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How to Build a Cheap Hunting Cabin?

Last updated January 18, 2022| Hunting

First of all, you all need to know what a hunting cabin actually is? A hunting cabin is a cabin that has the bare minimum. In fact, it is only there as a shelter and sleeping place so you can stay up in the mountains while you hunt. It has simple cooking, heating, plumbing, and electrical systems, if at all. Some people like to rough it, and rough it.

Building a hunting cabin does not have to make you sell your kidney or a plot that you have bought after so much of the hard work. In this article we shall discuss the tips on creating the cabin that you are imagining of without having a price tag that can give you panic attacks.

If you are someone who has always thought of having a cabin to stay in after a long day of hunting or backpacking? You do not have to let the expenditure scare you and push you away from building the hunting cabin that you have always wanted. Obviously, your hunting cabin does not have to be your main house to live in, so there are a lot of ways to be clever with your money when building one.

Here are some of the tips and tricks for building a hunting cabin on a small budget:

1. Do your own thing (DYOT)

One of the best things that you can do to yourself is to build a hunting cabin all by yourself and not be taking help from any other company that would make a large amount of bill, and the fun part is, you do not have to be a professional carpenter or any other relevant worker to do so. Without any doubt the log cabin kits are the greatest options for predators who wants to save some pennies while constructing a cabin.

If you have a little or just the basic sense of construction and some cooperative friends that might help you out in this cause, you can construct your hunting cabin in very less time. Most of the log cabin kits come with comprehensive instructions, so you do not have to worry about having to figure it out all on your own.

2. Build Off the Grid

Building off the grid is another great way to construct a hunting cabin on a budget. Fundamentally, living “off the grid” describes as in living without any reliance on the government, society, and its favors. All those people who intend to live off the grid are extremely independent and can engage in a more environmentally determined way of life.

So, when it comes to constructing a cabin, which also means that having a self-sustained supply of electricity with the use of solar panels or wind turbines, or even having no electricity at all can be an option too. Or, instead of using a toilet with running water, you can opt for an outdoor toilet or a septic tank. It may sound old school but building your hunting cabin off the grid is a reasonable option if you are looking to save some cash, especially on benefits.

3. Planning is the must

Not only in building a cabin, but planning is also the major and the most important part that one should do properly before any execution or target. One of the major mistakes that people tend to make when constructing any type of log cabin is that they do not plan at all. Just because of this mistake in the beginning, once the cabin construction is about to get finished, they then have to go back to the beginning process and spend more money on all the parts of the cabin that they did not even thought of before building it.

You need to make sure that you have a detailed, well thought out plan prior of building the cabin. While it may take some extra time, you will be satisfied later on that you made that decision.

4. Do not complicate it

You have to always keep that in mind before building a cabin, that it is your hunting cabin, so it does not have to be fancy at all. If you are trying to save some money out of this task, it is totally in your own hands and in your best interest to only stick to all the basics while building your cabin. You can use the cabin’s stock floor plan without making alterations because that does require more money off course.

While they may be appealingly satisfying, all those fancy customizations and added elements to your cabin can really increase the price of your hunting cabin. However, the point of saying all this is not at all that you should go for the low-priced materials when it comes to choosing elements like doors, windows, a roof, and the like. Obviously, all these high-quality features will increase the cost at first, but they will be reliable and long lasting as well. You will have to find a balance between quality and affordability.

5. Choosing Your Foundation Wisely

So, if we talk about the foundation for your hunting cabin, there are a lot of possibilities with a wide variety of prices. Normally, it is said and seen that the larger and more complicated your foundation is, the more it will require money for you to invest. Still, you usually get what you pay for and spend upon.

However, if you are considering a foundation that is not expensive upfront, you will need to be prepared for it that it will not last as longer as a higher quality, more expensive foundations will do. While some of the foundation options are somewhat pricey, they will last for a longer time and are usually worth the price you are paying for.

6. Think About Specialty Financing

As it has been seen that the log cabins are becoming more and more popular these days, some banks and money lenders have started to offer a department that is up for financing for your DIY cabins and small home builds as well. That does not matter that from where you end up purchasing your hunting cabin, the manufacturer should be able to point you in the correct direction to find proper supporting.

While financing your hunting cabin it may not be the best thing to do, but at least you will be able to invest in it at a comparatively very low rate. Building a hunting cabin on a budget does not have to be complicated task if you do it properly, you just have to know how you can be smart with all the money that you have.

So, what are you waiting for? Buy some land and get started on your hunting cabin today.

Summing it up

You can build as expensive hunting cabin as you want and as cheap as you want as well. But the point is that you have to make it work and last longer. Definitely you do not have to make it fancy and add all those expensive fancy things to it, but you will have to choose all those elements that are cost friendly as well as reliable. What if you chose a cheap doors and woods to construct a hunting cabin in which you have spent all your energy and time and it falls apart as soon as you finish constructing it? Nobody wants that right? Building a budget friendly yet long lasting and reliable hunting cabin is very important for you to enjoy maximum perks out of it. 

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