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10 Best Women’s Hiking Shoes With Wide Toe Box and Narrow Heel in 2022

Last updated February 8, 2022| Clothing

As hikers, we all know how appealing to the eye is the outdoor environment, how great it is for our mental health and how harsh it is on our feet. Bunions, heel pain, abrasions, trench foot and others are all thru-hiking foot problems that ruined my first hiking adventures; especially that I’m a hiker with wide feet and narrow heel. Oh yeah, I have pizza-shaped feet.

Well, that happened before learning how to protect my feet and keep them safe to be able to go far away. I found the best hiking shoes with wide toe box and narrow heel that helped get the best out of my outdoor adventures.

Dear ladies, I haven’t forgotten about your thru-hiking issues, we are well aware that you love hiking just as much as you care about your feet. Therefore, we selected 10 best women’s hiking shoes with wide toe box and narrow heel for happy hiking feet.

10 Best Women's Hiking Shoes With Wide Toe Box and Narrow Heel in 2021

Best women’s hiking shoes with wide toe box and narrow heel

Dear female thru-hikers, I know how overwhelming it is to look for one’s right shoes; especially when they are hiking shoes that need too much attention to be picked.

That is why; I put at your disposal these 10 best women’s hiking shoes with wide toe box and through the features, cons and pros of each pair of them to help you keep your feet and hiking experience happy.

1. Columbia Women’s Crestwood Hiking Shoe

- Heart for Outdoor

If you steal a glance at these Columbia women’s hiking shoes you would definitely deem them a revolutionary pair of shoes.

They are lightweight but sturdy enough to protect your feet from rocks and tree roots. They are breathable shoes with a good degree of waterproofness to keep your feet dry when hiking in the rain.

The upper of the shoes is built of Suede leather, webbing and mesh. The midsole is designed with TECHLITE technology to be extra lightweight thus provide the wearer with a durable feel of comfort and cushioning.

The Omni-GRIP non-marking traction rubber outsole of these shoes guarantees a high grip in all terrain traction. The combination of these features gives these classic shoes from Columbia the quality of delivery long-lasting comfort and the ability to resist all weather and terrain conditions.

I selected these shoes to be at the top of this list as they are very comfy, true to size and really sturdy enough to make you love hiking in bad weather.

If you are asking about these hikers’ drawbacks then let me please cheer you up that they are perfect in every way.

I think that it is a sort of luck to come across these hiking shoes and a big excitement to own them; why not if they are breathable, water-resistant and durable. Oh I forgot to tell you that they are stylish and come in different colours; Black, white, blue and pink.


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2. KEEN Women’s Targhee 2 Low Height Waterproof Hiking Shoe

41srkeilL6L. SL500 - Heart for Outdoor

This is a pair of hiking shoes that you can rely on to enjoy all-terrain adventures. It comes with durability and waterproofness that make it a great choice for harsh climate conditions. Above that it is pleasing to the eye; especially a female eye that adores stylish hiking shoes.

In terms of waterproofness, the shoes are designed with KEEN-DRY which is a breathable and waterproof membrane that prevents water from entering your shoes while moving vapour out of them.

They also come with lug outsole that adds traction. Fit is one of the common problems about online shopping, KEEN is quite aware of that is why they made sure to design these shoes on women-specific foot form; in particular women hikers with wide toe box and narrow heel.

For an all-day comfort these shoes have a non-removable EVA foot-bed with added arch support. To enhance the comfort provided by these shoes, their external stability shank improves mobility and torsion control by providing a very lightweight support. To and reduce avoid ankle discomfort and irritation KEEN shoes feature a high-quality cushioned collar.

Besides that, they are designed with mesh lining that helps your feet to stay cool and not sweaty in warmer weather conditions.

I like these shoes for the unique amount of support they offer to hikers with wide feet. It is also fantastic that he insole is removable to allow you to customize the support provided by these KEEN shoes.

Like most hikers who bought these shoes, I would complain about the size; they are not true to size and you have to be very careful when. I recommend contacting a customer service agent if you can’t know which size is the best for you.

I think that it is not surprising for a big brand like KEEN to design such amazing and solid hiking shoes. I hope they will hear buyers’ complaints about the size to fix the matter.

