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Chaco Unaweep Vs Yampa Sandals: 2022 Comparison

Last updated January 18, 2022| Clothing

Chaco sandals are the most sold out and the most famous for their outdoor sandals.

Their sandals have a winning combination of a single strap going over your foot, which can be adaptable to your feet no matter which size they are.

They have a sturdy sole with outstanding arch support, which makes Chaco’s more accustomed to hiking than your ordinary sandal.

They are great for walking through water. Designed to be rugged, comfortable, durable, and supportive, Chaco’s are perfect for active outdoor people who want to go on various adventures like rock climbing, walking through sand or dirt, going through the beach and rivers.

Chaco’s have a vast number of sandals so today we’ll make things easier for you and review the top two selling Chaco’s of all time, the Chaco Men’s Z1 Unaweep versus Chaco Yampa Z2 sandals.

Chaco Unaweep Vs Yampa Sandals: 2021 Comparison & Reviews

What is the difference Between Chaco Unaweep and Chaco Yampa?

The Chaco Z1 Unweep and the Chaco Z2 Yampa are two main styles of Chaco sandals.

While both are practical and comfortable, they differ in certain areas.

The Chaco Z1 Unweep is the open toe style sandal which has a minimal risk of getting blisters on your big toe. It has a footbed and durable Vibram Unaweep outsole that keeps feet centred and gripped to slippery surfaces.

While  The Chaco Z2 Yampa has a loop for your big toe which increases foot control on any down hills, it has a very lightweight Vibram sole with a 3 mm lugs that have a water draining system that gives excellent traction, and they weigh less than the Chaco Z1 Unaweep.

Chaco Unaweep Z1 Review and Features

The Chaco Z1 Unaweep Sandals are open toe sandals fit for your hikes, adventures, and explorations, and they are comfy, durable, and reliable on all rough or wet terrains, It weighs around (1 lb. 14 oz, 0.5 KG) to support all that heavy duty walking you’ll be doing.

It has an upper webbing made of Polyester jacquard. It wraps all around your foot for a better, customized secure fit.

the strap goes through the midsole which is made with the durable LUVSEAT polyurethane that can grant you a slip free experience especially since it has a resistant classic diamond pattern design which will have some friction with your feet to prevent it from randomly moving especially in a wet environment.

If you want that cloud at your feet feeling, you’ll get it with the Chaco Z1 unaweep sandals thanks to the fact that It has an injection molded ladder lock that can be customized as well for a secure hold.

The Chaco’s Z1 unaweep outsole is non-marked with a Vibram TC-1 rubber and 4.5mm lugs for supreme traction and stability on land and water.

To provide you with that feeling of floating inside your sandals, adjustable high tensile webbing heel risers that can grant you support and comfort.

 Chaco yampa Z2 Review and Features

The Chaco Men’s Z2 Yampa are versatile sandals that can be worn on all terrain, granting fantastic comfort and stability for your feet.

It features a wrap-around toe loop and a buckle closure to secure your feet in place and avoid any kind of slipping. At the same time, you can have fun climbing, hiking, or exploring.

It’s made 100 percent from vegan textile, and it weighs around (1lb 12 oz, 0.4KG).

They provide a slip resistant upper sole LUVSEAT footbed to rest your foot in with the classic diamond pattern design to help cradle your foot muscles and ensure superior endurance.

The midsole is very durable and has the same LUVSEAT polyurethane footbed with a ChaPUT technology part to it to ensure an even feel of comfort.

The outsole is a lightweight Vibram TC-1 non marking rubber that provides maximum durability and traction for land and water with 3mm lugs that feature a water drainage channelling.

The Chaco Men’s Z2 Yampa has a  Fast-drying polyester webbing to make the water to land transition very easy and seamless, it’s also machine washable and can air dry very fast.

The collection has a vast color scheme, so make sure to pick and choose what fits your personality best!

Performance & Features Comparison Between Chaco Unaweep and Yampa


While the brand Chaco is renowned for its comfort hugging sandals, these two sandals weren’t very different from previous versions, they kept the same quality with little changes.

The Chaco Z1 Unaweep Sandals Have a very high arch. So if you have a foot that needs that kind of adequate support the Chaco Z1 Unaweep Sandals got your back.

The LUVSEAT polyurethane midsole actually grants you a squishy feeling which is comfy and durable in every single terrain that you step on, Granted this sandal is really heavy, tough and uncomfortable at first, therefore it’s suitable for short hikes and walks around the city rather than long term wear .

On the other side The Chaco Men’s Z2 Yampa is a tiny bit more comfy than the Chaco Z1 Unaweep Sandals, they are very dense and chunky when you first pick them up to wear them but after a couple of wears, it molds around your feet for the ultimate comfy experience, that’s why these sandals are more fit for long hikes and long term wear.

