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Chaco Z Cloud vs Chaco Z Volv Sandals: 2022 Comparison

Last updated January 18, 2022| Clothing

Many people in the hiking world trust Chaco products, especially the Chaco Z/Cloud and Chaco Z/Volv Sandals.

While both are stand out models, you’ll need to decide which is best suited to your foot and hiking style.

We’re going to compare Chaco Z/Cloud vs Chaco Z/Volv and provide you a detailed review of both sandals, so you’ll know which one suits you best.

Chaco Z Cloud vs Chaco Z Volv Sandals: 2021 Comparison & Reviews

What is the difference between Chaco z/cloud vs. z/Volv?

While the two sandals have quite a few things in common, there are a few things in which they differ. Among the differences, we can mention the width and weight.

The Z/Volv 2 is slightly lighter but only available in medium width. The Z Cloud is a little more massive, but you can get it in medium and wide widths.

Another aspect in which they differ is the price, as the Z/Cloud is slightly more expensive than the Z/Volv 2. And although the difference is between 5 and 10 dollars, it is essential to take it into account.

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Chaco z/Volv 2 Review and Features :

The Z/Volv 2 certainly deserves a special place among Chaco sandals thanks to its high performance. Although it does not stand out in any rating measure, it provides consistent reliability without apparent weaknesses.

The Z/Volv 2 combines everything Chaco wearers love in a much lighter package, with the same solid family construction, excellent stability and safety, and good traction.

And while some users point out that the drive belt system can be a bit tedious to adjust, this is certainly not a puzzle and is part of what gives Chaco its unique fit and quality performance.

When it comes to design, the truth is that the Z/Volv sandals fit you every time. The design is not only comfortable, versatile, and lightweight, it is also attractive and eye-catching. You can get these sandals in a variety of colors.

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Now let’s move on to some of its most outstanding features:

  • Luvseat polyurethane beds certified by the podiatrist also add a layer of cushioning under the feet.
  • EcoTread 25% recycled rubber soles with a depth of 2 mm. As you can see, Chacos takes recycling very seriously.
  • Polyester jacquard tape wraps around the foot and midsole for a custom fit.
  • The toe loop gives you a secure movement.
  • Adjustable and durable heel lifts are of high strength.

Check Price and Read More reviews of the Chaco Z/Volv on Amazon.

Chaco z/cloud Review and Features:

The Chaco Z/Cloud is a very comfortable sandal that is also able to withstand rough terrain. It is very similar to the Z/1 Classic, another model of the Chaco sandals. The difference is that the Z/Cloud offers a softer insole with a little less stability.

The sole material is rigid and heavy but provides excellent support for long walks.

High arches may not satisfy all types of feet, but that’s even for the Chaco course. Because it is oriented slightly towards comfort than performance, the Z/Cloud is more suitable as a general-purpose sandal. It is still able to cope with long walks and sports grounds.

The Z/Cloud was designed to provide comfort and support in any type of terrain. Besides, its exterior design is incredible. The sandals look great and come in a variety of colors to suit all tastes.

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Now let’s get on with the features:

  • The polyester jacquard upper and heavy-duty heels with durable ladder-locking buckles wrap around your feet and through the soles, giving you a more personalized fit.
  • 5mm of soft polyurethane cushioning in the upper of Luvseat’s certified footbeds and heel cushions for all-day comfort and arch support.
  • It includes an antimicrobial application for odor control.
  • 5mm deep, non-marking ChacoGrip rubber compound outsoles give you traction on both wet and dry surfaces.

Check Price and Read More reviews of the Chaco Z/Volv on Amazon.

Performance comparison Chaco Z/Cloud vs Chaco Z/Volv


If there’s one thing that’s very important in any sandal, it’s comfort. Chacos sandals are unique for long walks and expeditions, so they focus a lot on this aspect. Both the Z/Volv 2 and Z Cloud have a lot to offer in this regard.

The Z/Volv 2 gets an excellent result in terms of comfort. The contoured 3-D “LoveSeat PU” insole with plenty of arch support plus an intricate strap system keeps the foot firmly in place. This insole and strap system work well together to maintain a comfortable footstrike across a wide variety of terrains and conditions.