$100.51 $154.95

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3. Merrell Women’s Moab 2 Vent Hiking Shoe

41a3l0qgc7L. SL500 - Heart for Outdoor

Merrell has been here for more than a decade and it is famous for not disappointing its loyal customers. They always design amazing products like these women’s Moab 2 vent hiking shoes. They provide a one-of-a-kind comfort and breathability.

Merrell shoes are especially distinguished by their durable leather as well as their mesh upper that make them a great choice for those looking for breathable hiking shoes.

An exceptionally durable and stable and slip-resistant rubber sole is also a part of these high-performance shoes. The cushioning was designed to offer support and comfort while reducing the stress on your feet when moving.

I like the care that Merrell shoes to hikers with feet problems through these shoes. They are outstandingly comfortable for those who have flat foot and bunions.

Women hikers who adore lightweight hiking shoes may not find this pair from Merrell fancy as they are somehow heavier than they should be.

Apart from their heavy weight, I believe these shoes are just stunning when it comes to comfort and support, they won’t disappoint you when walking trails.

$83.77 $110.00

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4. Adidas Women’s Fitness Shoe

41cJDoOcvZL. SL500 - Heart for Outdoor

There is no need to tell that Adidas is a retail giant; you all know that well. Terrex AX3 shoes for women are one of their products through which they try not only to satisfy women hikers but also to continue to dominate sales. That leads us to understand that these shoes were constructed to be unique in their way.

These shoes from Adidas feature GORE-TEX linings which are intended to offer waterproof and breathable performance. T

errex AX3 shoes are one of the best cushioning hiking shoes thanks to their Molded footbeds and lightweight EVA midsoles. Harsh, rocky and wet environment require feature Continental rubber outsoles that provide excellent grip even wherever you are hiking. The shoes come in different classy colours which are: Grey, five, black and Clear Mint.

It feels great to find such versatile women shoes. Terrex AX3 can be used in summer, spring and even winter; they are breathable, durable and lightweight.

These shoes’ laces may keep coming undone when you are walking or hiking and that is the only offensive thing with these amazing shoes.

I personally trust big brands and believe that they do their best release high-quality products, simply because they can’t sacrifice years of fame and glory for nothing. Actually that’s the case with Terrex AX3 shoes; they can but be great.

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5. KEEN Women’s Presidio Ii Hiking Shoe

31iIb2desHL. SL500 - Heart for Outdoor

You don’t want hiking shoes made of synthetic materials? Then what about these leather hikers from KEEN? Leather gave these shoes a very classic look thus you can easily differentiate it from other hiking shoes.

In fact the classic design of these shoes makes them look like an everyday life pair that you can use to sweat it out in the gym, to go shopping or any other activity rather than hiking.

However, KEEN describes them as hiking shoes so let’s dig in their feature to see whether they are ready to be hikers or not. AT the level of waterproofness, they feature a rubber sole which makes them feel more comfortable and offers better traction when walking on wet surfaces.

Their structured cushioning gives your feet that smooth and comfortable feel from the first step. These water-resistant shoes have an excellent lining that is moisture-wicking to dry your shoes by quickly moving sweat out of them.

I loved these shoes for their great versatility. You can wear them to perform a good number of activities and go to different places even to work, for example, those who stand for long periods of time at work and need  a comfortable pair of shoes to reduce legs pain. Of course, they are also amazing hiking shoes.

The bad thing about these is the toe box which is to some extent narrower than expected.

Hence, hikers who have bunions or similar feet issues may not love the interior design of these shoes. But if you suffer from no feet problems and you need a two-in-one shoes then these everyday-life shoes from KEEN are you thing.

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6. Adidas Women’s Terrex AX2R

51m+bEfeQoL. SL500 - Heart for Outdoor

Hi Adidas lovers! Here is another sweet pair from your favourite brand. Adidas Terrex AX2R is a multifunctional pair of shoes. They are comfy and stylish with one of the latest designs of sports shoes.

Terrex AX2R have a lug sole with deep indentations that are designed to provide good footing  and added  grip to make these shoes good for both work and sports. The shoes use a GORE-TEX Extended Comfort Footwear that that is very breathable and aims at offering a non-insulated protection to keep the hikers’ feet dry and cool in warm and hot weather conditions.

