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New Balance 608v3 vs New Balance 608v4 Shoes: 2022 Comparison

Last updated January 18, 2022| Clothing

Today we’re going to Compare New balance 608v3 vs 608v4 in detailed points.

New Balance shoes are explicitly engineered for durability. With diversity in their collections for men’s, women’s and kids, you can buy your whole family New Balance running shoes.

They have a variety of shoes such as training shoes, to regular sneakers for more of a casual style; they are suitable for anyone whether you are a mile runner or an office worker.

Their shoes are the best equilibrium of stability and comfort throughout the day, and you can see a lot of famous people wearing them, from athletes on basketball courts to presidents. The brand has been given many awards for its quality, stability and longevity.

The two modules that we are about to review are not so different from the old shoes that the new Balance has produced over the past decades.

What is the difference between the New Balance 608v3 and 608v4?

The main difference is the weight, The New Balance 608v3 weighs around 326 grams (11.5 oz), so it is very lightweight in comparison to the new balance 608V4 that weighs approximately 402.5 grams (14 .2 oz), and the later midsole is an Injection molded Ethylene vinyl acetate midsole which adds to the cushioning effect yet the 608V3 model has a synthetic midsole that is different.

Another difference is the size range, and The New Balance 608v3 is very limited ranging from the 7x wide to 18 wide with just 9 sizes, while the other model features a whopping 34 size ranges from 6.5 wide to 18 wide.

New Balance 608v3 Review and Features:


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The New Balance 608v3 men’s cross training shoe is made out of 100% leather. With it being made 100 per cent from leather and has a synthetic sole, they are really comfortable to wear, and they actually motivate you to go outside and to walk and exercise.

It features a Dual density cushioned collar and tongue that can grant you even more comfort and support for your foot and it also has an ABZORB heel that includes a  4 foot cushion, which actually helps your foot stabilise itself while running

The New Balance 608v3 weighs around 326 grams (11.5 oz) With a 10 mm heel to drop which is a stable length for the 608 models.

These shoes are incredibly comfy and supportive while wearing them, and people swear by them, and they’ve all agreed that they said goodbye to heel pain and blisters.

As for the design, it is well made with some perforation for better breathability, and the sides are featuring pull loop and a large N that symbolises the logo.

New Balance 608v4 Review and Features


q? encoding=UTF8&ASIN=B00IYATXYC&Format= SL250 &ID=AsinImage&MarketPlace=US&ServiceVersion=20070822&WS=1&tag=heartforoutdoor 20&language=en US - Heart for Outdoorir?t=heartforoutdoor 20&language=en US&l=li3&o=1&a=B00IYATXYC - Heart for Outdoor

The New Balance 608 V4 Is the fourth line of the 608 models. It is made out of leather, and it has a Rubber Sole. It is famous for their cushioned midsole that provide extreme support.

There is injection molded ethylene vinyl acetate which provides you with the stability and the support that you need for your everyday walking and hiking or more activities.

The footbed is also made out of ethylene vinyl acetate, and the heel is actually backed up by the ABZORB heel technology that they demonstrated throughout the 608 models.

It weighs around 14 .2 (402.5g) ounces. With a 10 mm heel to drop, its size varies between 6.5 wide until 18 x wide, which is a vast selection

As for its design, it is made with high quality material leather that will actually last you years and years to come and wouldn’t wash out, especially the colour.

It features 100% leather upper, which comes with a dual density collar. It also comes with a padded mesh tongue that makes it a great Sneaker.

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Performance Comparison: new balance 608v3 vs 608v4


The New Balance 608v3 shoes are moderately breathable; their upper is made out of leather. It has Dual density cushioned collar on the inside, which is very lightweight and has a breathable material that is made to prevent irritations or boosters, and also the padded collar does have a breathable mesh tongue always to keep the foot airy.

The leather has some perforations that keep the foot breathing, and it keeps it from sweating continuously if you are working out.

There’s only just one issue about some clients complaining that during the summer times their feet felt a little bit hotter than usual while wearing this shoe for hours at a time.

The New Balance 608V4 shoes are just as breathable as The New Balance 608v3, some people have complained about their feet getting sweaty and getting hot when they are doing long exercises or going for a run since the upper of the shoe is made out of leather.

The leather seems to dry thoroughly and is actually very durable and consistent with a lot of damage yet. It’s not a breathable material even though it does have some perforations for air to come in.

Flexibility and Traction

The New Balance 608V3 offers a lot of flexibility, according to many consumers. It has an outsole that is designed to morph into the natural shape of your foot.

