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The 8 Best Merino Wool Hiking Socks in 2022

Last updated February 8, 2022| Clothing

Are you looking for a pair of socks that would keep your feet comfortable while hiking? more than that smelling better? so Stop buying cheap synthetic or pure cotton socks.

I was blowing out socks left and right. I tried all kinds of socks from the store, BOOM… 3 days, and holes. nothing worked with me until I figured that wool socks make things happen.

Today I’m going to show you the best merino wool socks that look good and feel good at a good price point.

Best Merino Wool Hiking Socks

1. Ballston Lightweight 81% Merino Wool Crew Hiking Socks

518i7PhV+dL. SL500 - Heart for Outdoor

If you’re looking for high-quality wool hiking socks at an affordable price, you should consider the Ballston merino wool socks.

While it may be slightly pricier than other options, they mesh with all kinds of boots, hiking, running, and even working.

Moreover, Everything about Ballston wool sock design is made to avoid blisters and make your day even better, each sock is wool cushioned from top to toe. and Lycra spandex for a great fit and reinforced toe to ensure long-lasting use.

The thickness is good for all seasons, you can wear them in warm or cold weather, cool in the summer, and keep you very warm in the winter.

They keep sweat away from the skin and still allow your foot to breathe. more than that keeping your feet dry and comfortable during the day.

When it comes to washing, The care instructions said machine wash is OK, Just remember to air dry them and never machine dry or you’ll end up with doll clothes.

The coolest thing is Air drying didn’t take too long. Being wool they actually air dry pretty quickly. Overnight would have been enough.

Why I like these socks:

  • Nice quality and lightweight.
  • If you know about merino wool, you know that it is warm, it breathes, and it does not itch.
  • The price is reasonable and well worth it for the quality.
  • Fit well with any kind of boots.

Potential drawbacks: A minor issue, but I must say, the sock can feel a bit rough or scratchy on the bottom.
Also, some customers said that after washing them there was a strong unpleasant odor (annoying chemical smell) coming from them when they were wet. I would say most wool things smell a little weird to the nose.

Overall these socks are perfect for hiking. I would strongly recommend these to anyone who is fighting a battle against angry or sensitive skin who is looking for good socks they can wear all day.


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2. Pembrook Merino Wool Socks

51NUPf LWQL. SL500 - Heart for Outdoor

I’ve found these socks to be a great value. Nice and quality material and construction. Perfect fit.

These should be ideal for such activities no matter how it is. made from an optimum blend of 60% merino wool, 10% elastic, 15% acrylic, and 15% nylon, for maximum performance and durability.

If you are like me, your feet tend to sweat a lot and blister easily when you walk all day. So I recommend giving a shot to these socks.

These socks are good medium thickness, your feet felt super comfy and stayed dry during the entire day, You can really notice how comfortable they are from the cushioning and tend to have no blisters at all. Merino wool is superior in that regard

Tip: it’s Better to wear dress socks underneath so the friction would happen between socks and not on your skin.

When it comes to durability, I believe longevity will not be an issue Because these socks are made from quality material and design for hard activities, running, hiking, and even hunting. Time will tell you…

Tip: it’s Better to wear dress socks underneath so the friction would happen between socks and not on your skin.

Why I like these socks:

  • They have a nice aesthetic.
  • keeping the toes toasty.
  • Great Customer Support.
  • high performance with a fraction of the cost.

Potential drawbacks: They have a cushion feel but not overly thick or weighty. For full long hiking comfort, I would probably suggest going with something slightly more cushioned.
Smelly as known for most merino wool socks.

$19.95 $26.95

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3. PEOPLE SOCKS Men’s Women’s Merino wool crew socks 4 pairs

510gEiAHTIL. SL500 - Heart for Outdoor

If you are looking for couples of wool socks for your hiking you gonna fall in love with these 4-pair people socks.

on my research online I found these “people socks” that seem to satisfy the requirements.

these socks made from 71% Merino wool,21% Nylon, 7% Poly,1% Spandex, Awesome isn’t it?

These are multi-day wear socks as you can take them on trips, thru-hiking, camping…

They are comfortable and high quality and very cushioning, the fabric and construction are wonderful.

and they fit and fill up on hiking boots perfectly. and thanks god you will not face the annoying strings inside that catch your toes when you are putting them on, plus the thickness of these socks did NOT make your boots or shoes feel any tighter.

