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The 10 Best Long-Sleeve Shirts For Hot Weather Hiking in 2022

Last updated May 6, 2022| Clothing

Hi there, are you lacing up your boots heading out for a hike? It is summer and it is too hot outside, I hope you are wearing one of the best long sleeve shirts for hot weather. They are the best clothing piece to shield your body from the sun.

If you don’t know how to pick the right long sleeve shirt for a happy hiking, below I have listed the best 10 long sleeve shirts for hot weather for you.

They are from different brands and display different specs and features, but they all offer great levels of comfort and coverage. You will definitely fall in love with one of them.

How to Choose a Long Sleeve Shirts for Hot Weather?

When trying to decide which long-sleeve shirt you should wear for the hotter weather, there are a few things to consider.


This is one of the most important features that you shouldn’t rid your mind of when picking the best shirts for hot weather. The UPF indicates the amount of UV radiation that passes through the fabric of your sleeve to reach your skin.

According the specialists, to significantly reduce your exposure to the sun risk your clothing should be built of a fabric with a UPF of 30 or higher. The highest UPF is 50 and that does never say getting a shirt with a UPF 50 fabric means that you are 100% protected. So don’t forget to avoid the sun’s rays as much as you can.

Fabric & material

Hiking in heavy, restrictive and unbreathable clothes is the most frustrating thing that would ruin your outdoor journey. Your hot weather clothing should be made from materials that are able to allow vapour escape from your body through the fabric.

Lightweight and breathable synthetic materials such as nylon, spandex and polyester can do this job excellently. They are lighter than other materials like cotton which is heavier and tends to absorb moisture instead of wicking it away.

There is also another important point here which is the antimicrobial properties of materials. This is an innovation which tends to kill microorganisms making the materials of your clothes resistant to infection. Hence, you will be protected from infections when outdoor.

Comfort & roomy

In summer, when it is a real scorcher even fashion obsessed people start prioritizing comfort over fashion and style. Inexperienced hikers get confused about what to wear for a summer outdoor adventure. Well, it all depends on whether it is a one-day adventure when it is boiling hot or an overnight expedition when temperature sets a little cooler at night. Â

The best solution to this dilemma is long sleeve shirts. There are two main styles; the crew and button-front style which comes without pockets and fit tighter, then there is the long-sleeve button front style that is designed with many pockets and neck-saving collar.

The later style is the most suitable for both your day and night outdoor needs. It is roomy, more comfortable and offer better sun protection.


We all love long-lasting products. No one can possibly deny that it feels just irritating to spend money on clothes that re stylish but can’t hold up for more than a year; sometimes a season. It is also meaningless to buy cheap clothes that built of bad quality materials and won’t last more than a few months.

So, above I talked about the three synthetic materials: polyester, spandex and nylon being the best materials for long sleeve shirts. When it comes to weather-resistance and durability nylon is the superior. That explains why brands of outdoor apparel gear use it a lot in their products. Spandex and polyester are also highly recommended; especially polyester that is lightweight and heat-resistant.


One of the most important features that you should look for in long sleeve shirts for hot weather is breathability. When your shirt is made of a breathable material it keeps you dry and cool by allowing air circulation. Breathable clothes are also the most comfortable and lightweight which is always a good value.

Know that you understood the importance of purchasing breathable shirts you must be wondering about the most breathable fabric. Guys, again it is polyester as it is lightweight and it allows moisture to evaporate instead of absorbing it.

Best Long-Sleeve Shirts for Hot Weather

So, are you ready to discover my bunch of 10 best long sleeve shirts for hot weather in 2020? I am very excited to share with you the 10 best sleeve shirts that I found interesting and worth buying to be your companion in your next hike.

Every one of them boasts a range of features that I will shed light on so that you can know which product is the most suitable for you.

1. Little Donkey Andy long Sleeve Shirt

414wSJ 5X L. SL500 - Heart for Outdoor

UPF 50+

Little Donkey Andy men’s long sleeve shirt is literally rocking it. It is comfortable, breathable, lightweight, and dries quickly. More than that, it was designed for men but it suits women too; just in case you want to show some love to your wife and take one for her.

This button closure long sleeve shirt is made of 100% nylon fabric. It offers an extra protection against harmful sun rays as it provides UPF 50+ UV Protection. To keep you cooler in hot weather the Little Donkey Andy shirt also features mesh-lined vents at central back to let the cool breeze out and in.

when the temperature changes, you can easily convert your long sleeve shirt to a short sleeve by rolling up sleeves and secure them with button tabs. To keep your accessories you have two hook & loop chest pockets with two extra outside pockets with accordion folds. One rod holder and one sunglasses loop are also integrated for your convenience.

