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Teva Mush Vs Mush ii: Which are the Best Flip Flops in 2022

Last updated January 18, 2022| Clothing

Your search ends here. We put at your disposal these comparisons and reviews of Teva Mush VS Mush II to help you choose one of these iconic flip flops.

Teva is an American footwear and accessories brand that has been designing comfortable and stylish camp-friendly shoes since 1984.

Now, they are even producing sustainable and eco-friendly flip flops from recycled plastic. This decision is stemmed from their belief that we must take care of nature so that it will always be there for us.

Flip flops are one of the most popular camp shoes. Their popularity is the result of their lightweight, low-priced and comfortable nature. This type of sandals makes your hiking, camping and river crossings super easy and comfortable.

What is the difference Between the Teva mush original and the Teva Mush II Sandals?

Before delving deeply into details, let’s discover the main difference between the original Mush and Mush II flip flops.

There was about one year between the release of the original Mush and that of its successor Mush II. One year was pretty enough for Teva brand to revise the original Mush and design another version that is more comfortable and sustainable.

Hence, they replaced the recycled polyester webbing upper by cotton webbing upper to ensure the sandals provide a softer and suppler feel. The second obvious change is the one layer of EVA in the midsole of the original Mush that was replaced by a dual–density EVA midsole.

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Teva mush Review and Features:


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Design: These one-inch high flip flops come with different strap colours, the straps are all synthetic and have three-point construction. For enhanced arch support, Teva Mush sandals were designed with one layer of Eva in the midsole.

Size: The original Teva Mush flip flops are available in almost all sizes for men and women from small to x-large size. They are also true to size.

Weight: Teva Mush sandals are very light; they weigh no more than 5.7 ounces in men’s size.

Features and Options:

There is no way that you will not love Teva’s original Mush flip flops. They boast a range of features that you would love to see in your favourite sandals.

Teva designed its original Mush with one layer of EVA midsole in order to enhance arch support and protection, to note that they are amazingly lightweight.

The classic Teva Mush sandals ensure foot-forming comfort when used for beach, home and summer walks. They have a topsole that is able to cushion and form to the wearer’s foot for more comfort.

These casual flip flops follow Teva’s eco-friendly philosophy as they are made of recycled polyester webbing upper that is known for its durability and ability to dry quickly.

For more durability, they have been designed with synthetic straps with a three point thong construction. To satisfy all their customers, Teva launched the original Mush sandals in a variety of colours for both men and women.

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Teva Mush II Review and Features :


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Design: Teva Mush II flip flops are also available in various colourful and patterned textile straps.

Their straps are synthetic with a sturdy three-point thong construction. Unlike the original Mush sandals, Teva Mush II sandals were designed with a high-quality dual-density Eva midsole.

Size: Teva Mush II flip flops are available in whole sizes for men and women. They are true to size and provide the right fit. For the straps, most buyers say they are not too loose or too tight.

Weight: Teva Mush II sandals are super light, weighing only 3.7 ounces.

Features and options (improvements)

Finding a brand that provides you with inexpensive, comfortable and appealing camp shoes feels like finding your soulmate.

Teva tries its best to be everyone’s favourite go-to shoe brand and their Mush II flip flops are a serious embodiment of this intention.

The sandals are the improved version of the original Mush sandals that is why they come with cotton webbing upper instead of the polyester material to make Teva Mush II softer than Teva Mush sandals.

To ensure more support and softness, they replace the 1 layer EVA midsole by a dual-density one.

At the level of straps, Teva kept the same synthetic straps with a three-point thong construction to attain enhanced durability. In addition to that, they designed it with a super soft topsole with arch support for exceptional comfort and support.

Above their colourfully impressive straps and look, these flip flops are unbelievably light.

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Performance Comparison: Teva mush vs mush ii

Comfort and support:

Being the successor of the original Mush flip flops, it was crystal clear that Teva would release a Mush version that is more comfortable and reliable than the former one.

To reach this goal, they created an amazing combination of firm arch support and of the soft footbed.

Unlike the classic Mush sandals which have one layer of Eva in the midsole, the Teva Mush II sandals feature a double-layer of EVA in the midsole as well as double-layer nylon straps.

These two features are the main qualities that make a given pair of flip flops more comfortable than others. The same nylon in straps is used in the toe post to make sure that no single detail would ruin the overall comfort provided by these sandals.

This pair stands out from the crowd; including the original Mush; when it comes to comfort and support. There is another worth noting feature which is the main fabric of the two pairs. The original Mush flip flops are made of recycled polyester which is soft and comfortable.

However, it can’t perform as excellent as cotton by which Mush II sandals are made.

That mean; you can take Teva Mush for soft camping activities while relying on the original Mush for around the home and beach sidewalks only.

