer to recover from different knee problems like arthritis, knee surgery, Tendonitis, Meniscus Tear, ACL, MCL and LCL.

The only negative thing about this brace, which in fact no big deal, is the biggest size feels little bit tighter so hikers with chunky legs may not be able to wear almost all day long for a speedy recovery and more comfort.

Personally, I see no reason for not considering the EzyFit knee brace a 5-star product. It is crystal clear that they designed I with great care to make it a uniquely reliable and effective brace.

$24.95 $35.95

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2. TechWare Pro Knee Brace Support

513oHzj2GSL. SL500 - Heart for Outdoor

The TechWare Pro Knee Brace is another amazing knee brace hat you can use if you struggle with overweight knee pain or post-surgery pain. It is designed to be adjustable to fit everyone, comfortable to provide good amount of support and sturdy to be durable

This brace features an adjustable bi-directional support to alternate the Velcro closures to help patella stabilization and reduce knee pain.

In case of knee injuries and pain the knee cap needs more support and compression that is why this knee brace came with an open patella design which aims at improving blood flow around the knee. Sweat is among the common problems that users of knee braces complain about.

This brace uses the neoprene material and no slip silicone strips to ensure the brace will stay in place no matter what activity or exercise do.

The brace can be comfortably used for different sports and activities and by anyone, both for petite and big legs.

I like that everything in the TechWare Pro knee brace was designed to provide the wearer with maximum support. Also its breathable materials are just fantastic.

There two negative point about this brace which aren’t, for me, deal breakers. The first one is that it may start to chafe and you will be obliged to put on a compression sleeve then the brace on top of it. The second disadvantage is that it is to some extent hard to sleep while wearing it; especially overweight hikers who have big legs.

In general, the TechWare Pro knee brace is one of the most comfortable and helpful knee braces in the market. Hikers who don’t mind wearing a compression wrap would really love how unique is the support it offers.


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3. XXXXL BraceAbility Plus Size Patellar Knee Brace (4XL)

41t2EnFnQ1S. SL500 - Heart for Outdoor

This knee brace is specifically for overweight hikers who have patella tracking disorder and other knee relevant problems like patella subluxation, kneecap dislocation and misalignment.. Its design allows you to use even for light physical activities like walking.

It features a moisture-wicking fabric that makes it sweat-resistant so that you can enjoy all your outdoor as well as indoor activities without being disturbed by sweat.

The small design of BraceAbility plus size patellar tracking brace allows it to be patellar-focused hence treat many patellar disorders namely: patella tracking disorder, meniscus tears, kneecap subluxation, bowed legs, arthritis, knock knees, MCL and LCL sprains.

The brace boasts completely innovative c-shaped butters that work as the provider of customizable support on both the inside and outside of the hikers’ knee for aim of improving kneecap alignment. The design of this brace is not restricting as that of other braces; its open-patella allows the wearer to move freely and easily.

I am sure you will love how perfectly the BraceAbility plus size patellar tracking short knee brace fits that you won’t encounter any size issue.

Unfortunately, after wearing this knee brace for a couple of hours it becomes sliding down, thus your knee becomes unsupported.

I think if the manufacturer should reconsider the problem of sliding down to make this knee brace ideal because the other features are interesting.


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4. BraceAbility Knee Brace for Large Legs (2XL)

41t2EnFnQ1S. SL500 - Heart for Outdoor

You got large thighs? Okay, BraceAbility got this knee brace for hikers like you who suffer from weight related knee pain. It was constructed to treat many knee problems and to offer your knee additional support and comfort.

The manufacturer chose to make this brace of latex-free neoprene fabric to give you skin a soft and comfortable feel. This fabric is also intended to offer soothing warmth to help treat swollen knee joints.

The design technology used in this brace aims at treating different knee issues like arthritis, patellar tendonitis, patella tracking disorder, dislocation, patellar subluxation and instability.

For kneecap alignment, the brace comes with padded tubular buttress that is encircling the patella to ensure a custom fit. The patella in this brace is open to reduce the kneecap pain and provide enough breathability and flexibility.

I appreciate the latex-free neoprene fabric of this knee brace as it makes softer and different from many braces even those which are made of neoprene.

Many hikers with large thighs are disappointed and complain about the tight size of this brace. They say that the brace is never true to size, it is either too loose thus slides down or too tight and not comfortable.

Overall, the brace got some bad sides but still worth a try. Buyers should read the size chart well so that they can get exactly their size.


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5. Zamst ZK-X Hinged Knee Brace Support

31oJUnFLfLL. SL500 - Heart for Outdoor

Do you have big legs and you recovering from a serious knee injury? Okay, I would sincerely recommend you this Zamst ZK-X Hinged knee brace. The support it offers is exceptional.

It provides extra strong support due to its semi-open design that ensures accurate fit and prevents slipping. The parallel and crisscrossed straps in this brace give a unique compression and support by increasing anterior stability to lower leg.

When you are moving you won’t be worried about the kneecap as the stabilizer in this brace stabilizes it perfectly to prevent any potential kneecap pain. The design technology of Zamst ZK-X brace aims at treating and preventing knee problems like ACL, MCL, and LCL.

I find this brace a wonderful product for those who perform hard activities as it is a great protector against knee issues. Hence, it is worth its price.

The brace is just perfect for treating and preventing pain. However, it is not designed to be comfortable for some sports like tennis; it is in a way restrictive.

This knee brace will leave you no choice but to love its design and effect. If you think it is expensive I am sure you will change your mind once you put it on.

$95.00 $99.99

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6. NeoAlly High Compression Knee Sleeves for Women

41Amg7jgyKL. SL500 - Heart for Outdoor

NeoAlly prides itself on producing this brace with an impressive construction and design. The brace is designed for women but it was surprising that many men loved the compression it comes with and are using it.