As for the midsole there is also that added ChaPUT technology to the traditional LUVSEAT polyurethane footbed that really bumps this sandal to be even more comfortable than its counterpart.

Adjustability and Fit

Both Chaco models have straps including a buckle, criss cross each other, and are actually one large, connected strap. That is made from water friendly, quick drying polyester webbing.

This gives your feet the sense of being swaddled. You adjust the fit at each part of the foot by stretching that area of the strap.

The Chaco Z1 Unaweep Sandals are true to size And have a wide range of sandals That you can choose from that guarantees a secure hold on your foot is the injection molded ladder lock that can be customized to your choosing.

The only downside is the fact that you have to tighten the webbing strap, or else your foot will be sliding forward on any downhill path.

As for The Chaco Men’s Z2 Yampa, the best feature in this model is that big toe loop that makes the foot really hold its own inside the sandals and have a fantastic fit, it can play a downside to the adjustability part depending on the size of your feet and the distance between the toe to the heel.

but all in all that wouldn’t be a deal breaker since the strap is highly adjustable to get your feet in place.

Stability and Traction

All models of Chacos provide reliable traction and stability that allows you to walk across all types of terrain, sleek tile, stone trails, slippery rocks, and more.

The Chaco Z1 Unaweep Sandals is a piece of footwear that is a no doubt significant hit with its Vibram TC-1 rubber sole.

The traction is superb on any trails, muddy paths, slippery river areas, Rocky Mountains, etc.

The outsole has 4.5 mm large lugs to grant you an excellent grip on almost anything, and it holds up very well over age. For the footbed contours, the sole is flatter than anticipated, yet it retains its stability notably well on wet stones or slippery conditions.

The Chaco Z2 Yampa Has a similar lightweight Vibram TC-1 non marking rubber that does the same thing as the chuckles you want on web sandals and it provides great traction on land and on water.

It has more petite lugs with just millimetres. But the thing that makes these sandals special is that they have a water drainage channelling in the lugs that the previous Chaco model does not have And that can grant you instant evacuation of water and a faster grip on your foot which leads to an increase in stability and traction

Are Chaco unaweep And yampa water-resistant?

The Chaco Z1 Unaweep and The Chaco Z2 Yampa are both water resistant, yet one excelled the other because of added features.

The Chaco Z1 Unaweep is water resistant allegedly. Yet, most customers claim that it’s not, many complain about it having pretty large arches, and that would trap water in sometimes,.

some also noticed that the straps are a little different than previous models, as it does get dirty and messy pretty quickly while going through muddy waters.

The Chaco Z2 Yampa is the winner when it comes to water resistance as it does have a 3mm lugs with a water drainage system integrated to them, all the water that can possibly get inside your sandals won’t stay trapped there for long thanks to this added feature, and it also prevents slipping.

Potential Drawbacks

After having a deep look at these two Chaco models, we will give you the downsides of each sandal.

Chaco Z1 Unaweep

  • A lot of people have complained about how Heavy the sandal is (nearly a pound each)
  • The non-foam footbed with very high arches is a little bit uncomfortable
  • The Straps are too long•It doesn’t have good traction when it comes to water, a bit slippery
  • The webbing sticks at times o the foot
  • It doesn’t have an anti smell technology integrated
  • It has a spot where it can rub a bit too hard on your toes

Chaco Z2 Yampa

  • Customers noticed that while wearing these shoes for hiking, stone pebbles enter easily and they can take a bit of time to get out
  • If you plan on wearing them in a river, the straps get really dirty very fast.
  • They don’t adjust easily while wet
  • Overtime, they’ll start to smell as well


The price of Chaco sandals alters between models according to the technologies utilised into the sandals; that difference in price gives the client a variety of affordable to more luxurious products.

Chaco Z1 Unaweep Sandals are the most expensive at a value cost of ( Check Price here on amazon ) It’s a little bit  overpriced considering the cons that come with it and since it is an older model, but that doesn’t mean it’s not worth it especially for people who like a free open toe sandals that has minimum slippage.

The Chaco Z2 Yampa sandals are less expensive at  (Price ), It’s priced reasonably since you’ll be buying good quality that will last you years and years to come, and has great features for all your wild adventures.

Wrap Up: which Chaco you should choose?

Chaco’s dedicated a lot of time into crafting amazing sandals for outdoors lovers and they just can’t stop impressing us with their technical and meticulous detailed work.

the two sandals that we’ve reviewed along this article were both fantastic, yet we have preferences according to use..

If you are using your sandals for just walking around town or on vacation, if you have high arched feet that need constant support, go with the Chaco Z1 Unaweep as they are comfy and easy to get used to.

If you are an avid water sports enthusiast and you do a lot of boating, rafting or looking for heavy duty hiking or longer walks.

Our choice falls on The Chaco Z2 Yampa since it has a better grip, a footbed that progressively moulds to your foot and straps that endure well over time.

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