Stability and Traction:

It is hard if not impossible to find a product that meets your expectations by featuring all the necessary elements. This is the case of Teva original Mush and Mush II flip flops; each one of them favours one feature over another.

Above we mentioned that the Teva Mush II sandals are more comfortable than the original Mush ones. That’s because they are made of cotton instead of polyester and have a dual-density EVA midsole.

However, they are less stable than the original Mush flip flops. That’s quite normal as the original Teva Mush sandals have a thicker thus a more stable sole than that of its successor Teva Mush II.

You don’t know what’s the importance of stability in shoes? Well, it is that feature which keeps a certain pair of sandals structured and stiff when subjected to pressure. For example, when you walk over rocks the Teva Mush II flip flops fold easily.

In terms of traction, thanks to their double-layer of EVA midsole, Mush II sandals offer a great amount of traction and of course better than the original Mush sandals which have a one-layer of EVA in the midsole.

Unfortunately, this amount of traction becomes less efficient when there is not enough stability.

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Adjustability and Fit:

Both the Teva original Mush and Teva Mush II sandals come with non-adjustable straps. When you pick up a pair of sandals with adjustable straps you make sure that you will be able to adjust the straps to fit comfortably.

Unfortunately, Teva Company chose non-adjustable straps for its Mush sandals the thing which wouldn’t be liked by some Teva loyal customers who prefer sandals with a custom fit.

To ensure their Mush flip flops would be a perfect fit for buyers’ feet, Teva designed the original Mush and Mush II sandals with straps that provide the right fit.

They are not loose or tight, they provide perfect fit and size; especially Teva Mush II flip flops which have been raved about by many buyers for their exact and true size.

Water Resistance:

Along with their EVA midsole and topsole that’s cushioned for additional comfort, the popular Teva Mush flip-flops feature a water-repellent and durable sole.

In the case of Teva classic Mush sandals, they are made of recycled polyester webbing upper which is known for being a synthetic material and for its ability to repel water.

Teva describes this product by being water-ready as it dries quickly. However, buyers who tested the original Mush sandals say that they are not really good water-resistant flip flops.

For Teva Mush II sandals, surprisingly their cushy and cotton material doesn’t absorb a lot of water. When they are wet they don’t take you ages to dry; in particular the topsole.

For the straps, they take some more minutes to dry again as they are made of nylon. In general, both the Teva Mush and Mush II are not excellent water-resistant but their ability to dry quickly is acceptable and impressive.

Potential Drawbacks : Teva mush vs mush ii

Teva Mush Cons:

-The latest version of Teva classic Mush flip flops come with hard rubber soles, the thing which is painful to wearers’ feet.

-Teva Mush soles are thicker in an uncomfortable way.

-Not really true to size; they sometimes run small so buyers should take a size larger than they usually wear; especially men.

Teva Mush II Cons:

-Teva Mush II flip flops feature a sole and footbed that are not as thick as they should be to provide the necessary stability.

-They fold under pressure.

-They offer a modest level of water resistance, thus they are not an excellent water activity pair of sandals.

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It is outstanding that both Teva Mush and Teva Mush II flip flops are not expensive. Moreover, they cost the same amount of money which is $$ .

It is even impressive to find out that a company releases one of its products and its successor at the same price; knowing that the successor is an improved version.

You must be wondering if these Mush pairs are worth their price or not. Well, taking into consideration all their advantages and great features we could but say that they come with the most affordable and impressive price on the market.

For example, they both provide foot-forming comfort, they are durable and stylish for outdoor adventures also they work as great cosy and beach ready sandals.

It is right that these Teva Mush and Mush II flip flops are not water-resistant par excellence but that doesn’t mean they won’t meet most of your needs. Also, it would be implausible to be after an extremely perfect pair of sandals at $$ only.

Wrap Up : Which One you should choose?

You might be confused about which pair is perfect for you, is it the Teva Mush or Teva Mush II pair? Our biggest aim is to leave no room for confusion, we are here to help you set your mind straight and get the best sandals for your style, needs and budget.

The original Teva Mush flip flops are a good choice for those who are looking for beach-ready sandals. Their lightweight cushioning makes them a perfect pair of casual sandals for your daily summer walks around the house.

That said, you can use these cheap but useful sandals for all your summer short walk adventures, they will spend years with you. You can use them for camping activities.

However, their hard sole will make your walk a little bit uncomfortable.

If you are not a fan of water and under pressure outdoor activities then Teva Mush II is the greatest choice for you.

They are not completely stable and water-resistant sandals but the comfort and arch support they offer is going to leave you in awe. You can purchase them for your hours of walking, after hike comfort and any other soft recreation adventure.

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