One of the innovative features of the NeoAlly brace is the lock-in-place and the anti-slip lock designs which were made in order to keep the brace in its place and prevent the common issue with braces which is sliding down.

To be unique in its way, this brace promises a lasting flexibility of its sleeve and a medical grade compression by applying a high density and tighter 3D Circular Weaving. The fabric is a mix of nylon-spandex and the moisture-wicking polyester making the brace breathable and flexible.

The brace features all these specs to achieve its main goals which are knee injury prevention and pain relief.

I like it so much that this knee brace comes in different sizes and in a unisex design thus can fit users from different ages no matter their weight and body shape.

It is strange that manufacturer claim that this brace is latex-free but users with latex allergy complained about developing latex allergy reactions just after wearing this brace.

Do you want my opinion? Well, I would recommend this brace to those who don’t have serious knee pain or those who play sport and want some support to prevent knee injuries.


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7. Zamst ZK-7 Knee Brace

51yBSul z+L. SL500 - Heart for Outdoor

Like all Zamst products, this knee brace is proudly packed with a range of interesting features. What distinguishes this brace is its unique tech-design that is relied on by Zamst to offer a one-of-a-kind support and comfort.

It comes with Exo-Tech Quad design that aims at providing ligament support. The material of the brace features a flyweight tech that makes it exceptionally lightweight.

More than that, the brace is designed with a V-Tech flow-through ventilation to make sure your knee will stay cool when moving. Haven’t I said that is boasts a lot of tech-design, there is also the ROM-Tech which is a design that offers a full range of motion for better performance.

To be adjustable, there is an open panel with fasteners that provide customized fit and enhanced comfort.

I like the care and the innovation with which this brace was designed and constructed. The number of its innovative features definitely resulted in a great and supportive brace.

The only issue with this knee brace is the size. It may run small and tight. So, you should pay so much attention when reading the size chart.

That leads me to say, you can rely on this Zamst knee brace to treat light injuries and to get optimal support when exercising; it is really effective.


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8. NEENCA Professional Knee Brace

51fijMPAWDL. SL500 - Heart for Outdoor

It is a Neenca unisex knee brace that comes with a compression sleeve with patella gel pads and medical-grade knee pads for enhanced support.

The manufacturer uses a patent that they described as ‘exclusive’ and which is about the patella gel pads that goes around the kneecap as well as double-sided spring stabilizers to make the brace a good fit and ensure the stability of the knee joint.

Neenca claims that they designed this brace to be far away from its competitors defects and to achieve that they made it a medical-grade knee compression that causes no allergies’ reactions. To prevent it from sliding down it features non-slip silicone strips and an elastic fabric.

In addition to that, the brace displays a high-precision 3D cutting technology of knitting and a three-dimensional structure of woven. The fabric is water-resistant, breathable and fast-dry which results in a brace that will protect your brace while keeping it cool while in motion.

Apart from being supportive, this knee brace is amazingly lightweight and water-resistant which makes it a good one to put on in different climate conditions.

The bad side of this knee brace is that it might feel very tights even if you take your right size and you have skinny legs.

Overall, if we compare the interesting features of this cheap brace with those of other braces that are expensive, we can but say that this brace is going to support both your knee and wallet.


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How to Choose the Right Knee Brace for Large Thighs


I started by size because it is the most important step in the process of choosing the right knee brace.

If you choose the wrong size that may cause you knee pain and discomfort; in some cases it leads to chafing. The knee brace you will buy should provide you with the right level of compression that should be comfortable to be able to support your knee.

If you find yourself wearing a knee brace that is too tight then slacken off the straps or pick up a larger sized brace.

Anyway, based on the model of the knee brace you can choose the right size by determining circumference of the calf and thigh as well as the length of your calf and thigh; to note that in the description of the knee brace you want to buy you will find instructions on how to measure for the right brace.

Easy to put

Generally, there are two brace styles; the wraparound and the slip-on style. For the wraparound style, they are somehow bulky but you wear and removed without pulling them over your foot. Their flexible design will allow you to adjust them, thus there is almost no need to worry about buying the wrong sized brace when choosing this style.

The slip-on style, this style of braces is not as easy to put as the wraparound style. You can wear it by pulling it over your foot and slide up till it covers your knee and fits it comfortably. Adjustability is the second difference between the two styles as the slip-on style can’t be adjusted which means it is necessary to buy exactly your size.


Knee braces are worn to provide the wearer with a certain degree of support. The degree of support provided by braces is determined by the reason why you need a brace.

The amount of support that you need if you have a recent surgery or injury is not the same degree which you will need if you are intending to hike while you are overweight. Again it is the design and the construction of the knee brace which determines how much support a given brace provides. They are braces with light support, moderate support and total support braces.

The 8 Best Knee Brace For Large Thighs & Overweight Hikers in 2022

Lightweight Materials

The weight of Knee braces varies from one brand to another and comes accordingly with the function of the brace. This weight has a direct effect on the brace’s durability as well as the amount of support and comfort it offers.

Generally, they are made of an elastic knitted fabric or neoprene and other materials combo.

So you will have to be sure that the brace you are getting is made from high-quality materials that are breathable and lightweight to avoid chafing. It is worth mentioning that braces that are made from heavy materials might smell funky when put on in warm weather.


Alright, now that I have went through the features of the 10 best knee braces for large thighs and overweight hikers, I hope that you are now able to see which one is the best choice for you.

Remember, don’t go for a knee brace unless it is available in your size, doesn’t use materials you are allergic to, and is designed to treat the knee issues you suffer from. Otherwise, you will waste both your time and energy.

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