I adore this piece of clothing. Let me assure you that it is the best choice to opt for. It got everything that it takes to protect you from the sun rays and make your outdoor adventure.

This is an almost perfect long sleeve shirt with one imperfection which is the button seam that comes undone. However, I don’t deem that a deal-breaker.

Little Donkey Andy men shirts are the best choice for those who are looking for everyone who loves function and fashion shirts.

$35.99 $43.19

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Columbia Mens PFG Bahama Ii Long Sleeve Shirt

41Nigd8ut1S. SL500 - Heart for Outdoor

UPF 30+

Guess what! This long sleeve shirt from Columbia is available in 44 different colors; I am not kidding you guys that’s right.

But wait please; it is not listed the second in this buying guide for that number of colors. Columbia designed this shirt to see hikers’ and trippers’ smiling faces. It is a good-looking shirt that promises to last for years to keep you cool in your outdoor adventures.

This is shirt is made with Back Country Cloth and 100% Tactel nylon taffeta; this construction makes the shirt lightweight, wrinkle-proof and able to resist tearing. Columbia Men’s PFG Bahama II Long-Sleeve fishing shirt boasts its UPF 30 fabric that helps the wearer stay protected from UVA rays thus reducing you’re the risks of sun exposure.

The Colombia shirt is designed with two handy chest pockets with velcro closure for optimal storing. For your comfort and for more breathability there are hidden vents at the shoulders and you can roll up the sleeves and get a short sleeve shirt in a second.

 I am one of Columbia fans, and this Mens PFG Bahama Ii Long Sleeve Shirt really increased my trust in their products; especially since it is beautifully designed and professionally constructed.

 I am not claiming it is a perfect shirt. The shirt feels somehow tighter around the neck that you will be obliged to leave your collar buttons undone.

In general, this is an attractive and comfortable long sleeve shirt that looks like it was made to last forever. Before purchasing it, make sure to order your exact size and it will fit you perfectly.


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Dickies Men’s Long-Sleeve Shirt

- Heart for Outdoor

Hi, simplicity seekers! I got this Dickies Men’s long sleeve work shirt for you. It is a classic shirt that you can wear to officially propose to your girlfriend in the middle of a jungle. It is available in 18 colors most of which are shades of black.

With a generous cut through chest and shoulders, Dickies men’s shirt gives you extra room to move smoothly. This is a button closure shirt that is made of 65% polyester and 35% cotton; the amount of cotton that it contains doesn’t affect the breathability offered by polyester.

It features other interesting details like the two chest flap pockets with button closure for to keep your accessories in addition to  a pencil division on left pocket.

What makes this Dickies shirt nice is that it is an everyday wear; you can simply put it on wherever you are. Its high-quality material is another strong advantage that makes it stand out from many other shirts.

The only issue with Dickies men’s long sleeve shirt is the sizing. You get to struggle a bit to figure out which size it suitable for you.; to note that most buyers get a size smaller than their usual size in this product and it fits them perfectly.

So, if Dickies calls this product a ‘work shirt’ and I would rather call it a multi-functional long sleeve shirt. Its simple but stylish design and look makes it the right choice for many occasions and activities.

$20.51 $29.99

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Jessie Kidden Long Sleeve Hiking Shirt

419wB5fHgWL. SL500 - Heart for Outdoor

upf 50+

This is a hiking shirt for men from Jessie Kidden brand. It is actually useful for many indoor and outdoor activities in hot weather thanks to its UPF protection and breathability specs.

This shirt is a lightweight fit for maximum breathability and comfort in hot weather that’s because it is built of 100% polyester. It is a UPF 50+ UV Sun Protection Shirt that aims at warding off UV rays to help prevent sunburn and skin damages.

It has buttons and tab holders at both arms to use to convert your long sleeve shirt to short sleeve when in the dog days of summer. It also features sun collar that flips up to offer UV protection for your neck.

For extra breathability, there are mesh-lined vents at center back to allow air flow and keep you cooler. Your convenience is ensured by two chest pockets with hook and loop as well as a rod holder for your sunglasses.

I like the affordable price of this Jessie Kidden long sleeve shirt which tries its best to be among the greatest products in the market.

With all the great specs and features of Jessie Kidden shirts, many buyers complained about the size of these shirts for not being true to size. You have to take one smaller size otherwise you will get loose shirts.