Terrex AX2R also features a Sockliner which is a molded sockliner that was added to these shoes to enhance their comfort and fit. The EVA cushioning and ADIPRENE support of these shoes are resistant to hardening and cracking to help protect your feet from harsh conditions.

With all the pre-mentioned features and advantages of Terrex AX2R hiking shoes, they are surprisingly lightweight and sturdy unlike many other hiking shoes which are good but uncomfortably heavy.

Designing these shoes with wide toe box and narrow heel is a thing that Adidas didn’t succeed in. Unfortunately the shoes come with a wide heel which makes slip out when worn by someone whose heel is narrow.

I see that these Adidas hikers are every woman hiker would need to fully enjoy her trails. I won’t recommend it for hikers with feet issues like bunions as these shoes won’t help them reduce or prevent the pain when walking.

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7. Merrell Women’s Jungle Moc 2.0 Slipper

31DBkuUreTL. SL500 - Heart for Outdoor

I am a big fan of versatile hiking shoes and I think I am not their only fan. It is so satisfying to find a pair of reliable hiking shoes that you can use to walk your dog, exercise at the gym and other activities.

Merrell Jungle Moc 2.0 though of hikers like us and came out with these comfortable, durable and multifunctional shoes.

The Merrell Jungle Moc 2.0 boasts outsoles that offer durable, highly slip-resistant stability in all trails terrains including wet and dry ground. These shoes are sufficiently breathable to keep water out of their interior and lets moisture escape so you stay dry when you are in motion.

A targeted heel cushioning is also integrated to improve the overall comfort offered by the shoes by reducing stress on your foot with each step you in. For the material of these shoes, they are constructed of pig Suede leather that is known for its sturdy and solid nature.

I always prefer to have no lace shoes for their flexibility and smoothness to be removed and worn and these Merrell shoes are that sort of shoes.

Their only drawback is that common problem that buyers really hate; size. The size chart may be misleading thus you re prone to buy the wrong size. So, be careful!

As I said, If you succeed in getting your right size in Merrell shoes then I am sure there will nothing that you will complain about; they are stunning!

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8. Columbia Women’s Fire Venture Low Waterproof hiking Shoe

51bUftJlhtL. SL500 - Heart for Outdoor

Let’s go back to Columbia with Columbia women’s hiking shoes. These are the hiking shoes I can describe by saying they “good for priceâ€. I think that Columbia designed these shoes for those women hikers who are on a limited budget and need good hikers to get the best out of their hiking adventures.

They feature a waterproof suede and textile upper and tough to protect the hiker’s feet from wet environments. They come with durable traction rubber outsoles which offer lightweight support and good traction.

This pair is constructed with Omni-Tech waterproof breathable seam-sealed membrane to make sure the hikers won’t struggle with bad smell in their shoes; especially in hot weather. Columbia integrated the Techlite lightweight midsole design to ensure the shoes will provide long lasting comfort, unique cushioning, and high energy return.

I feel like Columbia tells us through these shoes: you don’t have to spend a fortune to get good hiking shoes, I can give a product that is affordable and budget-friendly but with very nice features. Yeah, I like their reasonable price.

Although the brand used high-quality materials to build this comfortable and beautiful women shoes, they are not really protective in rocky trails as their sole is a little bit thin thus would be fine for smooth trails.

That leads me to tell you, you can purchase these hiking shoes in case you know which type of trails you are going to walk. If it is smooth then there will be nothing to worry about; the shoes are very comfortable and waterproof.

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9. Salomon X Ultra 3 Women’s Hiking Shoes

419ub EIkXL. SL500 - Heart for Outdoor

Salomon promises women hikers who need shoes with wide toe box and narrow heel to find in its shoes what they are looking for. They say they want to help you get rid of the daily stress by helping enjoy your outdoor adventures.

Well, let’s see to what extent these Salomon X Ultra 3 shoes have achieved the purpose behind their design.

For a good degree of stability and cushioning, these shoes come with an asymmetrical chassis that is constructed to accommodate a woman’s anatomy and maximizes stability and cushioning while reducing fatigue on rugged terrain.

The shoes feature two different and high-quality types of rubber for the sake of ensuring a better grip. The have a patterned area on the heel that is designed to endure and grab terrain more aggressively providing the hiker with more control especially on descents.