Some would say that it actually just hugs your foot, and that’s how flexible it is, and its outsole delivers a lot of traction.

It is an absolute gem on any gym floor or any workout environment like slippery a Basketball court thanks to its slip resistant Rubber and a new lug pattern that can just grip to any floor or terrain.

The New Balance 608V4 is very flexible when it comes to the arch, the heel, and the toes.

It has a full foam forming capacity. They can actually just grab into your foot and be flexible around it. The upper is made out of leather. They can flex, and it doesn’t create any friction like regular leather shoes.

The outsole of the shoe provides an excellent grip since it has grooves that dig into varying terrain, if you are a hiker or want to walk for a long time or just want to exercise, this outsole is made out of natural rubber, which is very high quality and very comfortable to wear.

Comfort and Cushioning

New Balance 608v3 is just famous for being extremely comfortable. It feels like you are on a cloud on your feet.

Many people use it to exercise, but you can also use it for your everyday life, your office job, or just a walk in the park. It has a great cushioning system.

It has an absorbing heel and a 4 foot cushion that is said to actually just form. Around your foot and It just fits like a glove.

As for The New Balance 608V4, a lot of reviewers have said that this shoe is very comfortable. It has the absorbed technology that is situated in the midsole that helps cushion your heel.

And to add to that, it has a full length absorb lasting board, which actually just supports your heel. The arch and the toes .

We must say that these shoes are more comfortable for people with more full feet than narrow feet since it opens up from the arch to scratch, which means he has a shaft. That measures approximately low-top from the arch.


The New Balance 608V3 is renowned for delivering high-quality trainers, while this shoe is not different from any New Balance shoe. It is very durable and has impressive longevity.

The leather on the shoe is of outstanding quality. And it is washing machine friendly.

But of course just like every single shoe in the market. Don’t wash it too much, or it would get ruined, of course.

The New Balance 608V4, some people have noticed that the outsole wears down quickly. Other than that, it does have a longevity aspect to it when it comes to the outsole, and when it comes to the upper.

Especially that they’re leather that they used can actually take a hit while hiking and it doesn’t scratch.

So for us, when it comes to their durability, we would absolutely endorse the V3 model.

Safety & Support

The New Balance 608V3 provides you with more support than any walking shoes since it are an actual cross trainer.

It is sturdy, and you can actually wear it in several environments, and it’s very secure. The absorbed technology that they have added has excellent shock absorption.

Especially in the Hill area, which is as we all know, the focal point of pressure is when we are running and the forefoot, which has our fingers, which are very sensitive when it comes to running.

As for security, it tends to actually just form into the shape of your foot and not stretch too much to cause you blisters, so it only stretches enough.

The New Balance 608V4 is an absolute beast when it comes to support!

The upper and the midsole Provides you with a tight grip on your foot that just supports it no matter what terrain it faces.

The absorbe technology when it comes to the hill is very supportive, especially if you have a deep arched foot.

Potential Drawbacks: New Balance 608v3 vs. 608v4

Although The New Balance shoes are highly praised in the sneakers world, that doesn’t mean they are perfect, we’ve gathered some downsides to these shoes from some unsatisfied customers.

The New Balance 608v3:

  • The toe area isn’t quite as wide.
  • The laces are too long for some people.
  • The shoe support tends to tear down on the inside before it tears externally.
  • The soles are a little too thin
  • Some have complained that the wrinkles started to hurt their heels.

The New Balance 608v4:

  • It seems to lack some cushioning.
  • It is not very durable as they claim it to be
  • The shoe causes some discomfort on the inside, such as scratching
  • A wider length at the front
  • The heel is a bit tough and hard to squeeze
  • It can deteriorate rapidly
  • The laces are far too long

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The price of shoes is variable by the labels or models, the variation in amount gives the client a variety of shoes to choose from, and for The New Balance these two models are a lot similar, but one of them is a newer version.

New Balance 608v3 are priced at a reasonable price of $$, for all the things that it features, especially stability and comfort wise it’s worth every last penny.

Compared to the New Balance 608v4 with a higher price tag that varies between $$   to $$$ which is too much because it doesn’t provide a lot to the table and it is not that different from the previous model.

For the price/ quality ratio, we definitely recommend the New Balance 608v3.

Wrap up: which Shoes you should choose?

While The New Balance 608v3 and the 608V4 aren’t that different from one another, one of them offers a bit more when it comes to comfort, quality, support and price!

That model is The New Balance 608v3, although it is a little older, it’s a lot superior, and it is loved by many people across the world, from its comfy footbed to its exterior design and traction, it offers the best quality to price ratio in our humble opinion.

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