Overall, if you take another look at Little Donkey shirts and these shirts you will notice that they come with almost the same features. However, I think that Little Donkey shirts are more sophisticated than these ones.

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CQR Men’s Long Sleeve Shirt

41 pAF8VFQL. SL500 - Heart for Outdoor

upf 50+

Having the CQR men’s long sleeve shirt in your wardrobe means that you will have a great clothing piece for your work or any recreational activity. It is a versatile shirt that is designed to protect your body from the sun’s UV rays whilst helping you work or hike comfortably.

This long sleeve is perfect for many outdoor and indoor activities, thus its overall design aims at enhancing the wearer’s performance. CQR men’s long sleeve shirt was made a Ripstop shirt that protects against 98% of dangerous rays. It comes with a tactical Collar that you can flip up for optimal UPF shielding.

It is a wonderfully sophisticated shirt that includes two adjustable sleeve-keepers, one front sunglass and rod holder loop plus one pen holder on the left breast and an interior locker loop. It has an enhanced mesh vent in the back and shoulders that works as an additional source of breathability. It is constructed of 65% and 35% cotton; this construction gave a lightweight and breathable long sleeve shirt.

One could but love how nicely designed is this long sleeve shirt from Tesla Gears. The amount of comfort that it offers is all you would need to work or enjoy your favorite outdoor activities conveniently.

The shirt is available in 9 nice colors. However, it is sad that some colors may be left with stains from sweat patches. I recommend wearing a cheap undershirt to avoid getting those annoying sweat stains on this nice long sleeve shirt; in case you chose to buy this one.

Consequently, I can but admit that this is a perfect multi-functional long sleeve shirt although it is a little bit more expensive than the pre-reviewed products.

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Propper Men’s Long Sleeve Tactical Shirt

412FF4ROv2L. SL500 - Heart for Outdoor

Propper put its 50 years of experience to construct this well-designed men’s long sleeve shirt. It comes with a myriad of important specifications making it a good choice for many lifestyle activities.

To be geared for enhanced performance, the manufacturer made it a breathable and lightweight shirt that is constructed of 65% polyester, 35% cotton.

For its exterior design, it features mock buttons covering a good-quality zip front as well as two concealed and zippered chest pockets secured by hook and loop to keep you expensive things; like passport and wallet; safe and secured. A Teflon fabric has been used in this shirt to make it moisture and dirt-resistant.

This is a well-made long sleeve shirt from Propper for pockets lovers and anyone who spends hours under the blazing sun. It is worth mentioning that it is available in 10 different amazing colours.

Unfortunately, there is a serious problem with this shirt sizing. You will need to order a larger size than yours, otherwise it will arrive tighter. You

So, let’s say everything about Propper’s men’s long sleeve shirt is great, if you manage to know which size is going to fit you perfectly then you are likely to be completely satisfied with the design and construction of this shirt.


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BALEAF Long Sleeve Shirt

41S+n5tpE1L. SL500 - Heart for Outdoor

upf 50+

Baleaf is one of the leading manufacturers of sports and outdoors clothing for both men and women. This men’s long sleeve shirt is one of its well-made products that it prides itself on producing it. It offers a one-of-a-kind amount of comfort. You can wear for hiking or any outdoor activity that requires a breathable and lightweight shirt.

The shirt is made of 100% nylon except its mesh lining that is built of 100% Polyester. Its UPF 50 fabric is effective for blocking UVA and UBA rays to help protect you from skin damage caused by the sun harmful rays.

This shirt is really impressive when it comes to its high-quality fabric that feels soft on the skin and is lightweight and significantly breathable.

The level of breathability is enhanced by the mesh-lined vents at center back sweat-prone area that allow the cooling breeze out and in. you will love the soft fabric of this shirt even more when you discover the high degree of moisture-wicking that it comes with.

There are two hook & loop chest pockets in this shirt plus one useful rod holder and one sunglasses hanger loop.

As I have just mentioned the fabric of Baleaf men’s long sleeve shirt is unique when considering how soft it is. It is crystal clear that the manufacturer used a high-quality nylon fabric to build it. In fact, that’s the most outstanding thing that I love in this shirt.

Do you want to hear about its drawbacks? Well, they are not deal breakers but it would be great if Baleaf can improve it based on its customers’ experiences. For the drawbacks, the fabric is not wrinkle-resistant; especially after washing. There is also a small issue with the buttons that get hung up in the loose stitching around buttons holes.