The strap system allows for a good, snug fit. Although the insole material is not as suitable as other models with more cushioned insoles that we find on the market, I was delighted to see that the feet remained comfortably supported and well planted in wet, muddy, and sandy conditions.

On the other hand, the Chacos Cloud series presents softer and lighter soles to provide more comfort during extended use outings.

The more elastic material may not offer the same arch support as the classic Chaco, although it fits the foot a little better and helps minimize pressure points. And in the particular case of the Z/Cloud, it is a very comfortable and well-fitting sandal.

Also, the plush sole material improves the comfort of the Z/Cloud. The straps of the Z/Cloud allow a comfortable and precise fit. Overall, the Z/Cloud is the right choice in terms of comfort.

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Another aspect that we must review in detail is adjustability. Nobody would like their sandals not to fit well on their feet, whether they are too tight or too loose. And both the Z/Cloud and Z/Volv 2 have an excellent performance in adjustability.

The Z/Volv 2 makes a perfect impression thanks to the strapping system, which is a very customizable fit. The entire strap system,  made from an interconnected piece of strap material that is hidden inside the template.

To adjust one of the belts, you pull a little slack through the model to tighten or loosen as needed. It might take some time to get used to this system, but on the official Chaco website, you can find a tutorial to guide you.

As for the Z/Cloud, it requires less adjustment on the road than some other Chaco models because the strap is a bit thicker and has a greater tendency to stay in place during use. It should note that due to the softer insole of this sandal, a tighter fit is preferred. This is to prevent the foot from sliding too much.

In general terms, the Z/Cloud has an intuitive and reliable adjustment system that works very well once you know how to use it correctly.


Sandals like the Chaco are characterized by being very versatile, as that is one of their strengths. Taking into account that the sandals are designed for activities such as hiking, excursions, trekking, among others, they must be versatile.

As for the Z/Volv 2, these sandals are one of the maximum exponents of versatility. And this should not surprise us. The overall comfort, stability, and reasonably low weight mean there aren’t many places this sandal can’t go. From beach walks to water sports, to city tours, Chaco has you covered with these sandals.

On the other hand, the robust construction of the Z/Cloud and its grippy sole means that this sandal can withstand everything from water sports to long walks on the trail.

Without the extra toe loop, this particular Chaco model also gains the advantage of being compatible with socks for those cold nights at camp. Like other Chaco models, the Z/Cloud has excellent versatility because of its ability to serve as an everyday sandal that is also capable of any goal.

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Potential Drawbacks :

There’s nothing perfect in this world, not even these sandals. And although they have many good things, there are indeed others that are not. Here’s a little list of some cons I found on both the Z/Cloud and Z/Volv 2.

Some cons from the Z/Cloud:

  • It’s expensive.
  • The sandals are not very light.

Some cons from Z/Volv 2:

  • Adjusting it is a little bit tedious and complicated.


In terms of price, the difference between the two sandals is considerable. So let’s go through them one by one.

As for the Z/Volv 2, if we put it on a price spectrum, they are not the cheapest. However, their first-class materials and construction plus excellent overall performance make them worth the investment.

As for the Z/Cloud, I must say that comfort and performance are not cheap. However, it has become clear that these sandals can withstand years of abuse, no matter where you take them. Durability, performance, and high-quality materials make these sandals a valuable long-term investment.

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Wrap up: Which Chaco Should you Choose?

Finally, I just want to say that no matter which model you choose, you’ll be taking home some incredible sandals. For Chaco, quality is a priority, and this demonstrates with both the Z/Cloud and the Z/Volv 2. That said, here I go with my final impressions of each model.

As for the Chaco Z/Volv 2, it is, without doubt, a reliable and robust sandal that has no significant weaknesses, and has a high performance in almost all classification measurements.

If you’re a Chaco fan looking to improve, you’ll appreciate the 20% less weight compared to the older models. It’s not possible you can go wrong with this sandal.

And as for the Z/Cloud, it is undoubtedly a comfortable and great update to the classic Chaco sandals that we all know and love. The softer insole material provides more excellent shock absorption and comfort, with only a small compromise in overall stability.

In terms of traction and fit, this sandal has nothing to envy other sandals. If you’re already a fan of Chacos products and want a sandal with no break-in period and more comfort for extended wear, I recommend the Z/Cloud.

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