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North face Denali vs Denali 2 Jackets: 2022 Comparison

Last updated January 18, 2022| Clothing

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Are you wondering which one is the best for your coming winter adventures? this North Face Denali vs Denali 2 Jackets Comparison and reviews are for you.

Winter lovers and outdoorsy people are always on tenterhooks waiting for it to get cold outside so that they can get their yearly dose of winter joy.

Are you one of them?  Great, then that means you should start getting ready for this amazing season; it is coming soon! So, let’s start by picking a cold-weather jacket that will warm your heart and body.

The North Face outdoor products company is famous for producing great and well-designed collections of recreation clothing. They have some iconic cold-weather jackets. one’s of them, The North Face Men’s Denali Jacket and the North Face Denali 2 Hoodie Jacket.

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Quick Look

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The North Face Mens Denali
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The North Face Women Denali
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What is the difference Between the North face Denali and Denali 2?

A plethora of reasons stands behind the popularity of the North Face Denali jackets. The most important reason is that this activewear suits and looks amazing on everyone; women and men. Along with to the fact that it is made of fuzzy fleece on the chest and shoulders, the Denali jacket is also known for its abrasion resistant material.

The launch of the first North Face Denali dates back to 1988. A superficial eye would assume that there is no single difference between the 1988 Denali version and the Denali However, there are some improvements in the second Denali like its higher collar, recycled fleece, in addition to other details.

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North Face Denali Review and Features:

[/et_pb_text][et_pb_code _builder_version=”4.4.2″ text_orientation=”center” custom_margin=”||0px|||”]q? encoding=UTF8&ASIN=B07HS2DNCX&Format= SL250 &ID=AsinImage&MarketPlace=US&ServiceVersion=20070822&WS=1&tag=heartforoutdoor 20&language=en US - Heart for Outdoorir?t=heartforoutdoor 20&language=en US&l=li3&o=1&a=B07HS2DNCX - Heart for Outdoor[/et_pb_code][et_pb_text _builder_version=”4.4.2″]

Click to see on Amazon

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Design: the North Face Denali is a zip chest jacket. It features a zipper chest pocket and two zipped hand pocket.

Size: The North Face Denali is available in all sizes starting from small to xx-large size.

Weight: The North Face Denali is a 300 weight Polartec fleece jacket.

Features and Options

The North Face Denali is a comfortable cold-weather fleece jacket. It was not made to protect the wearer from extremely cold temperatures; its Polartec Fleece is meant to keep you comfortable and dry. That said, it would be a perfect choice if you intend to travel and camp in a mild temperature region or for fall trips.

What is amazing about Denali Jacket is the design it comes with and which makes it a good home jacket. Its relaxed fit allows you to add extra layers underneath without looking frumpy.       

The Denali offers water repellency thanks to the DWR  it was treated with.

However, The North Face Denali jacket was not designed to resist whatever the sky throws at you, it can’t keep snow out and heavy rain may penetrate its material; Polartec 300 Series Fleece.  

Check Price and Read More Reviews of the North face denali On amazon.

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North Face Denali 2 Review and Features:

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Click to see on Amazon

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Design: There is almost no difference between Denali and Denali 2 designs. The North Face Denali 2 is also a zip chest jacket with two zipped handwarmer pockets and two zippered chest pockets. It is available as a jacket or hoody.

Size: Besides being a baggy fit, the North Face Denali 2 is available in all sizes.

Weight: The Denali 2 jacket is a little bit heavier than you would expect for a fleece. It weighs about 700g.

Features and Options

The North Face Denali 2 is the improved version of the Denali jacket. That said, it has its own modern features and proper options. This Polartec 300 Series fleece jacket is made with recycled Polyester Fleece and water-repellent nylon.

The Nylon patches are found over the hood, chest and shoulders. This combination of materials makes it a heavyweight jacket.

It features four good pockets; two zippered hand-warmer pockets and two zippered chest pockets one is vertical and the other horizontal.

This number of pockets allows the wearer to keep his/her hands warm while having two additional pockets to carry their accessories. It has a drawstring hem that is tensioned from the inside of the two handwarmer pockets in addition to elasticated cuffs.

Check Price and Read More Reviews of the North face denali 2 On amazon.

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Performance Comparison: north face denali vs denali 2

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Weather Protection

The overall design of the two Denali jackets from the North Face looks very similar. However, there are some significant details which make all the difference; for example; there are some changes and improvements at the level of weather protection and resistance features.

Let’s start with the collar which is higher in Denali 2. It seems like the designer of Denali 2 felt a need for more weather protection in the original Denali and the first thing to reconsider was the collar.

It was designed higher to keep the wearer’s neck warmer in cold weather. In between, the new collar made the jacket more stylish.

There is another factor that contributes to the weather resistance offered by the Denali 2 which is the elastic and cosy cuffs. They; along with the hem cinch; were designed to keep the heat from escaping.

The stretchy fabric by which the cuff in Denali 2 is made prevents the sleeves from riding up thus helps lock the body heat when it gets colder.