Moreover, these socks consistently work great in all kinds of climates and altitudes.  Feet are always dry and have no weird smell. so no need to get all hyped up over those antibacterial socks.

also, they provide amazing warmth and comfort in the winter and make a great job on cold nights.Â

In addition, in summer you can wear them on hot days with minimal discomfort, but even on the hottest days they wick moisture from your feet and keep them feeling and smelling great.Â

Speaking durability, these socks didn’t show any signs of wear as of the first couples hikes for most customers, It’s really all about the quality of the wool. bad quality wool is scratchy and gets horrible pilling, and falls apart quickly. These are durable enough for long hikes and outdoor activities. they really have great longevity.

If you had never tried these wool socks this is your first pair of quality wool socks. You’re gonna sold on the benefits.

Why I like these socks:

  • Great cushioning and protection when portaging.
  • Dried really fast for thick socks.
  • Durable. These socks held up to a week of trekking.
  • Comfortable. Your feet stay dry no matter how sweaty you may get.
  • A great price for 4 quality pairs of wool socks.

Potential Drawbacks: Some people are facing some holes on the heel after using them for a long time, but this is related to how hard the customer uses them.

If you are on the fence about wool – buy THESE! They are relatively cheap and are a great representation of what wool can do.

$44.90 $49.00

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4. DANISH ENDURANCE Merino Wool Cushioned Hiking Socks 3-Pack

51jKkLEDUmL. SL500 - Heart for Outdoor

if you are one of the people who wear the boots most of the day or you’re planning for long hiking, so you finally found the perfect sock.

there is some magic in these socks, They are thin enough that your hiking boots still fit wonderfully, the padded parts are comfortable and they don’t bunch anywhere. also Immediately, you could feel they are very soft and lightweight.

The danish endurance high-quality socks are great for wearing with either hiking boots or trail runner-type sneakers.

Also, These socks strike a great balance between thickness in the sole and heel with a lighter weave, more breathability on the upper section.

they’re made of wool but not itchy wool which means you’re gonna forget about the sweat, they keep the sweat away from your feet during summer hikes or hot days.

In addition to that, don’t worry about the bad smell. You can take your shoes off confidently anywhere there is no weird smell like wool can sometimes do.

 when they do need a wash just follow the directions and they wash up very nicely and dry them, they dry fairly fast. (didn’t get a wrinkle or shrink).

Why I like these socks:

  • Good wool socks will last for a very long time.
  • Very Comfortable.
  • Great moisture wicking to prevent blisters.
  • The customer service offered is simply outstanding and very efficient.

Potential Drawbacks: Some customers said that after washing them they were loosely woven. which can cause more heat and sometimes blisters.
Also, there is not much arch support.

Overall, if you haven’t tried wool socks you’re missing out, these socks they’re the best for outdoor socks, especially cool to extremely cold climates!

$31.95 $39.95

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5. CloudLine Merino Wool Medium Cushion Hiking Socks – 3 Pack

51F K - Heart for Outdoor

A couple of days ago, I had a chat with my friend John. He is a late convert to wool socks for hiking. He bought these “cloudline” socks and told me that these socks were a game-changer for him.

were durable and comfortable and not at all itchy. He has been trying many brands of merino wool hiking socks, but Cloudline beats them all he said.

Anyway, these socks are a bit pricey but they are your go-to socks. they are well constructed, durable, and very comfortable, do not slip around on your feet which makes your hiking possible with blisters free.

If you are hard on socks, typically they don’t survive long but cloudline socks are very durable and survive for daily use and last longer.

In addition, these socks maintain body heat even in damp conditions. They are evenly cushioned throughout (not too thick or thin) and keep your feet warm in winter without overheating your feet, and dry in summer.

also easy to take care of, Just need to wash on cold and air dry so they don’t get out of shape.

Why I like these socks:

  • Comfortable Socks (No rubbing, no overheating, perfect in any weather)
  • Long-Lasting.
  • Great Customer Service.
  • Reliable Warranty.