I hope Baleaf will consider the two mentioned cons about this shirt because it is a great long sleeve shirt that deserves a try.

$32.99 $45.99

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Naviskin Long Sleeve Shirt

41Mp1OAX04L. SL500 - Heart for Outdoor

upf 50+

This men’s outdoor shirt from Naviskin is a nicely lightweight and comfortable long sleeve shirt for hiking, fishing and camping. It comes with an important ventilation system, high-quality fabric and sun protection level.

It is built of 100% nylon which is a waterproof fabric that will keep you dry and comfortable in wet weather. It is also protective against sunburns and long-term skin damage thanks to the fabric sun protection quality. It is designed with a soft mesh-lined venting extra breathability at center back.

 Naviskin thought of the underarms that tend to be more

sweaty, so they designed underarms small and stylish air holes to keep you dry and cool. There are two internal pockets with safety velcro closure to keep your valuable documents like ID card safe. In addition to two external chest pocket with velcro closure also for cigarette lighter.

 I am a mad fan of high-quality materials and this long sleeve shirt from Naviskin really stole my heart for its soft and lightweight materials; 100% nylon; which can protect you in both cold and warm weather conditions.

If you don’t want your hiking and camping shirt to be in khaki, then I guess you are already disappointed as there is only this colour in this shirt, more than that it costs more than the pre-reviewed long sleeve shirts.

So, if you want my opinion I would suggest that you buy if you are to hike or camp in a place where you might meet mosquitos, bees and other insects as it is insect-repelling. But if you are on a limited budget then you better go for one other shirts in this buyer guide; they are high-quality and affordable shirts.

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Wrangler Authentics Men’s Long Sleeve Classic Woven Shirt

41FOUezzPHL. SL500 - Heart for Outdoor

Do you want a long sleeve shirt that is cheaper? Well, I have this Wrangler Authentic men’s long sleeve shirt for you. It has a simple but nice design and construction.

It is made of 100% cotton; if you remember above I talked about the materials that are great for hot weather shirts and cotton was not one of them. That is to say, don’t expect it to provide you with a high level of breathability; cotton is known for absorbing sweat instead of wicking it away.

It is a button closure shirt that features two-button front pockets to keep your precious things. It also features Gray chambray back neck lining.

I love the fresh colors in this long sleeve shirt and its simple design that makes it an everyday shirt par excellence.

If we compare this long sleeve shirt with other shirts, we can see that it is not as breathable and lightweight as you may think.  It is not really for hot weather as the manufacturer claims; I think we can deem it a great shirt for warm weather conditions instead.

To wrap up, this is a good shirt for its price. However, I would not recommend this for hot weather but for warm climates. It will work perfectly for those who love overnight expeditions and adventures when the sun is lot blazing and there are no sun harmful rays that might hurt your skin.

$22.80 $26.11

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Nonwe Men’s Long Sleeve Hiking Shirt

41w91ZI1rSL. SL500 - Heart for Outdoor

Hello Nonwe loyal customers! Let me introduce this amazingly quick-drying long sleeve shirt to you. It proudly comes with a bunch of features to be one of the best hot weather shirts in the market.

It is made of 95% Chinlon and 5% spandex. For the wearer’s convenience, it has three Velcro pockets on the chest for storing your essentials.

The shirt is comfortable and breathable thanks to its fabric and its design with a mesh-lined at the back for enhanced ventilation when you spending long time in hot climates. If you need extra breathability you can convert the long sleeve shirt to a short one using the buttons at arms.

I always appreciate clothes that come true to their size; that is the main reason why I love this shirt from Nonwe. It is really fantastic when it comes to fit.

In general, this is a good long sleeve shirt that I would have put it at the top of this list if it wasn’t cheaper and if it used nylon instead of chinlon and spandex lightweight.

For buyers who can afford this long sleeve shirt, I bet you will love it to the bone. For those who can’t, let me confess this is a nice shirt but it got nothing exceptional to be more expensive than the other fantastic shirts that are being reviewed in this buying guide.


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So guys, as you can see I went thoroughly through the pros and cons of the 10 best long sleeve shirts for hot weather.

I hope you already know which one is going to win your trust and be a part of your next hiking, camping and fishing adventure.

If you still don’t the right shirt for you, then you might need to scroll up and read the section about how to choose the best long sleeve shirt for hot weather. The tricks and tips I shared with you there will surely help you opt for the right one. Happy summer outdoor!

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