On the contrary, the North Face Denali jacket doesn’t feature all the pre-mentioned design and options.

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Mobility and Fit :

There is literally nothing worse than purchasing a jacket and find out that it is uncomfortable and doesn’t fit your body in the first place. When comparing The North Face Denali and Denali 2 the scales tipped in the first Denali favour.

The Denali 2 is a perfect choice if you want to hang out in cold weather. To your disappointment, this jacket doesn’t have a tailored fit which means don’t expect excellent freedom of mobility and comfort in case you want to run faster.

On one hand, being a fleece jacket it feels too hot when the wearer runs fast that you will feel like you are roasting inside it.

On the other hand, a good number of buyers complain about its bulky shape which tends to display restrictions on your mobility.

Above that all, the Denali 2 jacket is undeniably too heavy. It weighs 700g while the Denali jacket weighs no more than 300g.

The original Denali jacket is able to help you stay comfortable during your runs and can work for every part of your trip from the city to the mountains.

Consequently, the Denali jacket with its lightweight and packable shape is better than its successor the Denali 2 in terms of mobility and fit.

However, if you only need it to stroll around the city on cold winter in style then the Denali 2 jacket is going to steal your heart.

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People who are passionate about outdoor activities in winter would want a breathable jacket. Unfortunately, both the Denali and Denali 2 jackets are not as breathable as hikers and runners want, as they are made of Polartec 300 Fleece.

To put it simply, they are constructed of a thick fleece which is known for its non-breathable nature. To wit, if you need these jackets for an intense activity like running or hiking then expect to find yourself in a sea of sweat.

Doing an activity that requires intense efforts means that your body is likely to generate more moisture vapour. If this latter can’t escape and get out of your jacket, your skin is likely to become wet making you feel cold or too hot.

The Denali jackets were designed to be water-repellent but not breathable which is a big deal for fans of hiking and any other intense activity.

If you need more convincing, then allow us to tell you that the worst enemy of warmth is moisture. So, there is no winner among the Denali and Denali 2 when it comes to breathability.

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The North Face products are famous for their highly-acclaimed quality and reliability and the Denali and Denali 2 jackets are no exception. The two fleece jackets will still look great even after two years or more of use.

That is not odd as the North Face has always been known for putting quality and durability on top of its priorities.

Moreover, the nylon and fleece fabrics are extremely durable; you just need to carefully follow the instructions of washing that comes with your fleece product.

In addition to that, the zippers in the two North Face jackets are burly and sturdy enough to do not stick and break easily, to note that some users found the Denali jacket’s zippers as flimsy.

The professional and excellent stitching of both the Denali and Denali 2 is another reason which gives the two North Face jackets the right to pride themselves on their durability nature.

Hence, you can’t rely on durability as a variable to determine which cold weather jacket is better for you because there is almost no difference between them.

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Potential Drawbacks : North face Denali vs Denali 2

 The Denali jacket cons:

It has no hood option for hoody jackets fans

– Many users had zipper issues

-Doesn’t offer enough breathability to suit your intended use end

It features a shorten and lower collar

The Denali 2 jacket cons:

-It is one of the heaviest jackets on the market

-Being a heavy jacket means that it is not perfect when it comes to packability

-Doesn’t fit comfortably when you add an extra layer

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    It is important and even exciting to find a cold-weather jacket at a price that is affordable and fair in comparison to its core features. For the North Face Denali, this jacket costs $$$ on Amazon and the North Face official site.

    This is a perfect value for a jacket that comes with interesting features and characteristics; especially for outdoorsy people who are not planning to go on long and vigorous walks across the country as this jacket works perfectly for strolling or hanging out only.

    When it comes to the North Face Denali 2 jacket, it costs $$$ on Amazon. The price of this product is somehow not plausible.

    If you ask us why, we would say that this price would be perfect for a jacket that you can wear comfortably in winter no matter what the activity you planning to do. The North Face Denali 2 is a great and comfortable cold-weather jacket but for limited use only.

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    Wrap up : Which one you Should choose?

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    Image Product Price On Amazon
    Image My Pick
    The North Face Mens Denali
    Buy On Amazon
    Image My Pick
    The North Face Women Denali
    Buy On Amazon

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    Well what are you going to choose? Is it the North Face Denali or Denali 2 jacket! If we were you, we would go for the Denali jacket as far as it boasts almost the same advantages and features of the Denali 2 fleece jacket.

    They both look iconic thanks to their modern design and are able to protect you from wind and light rain.

    It is right that the Denali 2 jacket is made of recycled fleece and comes with a hood and a higher collar but that is not fair enough in comparison to its price.

    Let’s not forget that this jacket is not reliable when it comes to endurance activities. That said hikers and campers wouldn’t see an ideal cold weather jacket in; especially when considering all its cons.

    So, we wouldn’t recommend a heavy and bulky jacket that was not designed to be breathable and packable to hiking lovers.

    If it makes no difference to you if your jacket is hoody or not, then you why would you pay extra dollars to get a jacket that is too much similar to its original version which is low-priced?  


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