Lovers of rocky trails will love how sturdy, protective and durable are these Solomon shoes. To be honest I haven’t expected that such affordable hiking shoes would deliver a good performance in rocky terrains.

However, What I; and many users; didn’t like is the level of waterproofness of these shoes which is too decent. They don’t dry as quickly as you like when getting wet and don’t really protect your feet from wet environments.

So, choosing these shoes for hard and rocky environments is a good decision that you can take but walking in them in wet terrain is definitely a thing you would regret.

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10. La Sportiva Stream GTX Women’s Hiking Shoe

41kKpot5fhL. SL500 - Heart for Outdoor

La Sportiva is famous for its excellent products and these Stream GTX women’s hiking shoes are no exception. That will raise many questions and the most important one is: Why they are ranked the last in this review if they are excellent! I tell you, that’s because they are very expensive while delivering the same excellent performance that is delivered by other affordable shoes, for example, Columbia Women’s Crestwood Hiking Shoes.

They are distinguished by their durable abrasion resistant mesh upper that provides the hiker with good protection, while Nano Cell 2.0 structure is integrated to offer maximum breathability; it is a Technology that works hand in hand with Gore-Tex Surround aeration channels within the footbed and midsole for an enhanced support and comfort. They feature a Vibram XS Trek that comes with an mpact Brake System sole to provide better traction and more grip.

With some honesty though, these shoes are great in every way and can but be cherished for their stylish, comfortable and made of high-quality materials.

I repeat, they are great hikers with one only drawback which is their very expensive price which may not be affordable to anyone.

So, if you are ready to spend a fortune on these hiking then let me confess they are worth it. But if you can’t please don’t be sorry for it as there are other amazing shoes out there.


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A Quick Guide to Choose the Best Women’s Hiking Shoes With Wide Toe Box and Narrow Heel


Most hikers struggle with feet problems because they picked up the wrong size shoe. Well, when it comes to choosing the best hiking shoes; especially if you have wide feet and narrow heel; is to buy shoes that are a size bigger.

Even doctors and specialist say that wearing shoes in your right size is wrong. For an excellent fit, many hikers tend to buy shoes that are a size bigger and wear them with insoles that will provide more comfort and prevent your feet from sliding around; in particular after long walks when they become sweaty.


One of the mistakes that men and women hikers commonly make is thinking that if their hiking shoes fit well then they are comfortable.

That’s totally wrong as there is a big difference between the two. A comfortable pair of hiking shoes is that pair which comes with wide toe box to leave space for your toes to wiggle.

Above that all, your shoes design, material and weight are other factors that contribute to the level of comfort.


Expert hikers who know what they should exactly do are always insisting on choosing the right pair of shoes. Weight, is undeniably one of the factors that determine whether your shoes are the right or not.

Most of expert hikers favour lightweight footwear for hiking although they may not be as durable and protective as heavier hiking shoes or boots.

However, below I am to review some hiking shoes that are lightweight but don’t sacrifice durability, comfort and protection.

Water Resistance and Breathability

Imagine wearing non-breathable hiking shoes in a hot climate “yuck†I hate smelly shoes. That says, you want breathable shoes with a good degree of ventilation to allow moisture escape from the shoes. Of course, that is going to increase the level of comfort your shoes are meant to provide.

So it is really crucial to read the description of the hiking shoes you are to buy to make sure their material is breathable enough. All of that to keep your feet comfortable and warm in extreme weather conditions and cool in hot climate.


Don’t think that the durability of your hiking shoes depends on their material only. It literally depends on other factors such as the design technology of shoes, the weather conditions you hike in and the outdoor terrain (like rocky places) that you choose for your adventures.

Needless to say that shoes and boots that are made of leather tend to last more than those constructed of synthetics. No need to break your head over it, below I selected 10 best women’s hiking shoes that are durable and ensure high performance in different climate conditions and terrains.

Wrapping up

In a nutshell, above I tried to go deep into details about ten hiking shoes that I believe are the 10 best women’s hiking shoes with wide toe box and narrow heel.

Each one of them features a range of interesting characteristics that would work for a certain woman hiker but not for the other.

So, it necessary to read the review attentively to succeed in picking the shoes that will be suitable for you and make your trails real journeys towards excitement and fun.

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