Potential Drawbacks: Yes, they are somewhat expensive, but to be honest they are a perfect example of you getting what you pay for.


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6. Swiftwick- PURSUIT HIKE SIX MD Hiking Socks

41j9z6ouYoL. SL500 - Heart for Outdoor

the Swiftwick Pursuit Hiking Socks which comes for both women’s and men’s, they are a great option too. It usually comes in multiple colors which gives them a great look. It’s a perfect option for all types of outdoor adventures. from thru-hiking, backpacking… to simple walking days.

the Swiftwick Pursuit Hiking Socks made from quality soft Material, stretchy, and sewn well. Natural Merino Wool combined with Olefin fiber for maximum performance.

These socks are extremely soft and comfortable in all sorts of different boots and hold up really well. They work perfectly. keeps you warm on cold days, and breathes extremely well on hot days. so they manage to somehow keep your feet dry no matter the conditions.

The sock is well-cushioned and well padded in the places they need to be which gives them outstanding durability, more than that these socks Created with long-distance hikers in mind. which means it will last for hundreds of miles.

Moreover, provides Compression without being tight and Support where you need it and amazing moisture wicking.

Why I like these socks:

  • Excellent quality, good fit, durable, and comfortable.
  • Awesome Colors and Design.
  • temperature regulation for all sorts of weather.
  • Lightweight.

Potential drawbacks: Maybe a bit pricey, but they are absolutely worth every penny.

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7. FUN TOES Merino Wool Ankle Socks 6 Pairs

51QqOhQ26AL. SL500 - Heart for Outdoor

Actually I have been overwhelmed by their performance, these are very comfortable socks for Winter, and let me tell you something I do not recommend them for any other season.

The FUN TOES Merino Wool Ankle Socks for both men’s and women’s is built to last while you crush it on the road. Great sock for hiking, backpacking, and hard work. Also, they are a great choice to eliminate your feet from getting blisters.

they’re on the thick side, The padding on the toe and heel create a comfortable cushion which makes them super comfy and extremely durable.

If your feet sweat is One of the reasons you need these socks, These have done a ton for that and Breathes fairly well.

It’s our choice for winter camping and hiking or standing around in the cold. They will offer plenty of heat while hiking also offers the most warmth during sedentary activity.

unlike some people who found them very hot for summer hiking use and hot days.

If you don’t like the thickness and the padding of a merino hiking sock then these aren’t for you! However, if you love feeling like your feet are surrounded by a cloud then you should consider these socks.

in addition, they are lightweight socks and aren’t super tall, which means you can wear either working and hiking boots or shoes and even sandals.

Overall I like these socks, and maybe they are a little more on the expensive side but they really are worth it!

Why I like these socks:

  • Durable and last long.
  • Comfortable & Breathable.
  • Hold up to washing well and Quick Dry.

Potential Drawbacks: There is only one complaint that they are hot but it Will be amazing for winter.


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8. 6 Pairs Merino Wool Thermal Socks

- Heart for Outdoor

First of all, I was attracted by the relatively low price of these socks. it’s on the cheapest side with amazing performance.

The DG Hill socks made from Enough spandex to go on/off easily, and 80% merino wool which makes them definitely warm enough to keep your toes toasty in freezing temps.

These DG hill wool socks are surprisingly not too thick, and well-cushioned, and the amazing thing there is additional elastic around the arch which provides crucial Arch support for your feet.

We both love merino wool, If your feet tend to be cold all the time so that means she lives in wool socks, these socks are super soft and very warm, also Not much lint left behind.

Moreover, there is no overbearing smell, There is nothing worse than having a pair of socks smelly day after day, so Definitely good quality at this price point.

Seriously, if you’re in the cold for long periods of time these are the best worthwhile investments at very low-cost. Save your feet, and stay warm!

in addition, DG hill socks seem to keep your feet dry and breathable, and when they do get wet, they air dry quickly. Also, keep your feet clean and use moisture cream for more comfortability.

I can’t say enough positives about these DG hill socks. Wear well, clean well. Awesome!

Why I like these socks:

  • Not itchy at all.
  • Breathable, Comfortable …
  • Cheap!

Potential drawbacks: These socks may not be the ideal choice for those who are serious backpacking hikers.

$26.99 $35.99

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